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K30 (2019)

LG K30 (2019)


Sophistication is great, but sometimes, simplicity is what one needs, and that’s what the LG K30 stands for. It is one of LG’s entry-level smartphones, similar in many ways to Xiaomi’s Redmi 7A. The whole point of the LG K30 is to be affordable and accessible to even those on the lowest budget. Everyone should be able to own a smartphone.


It has a lot to offer, even a smartphone on the lower end. First, it is not expensive, targeted at smartphone users who are on the lower end. But really, it is for anyone who cares to buy. It has a 5.45-inch screen and uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Its camera is not bad at all, and it has 32GB of storage with 2GB of internal memory. Its camera specs are also great. There is a 13MP lens on the rear, which is almost the norm for smartphones in its class. These specs speak of a mid-range phone that should cost more than $130.


The smartphone has a good battery, so users get to use it all day without charging. It is impressive enough for those who don’t need the best features on a smartphone. Else, it won’t be very pleasant. All that the LG K30 provides are the basic features that today’s consumers expect from smartphones. But the 2019 version of the K30 is now three years old, and even though its specs may have been acceptable, more recent budget phones may do a better job.


While some may find the decent simplicity of the K30 fascinating and want to acquire it, you may want to sell your LG K30 or upgrade it to one that’s more suitable for you. Perhaps you now need a device with a more capable processor than Snapdragon 439, then contact Gizmogo today.


LG K30 (2019) Specifications 

Design info: The K30 has a simple design. You could even compare it to a piece of clothing with a single color and no special design, but this doesn’t mean it is unattractive. If you’re used to more recent flagship phone designs, you’ll never appreciate the low-budget premium look of the K30. It doesn’t have a bad appearance, neither is it unattractive. It is relatively cheap plastic, but the simulated metal looks at least a little less cheap.


It doesn’t accumulate scratch marks easily, the plastic material is that good, but it is quite prone o smudging. The case may be considered old-fashioned, though, with its wide edges that lack notches. 


Since it’s made of plastic, the phone creaks on deliberate twisting but is still strong and resistant while being light and relatively compact. Its bezels are somewhat thick and as black as the screen when it’s off. This adds to the old design of the phone as newer phones have much thinner bezels.


Apart from housing the volume control buttons, the left side of the device has a separate button that activates Google assistant. A Type-A USB port is underneath the phone, along with a headphone jack. The dual SIM cards and micro SD are on the right side. 


The screen doesn’t get scratched easily but has no additional protection. Above it is the speaker grille next to the front camera. There’s a camera and LG signature at the back, but this variant doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner. 


Capacity info: The 2019 version of the K30 has a storage capacity of 32GB with expandable storage up to 128GB via an external SD card. It uses a 2GB RAM internal memory.


Size & Weight info: The K30 measures 146.9 x 71.5 x 8.5mm and weighs 148g.


Display info: The K30 has average display features. The screen has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and measures 5.45 inches. It uses IPS LCD technology and has a pixel density of 295. Graphics are fine on this display, and viewing angles aren’t bad. It could be brighter, though, and colors have room for improvement.


That said, the touch screen is glass and quite fairly sensitive, but no fingerprint sensor or facial recognition feature.


Camera and video recording info: The 13MP camera is solid and the standard of phones in this class. It is nothing special, though, but it captures decent pictures. Videos are recorded in 1080p with the rear camera and at 30fps. The front camera is a 5MP camera which is useful as a selfie camera.


Water-resistance info: The K30 is MIL-STD-810G compliant, but this doesn’t guarantee water resistance or safe use under harsh conditions. In summary, avoid fluids and spills on this device.


Performance info: The Snapdragon 439 on this device is a quad-core CPU that clocks at 2GHz. It uses Adreno 308 GPU and runs on Android version 9.0 Pie. 


Connectivity info: The K30 offers Wi-Fi with hotspot, GPRS, EDGE, 3G and 4G, Bluetooth, and USB. It supports the VoLTE network and is compatible with T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon. 


Battery info: The K30 sports a 3000mAh non-removable battery. Over Wi-Fi, this battery can provide 11 hours of continuous use. Charging is relatively slow, but a full charge can take you a whole day.


Audio info: The speaker is located in the chin below the screen, which is good for optimal sound. The K30 features active noise cancellation and Dolby Atmos sound enhancement which improves the audio quality, but it still fails to produce adequate low-frequency sounds.


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