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Galaxy A20


If you are in search of a budget smartphone, then the Samsung Galaxy A20 is a stepper. This device's best feature is its long-lasting battery, sleek look, clear camera, and screen display. Despite these offerings, the Samsung Galaxy A20 is not so great on performance, so you might want to skip this device if you need a more dependable phone that doesn't suffer from performance lags.


Like all newer Samsung mobile phones, the Galaxy A20 is within the league of low-cost handsets, starting at $244.99 as the official retail price since it was released in March 2019.


The Samsung Galaxy A20 won't wow you with the specifications of even the lowest A-class iPhones, but it is an average device. It was designed for budget-conscious consumers, so you should be content with entertaining just yourself and performing your basic activities without much stress.


Undoubtedly, the Samsung Galaxy A20 is a decent all-around phone for its price, but if you are hoping to get more than just the basics from a smartphone, it is not the device. If you are in the league of the users that bought this phone at the moment and you are hoping to upgrade to a more efficient model, you can call for assistance at Gizmogo. With our help, you can sell your used Samsung Galaxy A20 for cash, or you can make a trade-in for an upgrade that suits your current preference.


Samsung Galaxy A20 Specifications

Design Info: The Galaxy A20 is sleek and slim and predominately made of plastic, which is typical for most budget phones. It also has a glossy backing plate making it more susceptible to scratches which can be pretty unpleasant to look at in the long run.


With its 6.4-inch screen display, super-slim bezels, and a top U-shaped notch casing its front camera, you can easily mistake it for one of those high-end Samsung Galaxy phones like the Galaxy A30. There is also a big chunk of "chin" bezel beneath the screen, like almost all budget phones. You can find the quick and responsive fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone right above the subtle Samsung logo.


You also get the same 3.5mm headphone jack located at the bottom of the device near the USB-C charging port.


Regardless of thin-feeling plastic, Galaxy A20 is sleek and solid, and at the same time, it is comfortable to hold in hand for long hours and operate. It is also very eye-catchy and comes in various colors- Black, Deep Blue, Red, Coral Orange, and Gold. Overall, the phone's design is good, and you are guaranteed your money's worth for it.


Display Info: The Galaxy A20 is sufficient, but it is not the sharpest display. It comes with a 6.4-inch AMOLED screen display, a traditional pixel resolution of 720 x 1560, a 19:9 aspect ratio, and a 268 PPI density.

In terms of display, it is pretty decent, although you might find some pictures and text on the device to be fuzzier and less smooth-looking when compared to most devices within its range. However, it works fine enough for streaming videos, playing games, and performing your everyday smartphone needs.


Camera Info: Considering the price, the camera quality of the Galaxy A20 is quite good. It comes with a protruding dual-camera that holds a 13MP rear camera and a secondary 5MP wide-angle shooter camera.


With a balanced and natural light, the Samsung A20 camera produces exceptional pictures, but low-light photos suffer from noise and softness. Shots taken with its secondary camera are less detailed, and they also show a bit of distortion due to its curvature lens.


Capacity Info: It comes with 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. There is also a MicroSD slot that supports up to 512GB of extra memory space.


Audio Info: The Galaxy A20 is not particularly significant in terms of sound quality. It comes with a single mono speaker on the bottom that can get loud but sounds very confined and flat. The speaker should serve you indoors, but you would need to connect to a larger external speaker to enjoy music outdoors.


Weight Info: The Samsung Galaxy A20 is a light device but also solid in hand. It weighs just about 169 grams and measures 158.4 x74.7 x 7.8mm.


Battery Info: It sports a Li-Po 4000 mAh non-removable battery that is super long-lasting. It also supports the 15w fast charging technology, so you don't have to waste a second when topping off your tank.


Water-resistance Info: The Samsung Galaxy A20 is not water-resistant, so you should be extremely careful when using it around water.


Processor Info: The OS is the Samsung Galaxy A20 is the Android 9.0 (pie), and it is powered by an octa-core Samsung Exynos 7884 processor that features two cores clocked at 1.6GHz and six cores clocked at 1.3GHz.


It is not a fast device; a phone this cheap usually does not have much processing power to work with. You will notice a handful of pauses and hitches when loading some applications making it not exceptionally responsive. You can perform your basic functions seamlessly, so you shouldn't be bothered if you don't necessarily do much with your smartphone.


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Trade-in your Samsung Galaxy A20

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