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Sell LG G5


The LG G5 is a bold statement of the South Korean manufacturer's culture to push the boundaries of innovation and bring supposedly fairy-tale tech to mainstream devices.


Although the LG G5 didn't dominate the market like it was billed, it is still a significant success in many ways.


With the LG G5, LG becomes the first major smartphone maker to create a mainstream modular device. This is not LG's first feat in the smartphone industry. The company was among the first to offer laser auto-focus on phones and a curved display. Now, it has beaten Google, Samsung, and other significant competition to release the first modular phone.


The LG G5's modular capabilities were a huge appeal, with the promise of more capability supplied through attachable parts you could buy separately. The add-ons are designed to boost the ability of the G5.


In truth, the LG G5's modules (or 'Friends,' as the marketing material calls them) were underwhelming, with only a camera grip, audio DAC, and 360 camera in its arsenal. Most consumers expected more from the modularity.


Despite the underwhelming modularity, the device was still one of the top flagship smartphones of 2016, but it has since been surpassed by the LG G6, V30, and V35.


With the new-gen flagship devices, LG dropped the modular features of the G5. This might be in response to the low sales recorded with the G5. As they say, the market determines the product.


Well, if you still own a G5 and would love to experience LG's latest offering, consider swapping or selling your device on Gizmogo. When you sell your G5 on Gizmogo, we will refurbish and redistribute the device; by extension saving the planet from eWaste.


LG G5 specifications

Design info: The LG G5 looks and feels entirely different from the G4 due to its all-metal design, which properly throws plastic to the curb.


The slim metallic ring that covers the corners of the handset on the back gives a touch of luxury, but it digs into your palm. It is not sharp enough to cause you harm, but it can create a certain degree of problem.


For performance, the G5 packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM, and 32 GB of internal storage that can be expanded by a microSD card.


Size & weight info: The LG G5 feels light at 159g and comfortable to handle in one hand, measuring 149.4 x 73.9 x 7.7mm.


Display info: The LG G5 doesn't try to cram extra pixels into its 5.3-inch display, which I appreciate. QHD (1440 x 2560) resolutions on phones are the unbreakable barrier.


A quick glance at the phone screen indicates that there isn't much of a change here. The reduced size raises the LG G5's pixels per inch to around 554ppi, but everything else appears to be the same, including the brightness.


It isn't as vivid as Samsung's Super AMOLED technology, but the colors are still lively, and the brightness is pleasant, making for an enjoyable viewing experience.


On the other hand, LG has improved its IPS LCD to incorporate always-on display capabilities, which you won't notice until the phone is asleep.


The LG G5 includes two cameras: a 16MP main sensor and an 8MP wide-angle sensor. While the primary lens has a field of vision of 70 degrees, the fish eye wide-angle lens has a field of view of 135 degrees.


Images captured by the 8MP sensor aren't as nice as those captured by the primary camera, but they'll do for basic sharing on Facebook. 


However, if you're filming videos with the fisheye lens in low light, you'll have a difficult time. The video below was captured using the G5 from a moving car. It begins with the 8MP camera and gradually improves when 


I switch to the primary camera. The LG G5 features OIS and EIS (Electronic Image Stabilisation), allowing steady video even from a moving car. You can disable EIS and simply utilize OIS; however, this reduces the effectiveness of stabilization.


Water-resistance info: It is not water-resistant.


Chip info: The LG G5 specs can be compared with the Samsung Galaxy S7 since it utilizes Qualcomm's newest CPU and 4GB RAM, all of which are required for an Android flagship device in 2016.


The Snapdragon 820 CPU at the heart of this new LG phone significantly contrasts with the LG G4's horsepower.


Battery info: The LG G5 is a unique breed of smartphone since it is one of the few that currently has a detachable battery.


The G5 has a 2800mAh battery, which is less than the LG G4 and the Samsung Galaxy S7, which have 3000mAh batteries. 


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