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1.Only original phone will be recycled. IMEI number verification can show whether your phone is original.
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The LG Prada is a highly stylish and versatile multimedia device that brought true joy to the eyes of both fashion and tech lovers as well. It is what you can imagine when fashion design meets technology. The phone not only looks good with its distinct design, but it also performs well. Although from the name of the device, there is a lot of emphasis on its stylish hardware, its general specifications aren't shabby even for its price.


The device was released in 2007, selling at $280 in most select stores. The LG Prada was truly unique and had no competition in the market in terms of design. It featured an exclusive design and slim form factor, a 2-megapixel camera with autofocus, a 3-inch stunning display, a decent battery life, loudspeakers, and a touch-based flash user interface.


In terms of product packaging, LG spared no expense on the Prada device. The Prada phone retail box came in a black cube, and the contents were beautifully positioned on different levels inside the box. With just a glance at the box, there was certainly no way consumers were unsure of whether they will get their money's worth or not.

The LG Prada was the true joy to the eye of most fashion lovers. It came in a chic and compact style that made for easy use. It is not a bulky device; you can carry it in hand for long hours and operate it even while on the go. 


As much as it was loved back in 2007, the LG Prada is now an outdated device and has long been discontinued even though it made a comeback with an upgraded model back in 2012. There are certainly better, stylish, and more affordable devices than the LG Prada currently on the market. If you own any of the LG Prada models and are interested in making an upgrade, you can call us today at Gizmogo. You can sell your used LG Prada to us for cash, or in the alternative, you can trade it in for a newer model. Call us today to begin.



Design Info: The LG Prada is the epitome of class and style in all ramifications. It fits the very definition of a fashion phone, and it can easily pass for a miniature version of a fancy plasma TV or a piece of high-class, contemporary art.


It is made from plastic with a black finish that attracts fingerprint smudges like a magnet. It is decked out in a lightweight piano-black shell with smooth rounded corners and a touch of silver adorning its sides.

The LG Prada is a light and compact device, and it weighs just about 85grams which is super slim for a phone of its class. As a result of its slim body and lightweight, you will have no problem slipping it into your pants pocket or even the smallest purse.


Ports and connections found on the LG Prada are a bit unique but nothing so extraordinary. Above the screen display, there is the PRADA logo and the loudspeaker grill, and below it is three control keys-the receiver keys plus a Back key in the middle.


The right side of the phone incorporates two control keys. The first one is a multimedia key that activates the MP3 player after a short press, and after a long press, it starts the camera. The second key is the lock key. It locks the touch sensitivity of the display to prevent accidental key presses. The connectivity port of the LG Prada is located on the left side. 


It's quite stylish and comes with a plastic cap that blends with the metallic silver framing. The port is primarily for plugging in the charger, the data cable, or the headset.


Besides the connectivity port, the left side of the body includes a dual volume key and a sound profiles shortcut key. The sound profiles key allows you to change between different ringing modes quickly. The top side of the Prada is bare and doesn't come with any control element; however, there is a key on the bottom side for releasing the battery cover.


Display Info: It has a 3.0-inches TFT capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels, a 5:3 aspect ratio, and a 155 PPI density. The screen is bright and visible, and even in direct sunlight, there is no negative impact on its usability.


Camera Info: The LG Prada sports a 2-megapixel camera with autofocus, and it is also equipped with a LED flash which provides camera support in low light situations. The quality of the pictures taken with the camera depends a lot on its lightning conditions. Outdoor photos are great, but the pictures can appear too intensive. The indoor photos are not bad but can be better when the lighting is good.


Capacity Info: It has an internal memory of 8MP, and there is also a dedicated MicroSD slot that allows for a microSD card expandable up to 256MB.


Size & Weight Info: The LG Prada is a slim device and only weighs 85 grams. In dimensions, it also measures 98.8 x 54 x12 mm.


Audio Info: The speaker grill is located right on top of the device. The speaker quality is not so great even though there is plenty of volumes; however, the audio quality of its music player is quite satisfactory.


Battery Info: The LG Prada is powered by a removable Li-Ion 800 mAh battery. It has a rated battery life of 3 hours of talk time and 12 days of standby time.


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