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V30 Plus

LG V30 Plus


LG has a thing for trying out new ideas that its users and specific audiences may find more appealing. As a top smartphone manufacturing company, this strategy seems necessary to have an edge in the competition. We see this strategy in their unusual product lines like the G and V series and unique features. 


In 2017, LG launched the V30, a smartphone that competed favorably with Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Plus. The V30 had great specs and desirable features, no doubt, but the area where it shines the most is in its design. To be considered a competitor of one of Samsung’s flagship, you can imagine how refined the V30 was. A few months later, an update to the V30 was released and was named the V30+, which had better Artificial Intelligence software, more memory, and internal storage. 


LG’s strategy this time around was a smartphone with superior hardware and mouth-watering design. These were the main features of the LG V30+. As a newly launched smartphone, it was easily the most attractive and visually appealing smartphone from LG feeling and looking as good in hand as the Samsung Galaxy S8 or even the iPhone 8. This was a breakthrough for LG, considering how mediocre the V20 was. 


Even though the V30 plus is on the higher end of LG’s smartphone spectrum, it still has some shortcomings when compared with the flagship smartphones of its competitors. For example, the V30+ has a good camera, but by flagship standards, this camera has remarkably inferior. The same goes for its display.


LG’s relentless effort in creating the ideal smartphone is paying off if only people will see it. You’ll get this high-end smartphone for less than $200. But if you’d like to sell your LG V30+, contact Gizmogo, and we’ll make that happen for you.


LG V30 Plus Specifications

Design info: The first impression of all devices is often made by their design and build. This is why most people hurry to confess their love for the V30+ at first sight. First off, the V30+ drops all similarities to any chunky predecessor and replaces it with a perfect proportion. It has a curved glass screen and also a curved glass back surrounded by a polished metallic rim. It was launched in several beautiful colors: Aurora Black, Lavender Violet, Moroccan Blue, and Cloud Silver. 


The body is slim and light. The glass material used for its body is quite slippery, but thanks to its curved back, it isn’t as slippery and easily dropped as it would have been. A very thin black bezel surrounds the 6-inch screen. The corners of the screen are rounded, just like the corners of the phone itself. 


It is a bit large but is comfortable to use in one hand; the 18:9 aspect ratio of its display makes that possible. The display has Gorilla Glass 5 protecting its screen, meaning it is pretty much scratch-proof. The back panel is also protected in a like manner and non-removable.


The non-removable back panel houses the power button. This button is also the fingerprint scanner, and we find this orientation very pleasing because of the ease of access it provides. The camera is just above the sensor with its LED flash and laser autofocus unit. 


It has a headphone jack on top of the device instead of beneath like we’re used to. It’s good enough that the headphone jack is present. Volume buttons are on their left side, while the right side holds the SIM trays. The USB-C port is underneath alongside a speaker outlet.


Audio info: The V30+ made ground-breaking achievements with its sound quality. Some users quickly tagged it “the best sounding smartphone,” and audiophiles found it particularly useful. 


The V30+ is no different and produces and records sound in very high quality. It makes a good recording system and gives you custom control over the sound frequency and digital filters to toggle the sound as you want.


Capacity info: The V30+ offers an internal storage capacity of 128GB with room for expansion up to 2 terabytes through a microSD card. 


Size & Weight info: In height, width, and thickness, the V30+ measures 151. X 75.4 x 7.3mm. It weighs 158 grams. 


Display info: First, the V30+ has followed the trend of popular flagships, maximizing the screen by eliminating the bezel as much as possible. It has a screen to the body of 81.2%.


It uses a P-OLED, HDR10, Doubly Vision display for its 6-inch screen. This panel has vibrant and accurate colors. The screen resolution can be customized to either 1440 x 2880, 1440 x 720, or 2160 x 1080 pixels. It offers a blue light filter and has a pixel density of 538ppi, which makes up for all the flaws present, like the distracting color shifting. 


The contrast is far superior to the best LCDs but is unlike Samsung’s AMOLED. As for brightness, it does get very bright, reaching up to 600+nits. 


Camera and video recording info:  Perhaps the most questionable feature of the V30+ is its camera. Given the quality of cameras on high-end smartphones today and the expectation of users, the V30+ performs just average here. It has a dual rear camera which comprises a 16MP standard angle camera with another 13MP 120O wide-angle camera. 

The front camera is an unacceptable 5MP camera. Video can be recorded in up to 2160p or 4K.


Water-resistance info: This smartphone has an IP68 rating for dust and water, meaning it is water-resistance but limited to a 1.5m depth for 30 minutes.


Performance info: LG’s V30+ uses an octa-core Snapdragon 835, a processor reserved for high-speed phones. It runs on 4GB RAM and Android version 7.1.


Connectivity info: The V30+ has Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi, NFC, FM Radio, A-GPS, USB Type-C. 


Battery info: This smartphone is powered by a 3300mAh battery that supports fast charging and typically lasts for a day. It also supports wireless charging at 10W.


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