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The Sentio is an old smartphone from LG. Released in 2010, it is one of the first smartphones we had around, so there’s no point comparing its specs with today’s smartphones. Meanwhile, it was LG’s first smartphone to feature on T-Mobile USA. For this reason alone, we can assume that it must have had desirable features in its time.


This relatively small smartphone was considered to be among LG’s top mobile phones in 2010. Touch screen devices were not so popular back then, and even T-Mobile had only featured a handful of them. LG as a company made T-Mobile’s list with this device.


The Sentio was a mid-range phone. It had a good design for its era and was very affordable. Its size and shape were almost perfect – thin and light with round edges that made it very comfortable to hold and use. Measuring about 11 cm in height, it could have been called a mini smartphone having room for only 3 inches of screen. You’ll easily pocket the Santio without feeling the additional weight.


Before you begin to review its specs, remember that smartphone tech was still in its primitive stage in 2010, and no matter how ridiculous it sounds today, it was a luxury once. Its storage capacity, for example, only had 89 MB available to the user. Apart from the primitive tech, apps of those days consumed only a little storage, so a few hundred MB storage capacities could run a smartphone adequately. It was still expandable by SD card, though.


The Santio covers the basic stuff even though it isn’t entirely grounded in features. Its basic specs were enough for fundamental use, but advanced users would have found it limiting. It didn’t do badly in the multimedia aspect; its 3MP camera was not the worst available, it featured GPS and 3G network, but as a budget phone, it was bound to make its sacrifices.


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LG Sentio Specifications

Design info: LG has a reputation for durable and quality products, and their designs are impressive in their several electronic products. The Santa has an old smartphone design but would have been considered relatively remarkable when it was released. It had a candy bar structure which was common back then. 


The phone box package straight from T-Mobile contains the Sentio phone, its wall charger, and micro USB cable, a Start Guide and a hands-free headset.


The Sentio had a small footprint; compact is the right word, measuring 106 mm in height. It was remarkably slim at 12mm and was as lightweight as it was compact. Ninety-three grams of weight is not going to be a burden to even the slightest hand. 


The phone is made of plastic and soft rubber, with no glass or metal anywhere on its body. It also has a plastic screen. These materials offer a firm grip for the Sentio and provide a comfortable and ergonomic feel when held. 


Its edges curve gently into the sides, and its corners are nicely rounded. Below the screen are physical buttons that were very useful since the world was still transitioning from keypads to the capacitive touchscreen. 


There is a call button, a back button, and an end button. The buttons are round and adequately sized with good tactile response. Other functions have to be accessed from the screen.


Volume control buttons are on the left side with a task button that functions as an app switcher under it. The USB port is also on this side of the phone, but there’s no 3.5mm headphone anywhere around. The power/ unlock button is hosted on the top. 


On the rear side, there’s the primary camera on the top left. Opening the back cover exposes the removable battery, which hides the SD card and SIM card.


Audio info: The sound from the external speakers is of mediocre quality. It lacks fullness and depth, and there are lots of hiss and static. Using the earpiece is a bit better, though, but it gets deafening. 


Capacity info: The available storage is 89MB


Size & Weight info: The Sentio measures 106 x 52 x 12mm and weighs 93 grams. 


Display info: The screen is a resistive touch screen which isn’t as responsive as the capacitive ones of today. The display is 3 inches and has a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels. This is a small screen size which means text may appear cramped. Typing with the full QWERTY keyboard is done in landscape mode. 


It doesn’t have enough brightness to be used outdoors in bright daylight. 


Camera and video recording info: The single rear camera is 3MP and doesn’t have autofocus. Its colors are somewhat balanced in good lighting, but anything less introduces fuzziness. 


Video recording on the Santio isn’t remarkable. You get QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) videos that have washed out colors and detail. 


Water-resistance info: The Sentio doesn’t offer any water-resistance property. Water will damage it.


Performance info: Call quality, which measures performance, was only average here. The device responds slowly, moving around the phone space requires patience.


Connectivity info: LG’s Sentio supports quad-band EDGE and dual-band UMTS. There is no Wi-Fi, but you get Bluetooth, built-in GPS, and a micro-USB 2.0.


Battery info: The battery capacity is 900mAh. It is removable and easily replaceable. This battery has a standby time of 384 hours or 13 days and is rated 6 hours of talk time by the manufacturers. 


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