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Trade in Z9 Instructions

1.Only original phone will be recycled. IMEI number verification can show whether your phone is original.
2.Please unlock your phone and sign out from your account before shipping.
Sell Your Motorola Z9 for Cash Online


Motorola Z9


With new features and functions, getting a new device is a top priority of many. However, getting a new device is not always an easy financial decision. This can easily be avoided by choosing to either swap or sell your Motorola Z9. To do this, you ask questions like “where do I sell Motorola Z9?” “Where do I sell my Motorola Z9for cash?”, and “How do I swap in Motorola Z9?”

We explain all of these, emphasizing the process to sell Motorola Z9in this article. Just before we begin, here’s a detailed overview.


The Motorola Z9 matches a 2.4-inch screen with a 240 x 320 resolution. This ensures that even the lowest brightness level displays a clear and powerful picture. The TFT display type also supports 262,144 colors.

While being really durable, the Motorola Z9 also features a 950 mAh Li-ion User replaceable battery and 0.45 GB of expandable internal memory, the Motorola Z9 also has an 2 MP rear camera to offer users even better functionality. This device has a 29.5% screen-to-body-ratio. It also uitilizes a 45 MB RAM. The Motorola Z9 is fitted with no sensors and isn’t waterproof, dustproof, shock resistant. It also has no headphone ports

It has a Numeric keypad, Soft keys, voume control and a camera shutter key. The Motorola Z9 weighs about 139.0g and has dimensions (114 x 53.5 x 14 mm). It supports a Mini-SIM. This device is finished only in Burgundy.

Having done an overview of the Motorola Z9, let’s explore how to sell your Motorola Z9.

Sell Motorola Z9

With these options, you can get good values on your device when you sell Motorola Z9, they are:

  • sell Motorola Z9for cash

  • swap in Motorola Z9

When you sell Motorola Z9at Gizmogo, you enjoy a quick service alongside a quote that ensures that there no compromises on the value on your device. You also get to enjoy premium service when you sell Motorola Z9.

Sell Motorola Z9for cash

You can get the best when you sell Motorola Z9for cash. Getting the best value is possible. An important way to do this is to ensure that no function of your device is missing. You also have to ensure that your device appears to be in good condition. This way, when you sell Motorola Z9for cash you can get the most cash value on your device.

Swap in Motorola Z9

To sell your Motorola Z9or swap in Motorola Z9you need to be sure of which of the options you’d prefer. You can only explore one of these options at a time and choosing one can be difficult. You get to choose one by deciding what you would like to get at the end of your preferred choice. With the option to sell your Motorola Z9, you get to have cash in place of your device On the other hand, you get a device in place of your old device when you swap in Motorola Z9, here are a few questions you want to ask yourself to ensure that you get the best possible value out of your old device:

  • Does the screen have any cracks?

  • Are there missing functions on the device?

  • Is the device working optimally?

  • How functional is the battery?

  • Is the camera functional?

Answering these questions will help you sell your Motorola Z9or swap in Motorola Z9at the best rates. Regardless of the choice, you make to either sell your Motorola Z9or swap in Motorola Z9, securing the best possible value is how you get the best out of the transaction.

Features and capabilities

If you’re looking to sell your Motorola Z9, here at Gizmogo, we offer you the best values on your device. Just before you can sell Motorola Z9, here’s a compilation of some of the features and capabilities of your device.

Capacity info

  • 0.45 GB - expandable to 3 GB

Size and weight info

  • Weight: 139.0 grams (4.9 ounces)

  • Height: 53 mm (2.09 inches)

  • Width: 114 mm (4.49 inches)

  • Thickness: 14 mm (0.55 inch)

Display info

  • TFT

  • 4:3 aspect ratio

  • 2.4 inches screen

  • 29.5% screen to body ratio

  • Multi-touch

  • Capacitive

  • 240 x 320-pixel resolution at 167ppi

Water-resistant info

  • None

Memory Cards

  • MicroSD

  • MicroSDHC

  • MicroSDXC

Chip info

  • 1.0 GHz

  • 45 MB RAM

Camera info

  • 2 MP rear camera

  • Face detection

  • Autofocus

  • Continuous shooting

  • ISO settings

  • Touch focus

  • Scene mode

  • Self-timer

  • White balance settings

Video info

  • Video geotagging and face detection


  • Accelerometer

  • Digital compass

  • Gyroscope

  • Proximity sensor

Extra Features

  • Voice streaming

  • Active voice cancellation

  • Image and video editor


  • A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)

  • Computer Sync

  • Document editor

  • Microphone

  • Document viewer


  • Burgundy

At Gizmogo, we ensure that the process to sell Motorola Z9has been made as easy and straightforward as possible.. We also ensure that if your device needs to be recycled, it is done in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. When you sell Motorola Z9, your device also checked that it has been restored to factory settings.

In spite of this, it is still important that you sell your Motorola Z9, getting your information secured is a very important step. You secure your information by seeing to it that your data is cleared and your security is disarmed so the new user can access the device. The data clearing also ensures that your safety is not compromised when you sell your Motorola Z9.

If you’re planning to sell Motorola Z9, you can decide to work with a checklist so you don’t miss out on any important step. This checklist will also ensure that you can see the whole process to sell Motorola Z9.

When you sell Motorola Z9 at Gizmogo, we offer unmatched values on your Motorola Z9alongside guaranteed ease that ensures maximal comfort when you sell Motorola Z9.