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Zone 4

Sell LG Zone 4 


The LG Zone 4 is a budget phone from LG for Verizon. It is one of LG’s many entry-level phones, such as the LG tribute dynasty, LG Aristo 2, LG Metro PCS, etc. They share similar entry-level features and designs, just different carriers and layouts. Not all entry-level devices from LG show a thoughtful attempt to stand out from the others, but the Zone 4 may be the one that does.


The highlight of the product of a collaboration of LG and Verizon was a smartphone that seeks to dominate the market of budget phones. Its price tag was first at $114.99 in 2018 when it was launched. Now, the Zone 4 costs as low as $74.99. It practically was a successor to the Optimus Zone 3, but the manufacturers didn’t portray it as a sequel to LG’s Optimus series.


The portfolio of the Zone 4 is its Snapdragon 425 processor, its compact build, 16GB inbuilt storage, and 2GB RAM. All these features are entry-level, but the processor is one found commonly among mid-rangers. Perhaps that was the edge the Zone 4 hoped to have over other low-end devices. That is, of course, apart from its 2500mAh battery which is impressive and powerful enough to keep the phone running for over a day with regular use. Its other features, which include its 5-inch LCD and 8MP camera, are on the low end.

In the end, the Zone 4 doesn’t offer any spectacular features for its class. It is a regular phone that becomes attractive when one considers its price. Still, it serves the many customers who are on a very tight budget and need a smartphone of decent quality but are not interested in first-class photography or high-performance tasks.

While some considered the Zone 4 another entry-level Android power piece of tech, others found it very useful, and it served its purpose of reaching the budget population. It’s been three years since the release of the Zone 4 and if you feel you’ve outgrown it and want to sell it off, then sell your Zone 4 on Gizmogo because it’s the best place to do so.


LG Zone 4 Specifications

Design info: Zone 4 is lightweight but relatively large at 5.7 inches. The front (screen) is made of glass, but the back and frame are plastic. The back looks metal, though, the simulated metal appearance of budget and mid-range phones that seek to improve their appearance. It is a rectangular mobile available in blue color with curved edges and a strictly flat screen.


Its bezels are thick, allowing only a 66.2% screen-to-body ratio. Above the screen are the front-facing camera, receiver, and regular screen sensors. There’s nothing on the right side but the left hosts the volume rockers while the micro USB charging port, headset jack, and microphone are on the bottom.


The rear side has the primary camera and its LED flash below it. There’s another button just below the LED that functions as the power button. It lies in the position where the fingerprint reader is typically placed, but there’s no fingerprint reader on Zone 4. Apart from the manufacturer logos, there’s nothing else on the back. The back cover comes open to expose the battery and single Nano-SIM card and SDcard ports.

Audio info: Zone 4 has good loudspeakers with impressive audio output. It isn’t as vibrant as LG’s mid-rangers, but it is clear and doesn’t get distorted.

Capacity info: The LG Zone 4 has an internal storage space of 16GB, which is expandable by a micro SDcard up to an astonishing 2TB. Its memory is 2GB RAM.

Size & Weight info: The dimensions of the Zone 4 are 144.8 x 71.9 x 7.9mm. Its weight is 140 grams.

Display info: Its screen comprises a TFT IPS 1280 x 720 resolution display with 16.7M colors. It displays in HD and measures 5 inches. Its resolution is arguably the standard for its class of phones and shouldn’t appear as low quality even though we know there are much better displays.

Camera and video recording info: There are an 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front-facing camera. We mentioned earlier that you shouldn’t expect much from its camera feature, but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t good enough for everyday use. It takes good pictures, but they lack detail and finesse.

Water-resistance info: LG Zone 4 doesn’t possess any water-resistant feature.

Performance info: The performance of the Zone 4 is provided by its Qualcomm processor and RAM. It uses a quad-core chipset that clocks at 1.4GHz each. This processor is the Snapdragon 425. It combines the Adreno 308 GPU and 2GB RAM to produce a mid-range (not entry-level) processing speed. It runs on Android version 7.1.2.

Connection info: Zone 4 has 3G, EDGE, and all the WLAN features of modern phones from Wi-Fi to hotspot, Bluetooth 4.2, A-GPS, and micro USB. There’s no FM radio or NFC.

Battery info: The battery of the Zone 4 is a 2500mAh capacity removable battery. This battery is the standard for its class but its low specs it to perform better. You get up to 400 hours of standby and 30 hours of talk time.


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Sell your LG Zone 4

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