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1.Only original phone will be recycled. IMEI number verification can show whether your phone is original.
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Sell S170 - Get Top Dollar for Your Device

Are you looking to upgrade your smartphone and wondering what to do with your old S170? Look no further! At Gizmogo, we offer a hassle-free solution to sell your S170 and get top dollar for it. Our process is quick, easy, and ensures that you receive the best value for your device. Whether you want to sell your S170 or trade it in for a new phone, we've got you covered. Read on to learn more about our services and how you can make the most out of your old S170.

Why Choose Gizmogo?

Gizmogo is a trusted platform that specializes in buying used electronics like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. We have established a reputation for providing fair prices and exceptional customer service. When you choose Gizmogo, you can expect:

1. Competitive Offers

When you sell your S170 with Gizmogo, you can be confident that you will receive a competitive offer. Our team of experts evaluates each device based on its condition, age, and market demand to determine its worth. This ensures that you get the best possible price for your S170.

2. Hassle-Free Process

Selling your S170 with Gizmogo is incredibly easy and convenient. Simply visit our website and select the relevant category for your device. Provide us with details about the condition and specifications of your S170, and we will generate an instant quote. If you agree with the offer, you can proceed with the sale, and we will arrange for a safe and secure shipping method to send us your device.

3. Quick Payments

At Gizmogo, we understand the importance of receiving prompt payment for your device. Once we receive and inspect your S170, we will process your payment within 48 hours. You can choose to receive your funds via check or PayPal, depending on your preference.

4. Environmentally Friendly Option

By selling your S170 to Gizmogo, you are also making an environmentally conscious choice. We believe in sustainable practices and ensure that every device we receive goes through a meticulous refurbishment process. This allows us to extend the lifespan of electronic devices and reduce electronic waste.

S170 Features

The S170 is a feature-packed smartphone that offers a seamless user experience. Here are some of its key specifications:


The S170 boasts a vibrant and immersive display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Whether you're streaming movies, playing games, or browsing the web, the S170's display delivers sharp visuals and vibrant colors.


Powered by a fast and efficient processor, the S170 ensures smooth multitasking and lag-free performance. Whether you're running demanding applications or switching between tasks, the S170 can handle it all with ease.


The S170 features a high-quality camera that allows you to capture stunning photos and videos. With advanced features like optical image stabilization and a wide aperture lens, you can take clear and detailed shots even in low-light conditions.

Battery Life

Equipped with a long-lasting battery, the S170 provides hours of uninterrupted usage. Whether you're browsing the web, watching videos, or playing games, you can rely on the S170 to keep up with your daily activities.

Storage Capacity

The S170 comes with ample storage space to accommodate all your apps, photos, videos, and files. With options ranging from 64GB to 256GB, you can choose the variant that best suits your needs.

Overall, the S170 is a versatile smartphone that offers a range of features to enhance your mobile experience. Its powerful performance, stunning display, and advanced camera capabilities make it a popular choice among smartphone enthusiasts.

FAQ about Selling S170

1. Can I sell my S170 if it has a cracked screen?

Yes, we accept devices with cracked screens. However, the condition of your device will impact the final offer. We recommend providing accurate details about the condition of your S170 during the selling process to receive an accurate quote.

2. How do I trade in my S170 for a new phone?

If you're interested in trading in your S170 for a new phone, simply select the "Trade-In" option on our website. Follow the steps to provide information about your device, and we will generate a trade-in offer. You can then use the value of your S170 towards the purchase of a new phone.

3. How long does the selling process take?

Once you accept our offer, the selling process typically takes around 5 to 7 business days. This includes shipping your device to us, inspection, and processing of your payment. We strive to complete the process as quickly as possible.

4. What should I include when shipping my S170 to Gizmogo?

When shipping your S170 to Gizmogo, make sure to include the device itself along with its charger and any other accessories you have. We recommend securely packaging your device to prevent any damage during transit.

5. Can I sell my S170 even if it is locked to a specific carrier?

Yes, we accept devices locked to specific carriers. However, please note that the value of your device may be affected by its carrier lock status. We recommend providing accurate details about your S170 during the selling process to receive an accurate quote.

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