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Sell Your Pantech Laser for Cash Online


Pantech Laser


You can get the device you want. Well, it depends on how well you have used your old device. This is because the functionalities and features of your device can still be valuable. With the knowledge of this, you may want to either sell or swap in your old device to get a new one. To sell, you ponder on “where do I sell Pantech Laser?”, “Where do I sell my Pantech Laser for cash?” & “How do I swap in Pantech Laser?”.


We put together answers on how to sell your Pantech Laser in this article. To begin the process, let’s see an overview.



Pantech makes a lasting impression with the Pantech Laser. The device features a 3.1 inch display screen to cater for all of the users viewing needs on a highly adaptable device. It’s resolution is 480 x 800 pixels. It utilizes the AMOLED technology, a 41.79% screen-to-body ratio, 250+ colors and a 301 PPI.


Users can utilize the storage for their storage needs with the 112 MB internal storage adaptable to up to 8 GB. This device has a 3 MP camera rear camera that features white balance control, smile detection, panorama mode, and self-brightness. It also adds on a 640 x 480 video quality resolution. Not this alone, this device also features a proximity sensor or accelerometer. It matches this with a 1000 mAh battery.


The Pantech Laser also has a QWERTY keyboard, stereo speakers and dedicated card slots.


Having done an overview of the Pantech Laser, let’s see how to sell your Pantech Laser.


Sell Pantech Laser

If you’re looking to get rid of your old device, you should sell Pantech Laser. While this appears to be your only option, they are however other options you may want to consider. They are:

sell Pantech Laser for cash

swap in Pantech Laser

When you choose to sell Pantech Laser at Gizmogo, you get to enjoy getting an instant cash value on your device. This is done while ensuring that the process to sell Pantech Laser is simple and time saving.


Sell Pantech Laser for cash

If you want to explore the option to sell Pantech Laser for cash, we can also help you get this done. It This option is important because it allows you enjoy getting value on your old device. You should however note that while you chase value; you should do what you must to guarantee your security.  To guarantee your safety, you want to ensure that your data is cleared out before you proceed to sell Pantech Laser for cash.


Swap in Pantech Laser

To get another device with some of the features on your watch list, you may want to consider a choice to sell your Pantech Laser or swap in Pantech Laser. Swapping in your device or selling it offers you a chance to get some value towards getting a new device. If you want to sell your Pantech Laser or swap in Pantech Laser, getting the most value out of your device lies in your own hands. To get the most out of either of the processes, here’s a checklist that ensures you get the most value out of the process:

Are there screen cracks or scratches?

Are all features fully functional?

Is the device functioning optimally?

Does the camera still work properly?


Working with these questions can help you get the best when you sell your Pantech Laser or swap in Pantech Laser at the best value. While ensuring this is important, it is also imperative to know that when you sell your Pantech Laser or swap in Pantech Laser, selling or trading at the right place also affects the value you’d get.

Bearing these important pieces in mind will help ensure that when you sell Pantech Laser, you get the very best.


Features and capabilities

You offer you the best when you sell your Pantech Laser at Gizmogo. When you sell Pantech Laser, an idea of the features and capabilities will help you get the best deals on your device. Important features of your Pantech Laser to know and recognize are:


Capacity info

112 MB - expandable to 8 GB

Size and weight info

Weight: 115 grams (4.06 ounces)

Height: 57.9 mm (2.28 inches)

Width: 113.8 mm (4.48 inches)

Thickness: 10 mm (0.39 inch)

Display info


800 x 480 pixels

41.79% display resolution

250K+ colors

301 PPI

Water resistant info


Memory Cards




Chip info

112 MB internal storage

Camera info

3 MP rear camera

Face detection

Smile detection

Wink detection

Panorama mode

White balance control


Video info  

Video geotagging and face detection

640 x 480 p at 30 frames per second



Ambient light sensor


Proximity sensor


Fingerprint sensor

Extra Features

Voice streaming

Active voice cancellation

Image and video editor


A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)

Computer Sync

Document editor


Document viewer





At Gizmogo when you sell Pantech Laser, we ensure you get the best of value and processes. You also get instant cash and free shipping that all our customers enjoy when they sell Pantech Laser.  To begin, you should first get a free quote. This free quote ensures that when you sell your Pantech Laser, you are sure of how much value you’ll be getting off your device before you even begin the process


When you sell your Pantech Laser, it is important that your details and personal information are kept safe. To do this, your device needs to be restored to factory settings and kept unlocked.

If you desire to sell Pantech Laser, we ensure that in very little time you could have it wrapped it up.  At Gizmogo, we walk you through the process of getting the best when you sell Pantech Laser. So, if you’re looking to sell Pantech Laser, hop on the moving train that gets you the best.