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Galaxy J3



If you are on a budget but still want a reliable smartphone you can feel proud to whip out; then the Samsung Galaxy J3 is a top option to consider. The Samsung Galaxy J3 is the bare-bones version of the S7. With this phone, you will get a decent camera, expandable storage, Easy Mode features, appreciable battery life, and a bright screen AMOLED display.


The Samsung Galaxy J3 was announced and released in 2016 and was $149 in most shopping outlets. It is a solid option starter smartphone option for kids, less tech-savvy individuals, and even seniors who just want the basic smartphone experience. There is no doubt that this device is a catch at $150, but power users will find it lagging in the battery and processor department. However, as far as the basics go, the Samsung Galaxy J3 is a smart choice.


If you are thinking of grabbing this device for yourself with the expectation of making the most out of a smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy J3 isn't an advisable choice. It's been five years since its release, and Samsung has released a wide range of equally affordable budget-cost phones that will get you more for less. If you own this device and are looking to upgrade, perhaps you should consider selling it on Gizmogo first. You also have the choice of trading it in for a newer Samsung device available on our website at an additional cost. Interested? Call us right away to begin.


Samsung Galaxy J3 Specifications

Design Info: In terms of design, the Samsung Galaxy J3 is quite identical to the Samsung Galaxy S4. It is an all-plastic phone save for the glass used on the front and the central select button made of metal.


If you have used a Samsung phone before, then you should be used to the classic physical home button flanked by two capacitive touch buttons. This is a signature feature in almost all Samsung low-cost devices. The plastic feels a bit sturdy when held in hand, and it tries hard to make you think it looks like frosted aluminum while there is a smooth white polycarbonate back.


As usual, the power button is on the right side of the device, a volume control rocker on the left, a 3.5mm audio jack on top, and a micro-USB charging port on the bottom. Removing the white polycarbonate back gives you access to a SIM card slot, a removable battery, and a microSD card slot.


There are only two color variants of the J3- Black and White. The White version has been a preferred choice by most consumers. Over prolonged use, the case can show visible scratches and even absorb dirt if you opted for the white color.


Display Info: The display feature of the Samsung Galaxy J3 is one of the best you can get for a budget smartphone. It sports a5.0 inches super AMOLED screen with 720 x 1280 pixels resolution and a 294 PPI density.


The screen offers rich colors, good viewing angles, and strong outdoor visibility. Text, games, and video all look good on it, but it is not that sophisticated to compete with most of Samsung's high-end devices.


Capacity Info: With the Samsung Galaxy J3, you'll get 1.5GB of RAM and internal memory of 8GB. In addition, the MicroSD slot supports a microSD card that is expandable up to 128GB.


Camera Info: The camera is not so great; it is one of its weakest links, which is pretty much expected. It comes with a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera. Pictures taken with the rear camera are clear with good lighting, but the colors look uninspiring. 

The front camera is better; it gives accurate skin tones and details, making it sufficient for your selfies and video conferencing.


Battery Info: The Samsung Galaxy J3 is powered by a Li-Ion 2600 mAh removable battery. It is quite sufficient, and you are guaranteed about 9 hours of run time when streaming a full-screen video over LTE at maximum brightness.


Audio Info: It comes with a speaker located at the back panel. The sound distribution and volume level are very decent indoors but not so great outdoors. There is also the 3.5mm jack for extra audio support.


Water-resistance Info: The Samsung Galaxy J3 is not water-resistant.


Size and Weight Info: It weighs approximately 138 grams, and in dimensions, it measures 142.3 x 71 x 7.9 mm.


Processor Info: The Samsung Galaxy J3 runs on the Android 5.0.1 version and is powered by the Samsung Exynos 3475 processor clocked at 1.3GHz. It is not the finest device in terms of raw performance; phone performance is acceptable for a device within its price range but not admirable.

There are no glitches when opening and browsing through web pages, sending emails, and even opening and closing some applications. However, you will notice occasional stuttering when you are heavily multitasking or playing high-resolution games.


Overall, the Samsung Galaxy J3 is a great option if you are a light user. There is no way its features will cut if you are a professional looking for so much more from your device.



Sell your Samsung Galaxy J3 deals. 

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Trade-in your Samsung Galaxy J3

Selling for cash is not the only option you get at Gizmogo. You can swap your used device for another gadget listed on our website. Depending on the device you are interested in, you may pay a few dollars extra, or we will pay the difference if your old device is more expensive.


Sell Samsung Galaxy J3 for Cash

You can still get paid for your used devices. There are no surcharges with us at Gizmogo. We offer free inspections and immediate payments to all customers once our terms and conditions have been met. Use the selling page for the Samsung Galaxy J3 to provide information about the device's condition to get an offer.