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Q6 Amazon Prime

LG Q6 Amazon Prime

In LG’s mid-range smartphone line is its Q series. One interesting thing about the Q6 is that it has a lot of different models. They are the same device but with a little modification in features such as internal storage or processor. The LG Q6 Amazon Prime, also known as the M700H, is one of the many variants of the Q6. We’ll refer to it simply as the Q6 in this context. 


Don’t confuse the Q6 for LG’s flagship G6, a good smartphone from LG but didn’t turn out very successful in the sales department. Three variants of the Q6 were launched in July 2017, having different amounts of RAM. In appearance, the Q6 is similar to the G6 but moderately so. Since the Q6 is a cheaper phone, it didn’t have the glass back of the G6 but a glossy plastic. 


Talking about compromises that separate this device into its mid-range category, it doesn’t have fast charging, wireless charging, or even a fingerprint reader, which is an unpleasant surprise. There’s a limit to what we expect of the Q6, given that it is a mid-range device but fingerprint reader? Even entry-level smartphones of other OEMs have this feature. 


The Key Features of the G6 are that of a mid-range smartphone, inferior to the flagships but also too high-performing to be called entry-level. It has Gorilla glass-3 protection in the front and an aluminum frame that earns military certification for humidity, dust, rain, and extreme temperature resistance. 


It uses 2GB memory and has 32GB storage which is almost basic. Its battery is non-removable and has a 3000mAh capacity. What is of utmost importance in mid-range phones like this one is maintaining a balance in the spec sheet. 


The Q6 offers valuable features, and the Amazon Prime version costs only $160. If you want a smartphone that does more than basic stuff and you don’t want to cough up so much cash, then the Q6 and specifically the Amazon Prime version is a good option. Otherwise, you may sell your LG Q6 if you have one lying around or you desire an upgrade. Not sure where to start? Contact Gizmogo today, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to sell your LG Q6.


LG Q6 Amazon Prime Specifications

Design info: The Q6 Amazon Prime isn’t exactly sophisticated in appearance. It is simple and impressive, reminiscent of the G6, only slightly smaller and in front. It has Gorilla Glass 3 in front, an aluminum frame around the body, and a plastic back panel.


The Q6 has a relatively small build; it is easy to hold and navigate single-handedly and pocket. The bezel of the Q6 is small but still very much present. It has a flat-screen in front; at the back, you can easily recognize that it isn’t a flagship phone because of the single-camera placement on the top left. 


The back doesn’t need Gorilla glass protection because it is plastic, but it gets scratched and accumulates marks easily. It is also glossy and attracts fingerprints; if you always want it looking clean, you’ll need to wipe it with a cloth constantly. Apart from the camera, there’s a single speaker on the rear side, which means the sound will get disrupted when placed on a surface. 


In the bezel above the screen are the proximity sensors, camera, and earpiece. Volume buttons are on the left side, and power buttons are on the right. No fingerprint scanner on this device. The headphone jack is underneath the Type-A USB port. 


Audio info: The only drawback with the sound is the rear positioning of the speaker, where sound can easily get interrupted. Asides from that, its sound quality and volume are good. The Q6 supports active noise cancellation.


Capacity info: The internal storage here is 32GB, expandable up to 256GB. RAM is fixed at 3GB.


Size & Weight info: Its dimensions are 142.5 x 69.3 x 8.1, and its weight is 149 grams. 


Display info: If you’re conversant with LG phones, you’ll expect LCD, which is present here - IPS LCD touchscreen. Resolution is put at 2160 x 1080, which earns the 5.5-inch screen a pixel density of 442. The screen to the body is 79%, and there’s Gorilla Glass 3 to protect the screen. Everything is in the mid-range, including its maximum brightness, which reaches 510 nits. Color accuracy is fair, and contrast is good. 


Camera and video recording info: The 13MP rear camera has a resolution of 4128 x 3096p. It has its LED flash and supports autofocus, touches focus, and image stabilization. It records videos in Full HD. The one in front is a lazy 5MP camera that also records videos in Full HD. 


Water-resistance info: The Q6 is MIL-STD-810G compliant but has no IP rating. This means it may withstand some amounts of humidity, rain, sand, dust, and heat, but it is not resistant to water. So, keep your phone safe by keeping it away from liquids. 


Performance info: The Q6 chipset is Qualcomm Snapdragon 435, an octa-core that clocks with 1.4 GHz and 1.1GHz. It has 3GB RAM and runs on Android 7.1.


Connectivity info: There’s no DLNA or NFC, just the basic stuff – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, USB, and FM radio. It has a single SIM card slot and supports 2, 3, and 4 G networks.


Battery info: Battery life is fair with a standby of 19.6 days and a talks time of 16 hours. This 3000mAh battery doesn’t support a fast charge. 


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