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Sell M800
Trade in Instructions
1.Only original phone will be recycled. IMEI number verification can show whether your phone is original.
2.Please unlock your phone and sign out from your account before shipping.
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Motorola M800


Mobile devices are created for simplicity and easy communication. However, it gets frustrating when what was designed for comfort begins to add frustration to your life. Once your device begins to age, it begins to deteriorate and get worse with time. Now if you keep trying to patch things up, it only gets more frustrating.

Once you notice that your device has begun to exhibit some faults, it is only right to upgrade and ditch the device. Ordinarily, at this point, your mind should be filled with questions like, “where do I sell Motorola M800?” “Where do I sell my Motorola M800 for cash?” “How do I Swap in Motorola M800?”

These questions are the first step to upgrading your device and should not seem like a bother to you because you are here. Whatever information or data you need to sell your Motorola M800 or Swap it in has been made available just for you.

I know you can’t wait to get into all the details of how l to sell Motorola M800; we would get to that in a few minutes; let’s take a look at an overview first.


Are you a businessman or woman who is always on the road? Well, the Motorola M800 Bag Phone was specially designed for you, it is the ultimate communication tool that you need. It offers you all-around mobility wherever and whenever you need it, making all your connections as mobile as you are.

The device has two-way navigation and a generously spaced tactile keypad which makes data entering and operating the M800 quick and seamless. The 8mm character height promises excellent quality on the high-resolution display. Adjustable blue backlight and contrast display setting allows for extra visual clarity.

The Motorola M800 has an internal antenna plus an optional external antenna which provides ultimate reception by enhancing coverage for travelling on rural or urban highways. In addition, It provides dedicated access to voice & data communication, like data transmission; Transfer e-mails, faxes and files, from the remotest possible locations as emergency location service is available through the integrated assisted global positioning service (A-GOPS) navigation system.

On this device, data connectivity is reliable with the unit's Packet data Max BR support 13.6 kbps. Messaging features include short messaging services (SMS) and users can send and receive emails, faxes and files using Motorola Mobile Phone Tools. Name and number speech recognition allows for quick and convenient connections.

The Motorola M800 cellular phone handset is equipped with a phone book that allows up to 500 entries and up to 20 voice tags. Users can conduct conference calls with up to five participants. Security and cost control features include fixed dial and call barring. There is caller line identification (CLI) built into the system as well.

The M800 is CDG1 and 2, FCC part 15 Class B, EME and I.C 1090 regulatory approved. This cell phone offers full-duplex with excellent audio quality and boasts CDMA 1 x 800/1900 MHz / AMPS 800 MHz bands. The unit has a mini-UHF connector antenna and weighs 250 grams.

I know you are wondering if the need to sell your Motorola M800 would arise. Well, it’s Inevitable, devices are bound to deteriorate with time hence the need for an upgrade is inevitable.

Sell Motorola M800

Getting the best prices and deals is what we all quest for when we are looking to sell Motorola M800. If you want to get the best deals when that time comes there are two ways to do so.

  • sell Motorola M800 for cash

  • Swap in Motorola M800

We need to point out that some factors might affect your chances of getting a great deal when trying to sell Motorola M800. However, regardless of the Gizmogo, promises fantastic offers and deals like never before when you sell Motorola M800.

Sell Motorola M800 for cash

Technology has far upgraded and our devices have more functionality than answering and sending text messages. Our devices have a lot of personal data and should not be shared with a third party. When you want l to sell Motorola M800 for cash ensure to unlock and wipe your device of all sensitive information when trying to sell Motorola M800 for cash.

Swap in Motorola M800

As we stated earlier that, to sell your Motorola M800, you have an option to either do it for cash or Swap in Motorola M800.

However, before we get down to it, you have to be certain if you want to sell your Motorola M800 or Swap in Motorola M800;

Before you proceed, you have to ask yourself a few questions

  • Are my passwords cleared?

  • Has all my data been backed up?

  • Are all of the features functioning correctly?

  • Have I unlocked it and signed out on all accounts?

The above questions would determine for you can sell your Motorola M800 or Swap in Motorola M800 for another, hence should not be overlooked. In addition, ensure you are not leaving your personal information in the wrong hands when you want to sell your Motorola M800 or Swap in Motorola M800 by not double-checking that the device is adequately wiped.

Features and capabilities

On the web there are many places where you can sell your Motorola M800 or try to get another; however, none provides you with the kind of services found on Gizmogo. Do not forget to erase all records when you want to sell Motorola M800. Let’s explore the features and capabilities.

Capacity info

  • 20 MB

Size and weight info

  • Weight: 102 grams (3.60 ounces)

  • Height: 103 mm (4.06 inches)

  • Width: 42 mm (1.65 inches)

  • Thickness: 16 mm ( 0.63 Inches)

Display info

  • TFT Technology

  • 1.9 inches display

  • 176 x 220-pixel resolution at 148 PPI

Water-resistant info

  • None

Memory Cards

  • None

Chip info

  • None

Camera/Video info

  • None


  • None

Extra Features

  • None


  • Sleek Silver

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