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Stylo 6

Sell LG Stylo 6 


It is 2020, and LG’s rather recent smartphone – the Stylo 6 was launched only about a year ago in May, so we can still very much compare its performance with today’s expectation of smartphones. Like the previous five devices in the Stylo series before this one, its main features are a large display and a Stylus pen to go with it, hence the name. 


The Stylo 6 is the sixth phone of this series. You can be sure that the manufacturers have picked one or two things along the way. The predecessors of the Stylo 6, including the Stylo 3 and Stylo 3 plus, had set the direction of the Stylo phones, and this one continues in that path only that it doesn’t look like them on the outside. You may very easily confuse this device with a flagship phone. You’ll be forgiven if you couldn’t make out the distinction between the Stylo 6 and a Galaxy S10 from a distance. The Stylo achieved that much level of sleekness for a $200 phone. 


The idea has always been to maintain low prices and high functionality, cutting down on features that don’t aid its key concepts. So be prepared to tolerate its underpowered processor and sluggishness. It isn’t 0frustratingly slow, but it’ll take an extra blink to switch apps, and for those who lack the patience, the Stylo 6 will be a failed device. 


The device combines three decent cameras into its rear shooter, but this doesn’t quite match up with the competition. Apart from these, the Stylo 6 is all good stuff, with its tab-size screen of 6.8 inches and its highly functional Stylus. 


The Stylo 6 is well-rounded in terms of specs, some features are average, and others are great, but you wouldn’t lack anything you’re looking for in a smartphone today. It is a solid choice for anyone who is budget-conscious.


It is more likely that one will be trying to buy than sell the LG Stylo 6 at this point. But if you have this phone and for any reason want to trade it for cash, Gizmogo is your best shot.


LG Stylo 6 Specifications 

Design info: Your first impression of the Stylo 6 will be its style. It is impossible to miss its clean and sleekness. The trick here is that it looks way more expensive than it is. It didn’t quite represent its predecessors in this aspect, and that is a good thing because the Stylo 6 looks just as good as it can be. It did away with the large bezels and old engineering. 


It took design cues from Samsung’s Galaxy S10, evident in its teardrop cutout, triple rear camera horizontal arrangement, and overall build.

Its body is as smooth as oil, and it is remarkably light. Its bezels are reduced to a minimum, but there’s still room to reduce it further. The teardrop camera doesn’t look as great as in the flagships, though, and maybe big for one-hand use. Its back panel is plastic but glossy and metal-looking.


Around the sides, there’s a silver frame that blends into the back and holds the necessary buttons. 


The left side has the volume control buttons, Google Assistant button, and a large tray for a nano-SIM card and micro SD card. The right side has just the power key. Across the bottom, there’s a USB-C port, a headphone jack, a speaker, and the Stylus pen. 


The back of the device is smooth; it holds the triple-lens camera, LED flash, and fingerprint scanner. 


Capacity info: The internal storage capacity is 64GB. It is still expandable to a colossal two terabyte if you can lay your hands on a microSD card that large. It uses 3GB RAM.


Size & Weight info:  The device measures 171.2 x 77.7 x 8.6 mm (6.74 x 3.06 x 0.34 in) and weighs 219g.


Display info: First, the Stylo 6 has a very large screen – 6.8 inches of LCD. It uses an IPS capacitive display w, which has a res0 x 1080 and 344-pixel density. Its panel is 1080p, and that’s uncommon on budget phones. Altogether, these combine to produce quality displays for a screen this large. 


On the other hand, the viewing angles suffer at the extremes, and its lighting is visibly uneven in some areas. Its colors are not as accurate, but contrast and hue compensate for that a little. The large display is decently balanced by the 20.5:9 aspect ratio and is satisfactory for its price. 


The screen works well with its Stylus, but the pen itself is nothing like the remarkable S Pen of Samsung. It allows you to take notes while the phone is locked, but it lacks the pressure sensor of the S Pen. It is more or less a more precise and fun way of manipulating the device and also a good sketching tool – the palm rejection feature makes sure of that.


Camera and video recording info: The rear camera comprises three lenses. First, there’s a 13MP f/1.8 aperture main camera, then a 5MP ultra-wide and another 5 MP depth sensor camera. This makes up a decent main camera for this phone, considering its price. The camera in the teardrop above the screen is a 13MP selfie taker. 


Water-resistance info: The Stylo 6 has an IP67 rating meaning it is water and dust resistant. It can survive submersion underwater at a depth not more than 1.5m for 30 minutes.


Performance info: The Stylo 6 is run by a MediaTek Hello P35 processor. Its performance isn’t impressive when it comes to speed, but it gets the job done.


Connectivity info: You’ll get WI-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, USB Type-C, supports LTE bands but don’t expect NFC.


Battery info: The 4000mAh battery on this device is very reliable. You may not need to charge it every single day.


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