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Smartphones have evolved into what we know today as the beautiful masterpieces that are essentially a slab of glass, sleek and slim, lacking any flaw. They come in different designs that capture our hearts, pulling us in with specs of excellent cameras and supersonic processors, over-the-top displays and outrageous battery capacities. We’ve seen screen fold and open up; we’ve seen cameras that are as good as telescopes; we’ve seen the best cinematic displays in a compact device. There’s no denying how magnificent smartphones are today.


There was the regular cell phone with alphanumeric buttons; then there is the smartphone with only capacitive touch. Somewhere in-between are the QWERTY phones that made the transition from controls to touchscreen smoother.


As messaging became a thing, regular mobile phone keypads could not handle the typing of long e-mail and texts that people had to make on their phones. Then came along phones that were more or less regular but had a full-blown QWERTY keyboard which took typing to another level.


The LG Xpression may look like a mini smartphone, but it is a slide phone that hides a full QWERTY keyboard beneath its 3 –inch screen. It is essentially a messaging cell phone with multimedia features like a camera, video recording, music player, Bluetooth, expandable storage and 3G network connectivity. It is easy to confuse the Xpression for a smartphone. 


It was stylish and small; the ad with a large keyboard didn’t stop it from being easily pocketable. It was the ideal phone for those who didn’t like the tiny touchscreen available in those days. It had a touch screen display quite alright, but those resistive screens weren’t half as responsive as today’s capacitive screens.


This makes the QWERTY keyboard a very impactful feature on phones like the LG Xpression. If you have a slider phone like this lying around somewhere, it’ll do more good in the hands of someone who needs it. You’ll be surprised that there’ll be those who would be happy to buy. But that’s if you sell your LG Xpression on Gizmogo. 


LG Xpression Specifications 

Design info: The Xpression had a clamshell appearance. It came in a pretty blue plastic frame that surrounded a 3-inch screen. The appearance of the Xpression was pleasant and cunning in that it had all the representation of a smartphone on the outside. 


The screen is curved roundly at the corners; its bezels are large and has a different color from the body. Three physical and large buttons sit underneath the screen comfortably. There’s the end button, the call button and a back button in-between. These keys make it possible to navigate the phone alongside the mediocre touchscreen to get things done without constantly sliding out the keyboard.


Move the screen to the left, and the keyboard slides out from beneath. The QWERTY keyboard has a complete set of alphabets, functions and dedicated keys, all standing individually, each key separated by the phone’s body. They have good tactile responses and a soft and comfortable to text with. Shortcut keys here include e-mail, AT&T Social Net, Instant Note and Web. This keyboard turned this mobile phone into a social machine.


Capacity info: Try not to laugh at the fact that the Xpression had an internal memory of 50MB. It was all it could offer at that time. To make use of the multimedia features, you’ll need more memory, and that’s why the device allows expandable storage up to 32GB.


Size & Weight info: Dimensions of the Xpression are 108 x 54 x 17mm. Thanks to the QWERTY keyboard, this phone is twice as thick as smartphones today. It weighs 130 grams.


Display info: The LG Xpression had a 3-inch TFT resistive screen. Resistive technology isn’t as responsive as more recent touch screen tech, meaning you’ll have to apply more force on the screen to achieve an effect and wait for a second to see it. It had a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels. This WQVGA touchscreen still had an accurate response, though. 


Camera and video recording info: The camera of the Xpression was a single 2 MP camera and camcorder at the back of the phone. Meaning you can take pictures and record videos with this camera. There’s very little to expect from a 2MP camera, but this snapper was helpful back then to record and capture beautiful moments. There is no LED or flashlight on this phone.


Water-resistance info: The Xpression had no water-resistance capacity. You’ll do well to protect it from any form of fluid.


Performance info: Call quality is excellent on both ends with the Xpression. It performs well with SIM cards on GSM carriers and is hence perfect for travelling. 


Connectivity info: The Xpression doesn’t have Wi-Fi. But you’ll get Bluetooth 2.1, GPS, M3/T4 hearing aid, MP3 player, SIM card, USB 2.0. There’s no FM Radio, no sensor above the screen. 


Battery info: The Xpression used a 1000mAH capacity battery. This battery provided a talk time of 2 hours and 20 minutes which isn’t all that great. On standby, the Xpression will run for ten days straight.


Audio info: The sound quality was excellent and easy to hear. There was also a 3.5mm headphone jack to go with it.


Sell your LG Xpression on Gizmogo

Hoarding an old device will do you and the world no good. Bring it out and make a trade with it; isn’t that more tenable? That’s if you don’t have a sentimental attachment to the device, though, but selling it will do you and someone else some good. Gizmogo is your go-to store to make sales like this one or, better still, opt for an upgrade to a more recent device.


Trade-in your LG Xpression 

A trade-in deal is another means to acquire a phone that you love. If you have an old LG Xpression and want a more recent one like the Xpression plus, then a trade-in deal is what you need. Here is how it works. You use your current device as a down payment for your dream phone.


Sell your LG Xpression

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