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The LG prime wasn’t a smartphone though it had basic multimedia features and could surf the net. It would be better categorized as a mobile phone equipped with extra features.


This touchscreen device was released in 2010 when the best smartphones around were the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S. It could be absurd today when one hears that a touchscreen phone isn’t a smartphone, but back then, things like this were every day. Often, we refer to smartphones as mobile phones, but they are technically different.


A mobile phone is a small device you see that typically has a physical keyboard and small screen size. But functionally, mobile is used for calls and texts. A smartphone differs from mobile phones in that it has several other inherent functionalities like downloading apps, advanced multimedia features, a good camera, swift internet access, etc. Smartphones typically have touchscreen keyboards and a large display area.


The LG Prime has a resistive 3-inch touchscreen and uses a virtual keyboard. It has a primary HTML web browser, a 2MP camera, and its basic mobile features of calling and texting. The cons of the LG Prime are the same reasons it doesn’t sit well in the smartphone category. For one, it doesn’t use the Android operating system. It has Bluetooth, but it lacks Wi-Fi or 3G. It doesn’t use a high-performing smartphone processor, and its camera quality is hugely limited.


On the bright side, the LG Prime is an excellent mobile phone, and its extra features are only a plus if you don’t need a smartphone. It is pretty straightforward, and its 900mAh battery does since there’s no 3G or high-performing feature to run it down quickly.


Don’t just leave your old devices lying around; these antiques will only contribute to e-waste unless, of course, they’re in use. If not, sell your G Prime on Gizmogo or upgrade it to something more functionally capable.


LG Prime Specifications

Design info: The typical LG Prime has a lovely black and white rectangular appearance. The device is covered in plastic all around and offers an excellent grip that won’t slip or fall off a flat surface easily. It has a slight build with slightly rounded corners, is lightweight, and is easily controlled with one hand.


Its bezels are thick and black, thickest above and below the 3 inches screen. Within the bezel, there’s a speaker grille above, no selfie camera, proximity, or ambient light sensor. Below the screen is LG’s logo boldly imprinted, then a back key, call button, and end button.

Outside the bezel is a white frame that continues to the sides and back. On the left side, there are the microSD card slot and volume rockers. You won’t be charging the LG Prime from the bottom because the charging port is on the right. On this same right side are the screen lock button and a dedicated button for the camera or video recording.

The plastic back is removable. On its surface, the camera stands out in the top left camera. There’s nothing else here apart from another LG signature imprinted.

Audio info: The LG Prime has a loudspeaker and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Music sounds very loud and distorted on the max volume. You’re encouraged to use headphones.

Capacity info: The storage capacity of the LG Prime is just 48MB, but it is expandable by memory card up to 16GB.  

Size & Weight info: Its dimensions are 108 x 52.8 x 12.7, and its weight is 89g.

Display info: The display of the LG Prime is a cheap one. It uses the primitive resistive touchscreen technology, which doesn’t support multitouch and requires more pressure, and still isn’t responsive nor accurate. But it tries to remedy itself with the optional vibration feedback and calibration for improved touch accuracy.

Nonetheless, the 3-inch display would have been considered vibrant and colorful with its 240 x 400 resolution and 262 000 colors. The software allows you to adjust the display font, brightness, and backlight timer.

The screen uses a virtual keyboard that comes up automatically in landscape mode when needed. The significance of the landscape mode is that the display area is relatively small, but you can always switch to an alphanumeric keyboard in portrait mode when you want.

Camera and video recording info: The Prime had a single 2MP camera. The camera had good software to back it up, at least for this mobile device in2010, but the hardware itself wasn’t good enough. You have three resolutions to choose from for your pictures, three-color effects and a self-timer, manual or automatic ISO, white-balance presets, different quality modes, shutter sound, image sectioning, and a 2 x zoom. The hardware, on the other hand, doesn’t make clear or sharp images. Video recording is in either QVGA or QCIF resolutions.

Water-resistance info: The LG Prime is not water-resistant.

Performance info: The call quality of the LG Prime is good. The sound may be fuzzy, but you’ll hear your callers quite clearly. On the loudspeaker, though, you may sound far away to your caller.

Connection info: There’s no Wi-Fi on the Prime, but there’s Bluetooth 2.1, FM radio, and micro-USB 2.0, which supports mass storage mode. It doesn’t support 3G but uses EDGE data tech and has quad-band GSM.

Battery info: The 900mAh battery is removable and has 4 hours maximum talk time and a standby of 384 hours.


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Sell your LG Prime

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