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Sell LG K20 


The LG K20 is an entry-level smartphone at the lower end of LG’s product. There are many budget phones, and they have proven to be good replacements for even the finest smartphones. When people lose their main smartphone and get a budget phone as a temporary replacement, they find out that they aren’t so bad. But this may not be the case for the LG K20.


Launched in 2019, more was expected from the K20 as a modern smartphone, but it was unremarkable. It is cheap, very cheap, which may be a good thing, but its specs are just as cheap as its price. There are many negative reviews about the K20, but that doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer.


The LG K20 can be described as an acceptable smartphone offering basic specs. It is a good choice for anyone who needs a smartphone to carry out simple tasks like listening to music, take simple pictures, do some web surfing, play some simple games, nothing serious. 


If you’re one to criticize phones for their specs without considering their price, you’ll find fault with almost everything about the K20. But selling at less than $100, you may begin to realize that it does a good job at that price. Besides, not everyone wants and can handle a flagship phone; a much simpler one will do just fine.


The K20 has a simple, decent design. It is light and slim and made of plastic. It isn’t all that durable, so be careful; more pressure than usual could crack it. It has a removable battery which is necessary to replace failing units easily.


This one isn’t for you if you’ve tasted and are used to the processing speeds of flagship phones. It is slow and has a longer screen response time. Its screen resolution is also not great. If you don’t mind all these, then the K20 may be the perfect smartphone for you. If you acquired this device and have grown weary of it, you could sell your LG K20 on Gizmogo. 


LG K20 Specifications 

Design info: The LG K20 has a rather simple design. Not bad, just simple. The body is

entirely made of plastic and finished in either blue or black colors. It doesn’t look bad as the plastic has a cool dullness indicative of a matte finish. 


The phone is fairly large but slimmer than it is light. It is stable and torsion-resistant but will fracture if you deliberately apply pressure. 

The screen is 5.45 inches and surrounded by a thick black bezel that is thickest at its chin. The bezels are black and blend perfectly with the screen when it blacks out.


Above the screen are the speaker grille and front-facing camera. On the left side are a SIM card tray and the power/ lock button. The right side has the volume control buttons. 


Capacity info: The storage capacity of the K20 is 16GB, and only a fraction of this is available for use. Thankfully there is a lot of room for expansion via SD card up to 32GB.


Size & Weight info: The LG K20 weighs 153kg.


Display info: The K20 screen is an LCD capacitive touchscreen display which is common in many mid-range and entry-level phones. It uses IPS tech, which generally has rich colors and good resolution. But the K20 has a low HD resolution. This 480 x 960 pixels resolution wouldn’t impress anyone, especially because it has a fairly large screen of 5.45 inches. The resolution combines with the screen size to give a pixel density of 197, which is below the benchmark for modern smartphones. LG compromised excessively in the display quality to accommodate the low price tag attached to this device.


Camera and video recording info: The cameras on the K20 are an 8MP resolution camera on the rear side and a 5MP camera in front. The single camera at the phone’s back has an aperture of f/2.0, while the selfie camera has f/2.2.


 Compared to smartphones in this category, 8MP is quite low for a modern phone. It can capture decently, but images suffer from a bit of picture noise and sharpness. However, the camera struggles in low light - the output is poor. However, in good lighting, you may consider the main camera even average. It has autofocus, but this response slowly.

The front camera is useful for video calls but nothing more. Video is recorded in 720p and at 30 frames per minute.


Water-resistance info: The K20 is not water-resistant. Please keep it away from fluids and spills as much as you can.


Performance info: The K20 uses an older and slower processor – Mediatek MT6739. It is a quad-core 1.5GHz CPU. The Snapdragon 425 performs better than this one and is what we see more commonly in budget phones like this one. The difference is noticed in the reduced navigation speed and smoothness and is even more obvious when running powerful apps. It runs on Android 9.0 and 1GB RAM.


Connectivity info: For connectivity, the device is equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 with A2DP, USB 2.0, and dual SIM cards. 


Battery info: The battery capacity is 3000mAh, but this is good enough for this low processing and low-resolution device. It is not the best, but you’ll get one working day from a single charge.



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