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Sell Dart

Trade in Dart Instructions

1.Only original phone will be recycled. IMEI number verification can show whether your phone is original.
2.Please unlock your phone and sign out from your account before shipping.
Sell Your Samsung Dart for Cash Online


Samsung Dart

Do you want to sell or trade your Samsung Dart?


Yes? Good, you’re at the right place.


But first, I need you to determine if you want to trade your phone for a better version, or if you want to sell it for cash?  


After you decide, we’ll walk you through the steps to cash in or trade up.


In the meantime, let’s review your phone.


Build & Design 

The Samsung Dart is the pinnacle of “You get what you pay for.” During its release in 2011, the Dart was a contract free phone. Its purpose was to dethrone the LG Optimus T for its market share. But the Samsung Dart didn’t even come close. To no one’s surprise, the Dart was discontinued the same year it was released.


Coming into the game, the Samsung Dart didn’t inspire you with confidence. The phone is flat out ugly with no alibi. It doesn’t even look like a phone. It looks like something else. The phone also has a plastic exterior that feels terribly cheap. However, the plastic renders the phone to be lightweight, weighing only 3.8 oz.


It’s hard to see the 3.14-inch screen due to its poor viewing angles, low brightness, and bland colors. Viewing the phone at a 90-degree angle is the only way to reliably see the screen. Graphics and images have high pixelation. To top it all off, the display also scratches easily.


Below the display, you’ll see four capacitive buttons. There’s a menu, home, back, and a search button. The buttons are useful and had no issues accidentally pressing them. Above the display are earpiece grill, light, and proximity sensors. Other external features include a volume rocker on the left and microSD card slot and a camera button on the right. The microSD card comes with a 2GB card. But the Dart can take up to 32GB.


On the top of the Samsung Dart there’s a 3.5 mm headset jack and microUSB port for charging/data. On the back, there’s an atrocious 3.2 MP camera with a chrome trim. There’s also two notches for the internal speakers. By removing the back panel, you’ll find a removable 1200 mAh Li-ion battery and a SIM card slot underneath.



Underneath the hood, the Samsung Dart is running Android 2.2 Froyo, a 600 MHz processor, and a bootleg version of TouchWiz Ui.


The reason I say bootleg is because you don’t get all the TouchWiz features such as widgets. Considering TouchWiz is discontinued and has never been a favorite amongst Android users, the Dart’s version is worse. To sum up the interface in two words, it would be “Lag City.” Even the animated home page lags. You’ll definitely want to change the wallpaper to static for a slightly better experience.


Using the keyboard in portrait mode is cramped and hard to use. Rotating the phone to landscape mode spaces the keys just a tad bit. In both cases, the keyboard is not very responsive. You’ll find yourself waiting for the keyboard to catch up with you. If this becomes too annoying, you can use the Swype keyboard.


One of the better things the Dart has going for itself is the email setup. Gmail is preinstalled and easy to set up. Just enter your name and password and you're game. The small display makes it hard to see the email page in full. You’ll have to stroll from left to right to read. Plus, the text can be a little blurry but still readable.  


Other than the Google apps, other bloatware includes ThinkFree Office. This is the only third-party app preinstalled on the device. The lack of bloatware is good. This clears up more storage space for apps you want instead of the ones you don’t.


The only thing worse than the bootleg TouchWiz UI is the camera. It’s absolutely the most horrible camera I’ve ever seen on any smartphone. To start it off, the 3.2 MP camera has a 3 second wait when you snap the picture. And no … this isn’t a feature, but an unremovable standard. Even if you have rock steady hands, it’ll do you no good. Ten out of ten, the picture is coming out noisy in any lighting condition. The images lack detail and the colors are pitiful.


While the camera makes you cringe, the video recording makes you run in the other direction. The max resolution is 320 x 240 pixels shooting 14 fps. The shooting quality looks like it was taken by a wind-up children’s toy. It’s unbearable, grotesque, and incomprehensible. Forget about using this camera to capture memories, you’ll end up destroying them instead.


Sell Samsung Dart

Now that we got the review out of the way, let’s discuss your selling options.


There’s two available deals for your Samsung Dart. You can choose to:

Sell Samsung Dart for cash or

Trade in Samsung Dart


Sell Samsung Dart for cash 

If you want cash return, this option is for you.


Preparing to sell your Samsung Dart is pretty easy. Just follow these steps:

● Transfer all your files to another device or an external storage device

● Make sure you remove all passwords and give access

● Restore your phone to factory settings


Done! That’s it.


Now you can sell your phone.


Trade in Samsung Dart

If you don’t want cash, you can trade in your Samsung Dart instead.


Just follow the same steps listed above.


When you finish completing the steps, trading your phone will be a cinch.



That pretty much wraps everything up.


Now it’s all up to you.


Will you sell your Samsung Dart for cash, or maybe you’ll like to trade it in for something else of your choosing?


Either way, make sure you get the best deals and services by using sites like Gimogo as a medium for trade.




OS: Android 2.2 (Froyo)

CPU: 600 MHz



Card slot: microSDHC, 2 GB included



Type: TFT, 256k colors

Size: 3.14-inch

Resolution: 240 x 320 pixels

Pixel Density: 127 PPI


Size and Weight

Dimensions: 104 x 61 x 13 mm (4.09 x 2.40 x 0.51 in)

Weight: 108 g (3.81 oz)


Water resistance




Main camera: 3.2 MP

Selfie camera: None

Video: 320p@14fps



Type: Li-ion 1200 mAh, removable

Talk time: Up to 4 h

Stand-by: Up to 288 h