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Samsung has a good number of entry-level smartphones, and the Galaxy Light is one of them. When one hears Galaxy “Light”, it is easy to think that it is a ‘lite’ version of one of Samsung’s high-end phones. But the Samsung Light is a smartphone of its own, a product of Samsung teaming up with T-Mobile in 2013. Samsung had released two versions of a similar phone earlier that year – the Samsung Galaxy S III mini. 


The Galaxy Light isn’t exactly light on specs, though. Samsung seemed to have brought some of its most prized features from its flagship smartphones like the Note and S series and made them available to more people by making the affordable Galaxy Light and similar entry-level and mid-range Samsung smartphones. 


For an inexpensive smartphone, sold at $210 during its launch, the Samsung Galaxy Light adds NFC and LTE network as an upgrade to the Galaxy Exhibit, scaling it in terms of production cost and design, ending in a smartphone with balanced performance. Now, this performance isn’t just balanced; it is also reasonable for its price. Users who weren’t after big screens will find this smartphone ideal. It is relatively small at 4inches and easily pocketable but large enough to watch videos comfortably and even play games. 


Meanwhile, the device doesn’t offer anything extra and isn’t a remarkable smartphone. This is expected of an entry-level smartphone, but it’ll make a great choice for users who aren’t after the heavy performance and fancy specs. It’ll give you 4G LTE and a satisfactory processor at a friendly budget, but you’ll be sacrificing camera and display quality.


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Samsung Galaxy Light Specifications

Design info: Samsung devices all have some similarities, and the Light looks very familiar, reeking of Samsung’s classic design. There’s almost nothing new about the design; it is made of the same glossy plastic that we’ve seen in Samsung’s entry-level smartphones. It belongs to the size of compact and small devices, almost small to a fault.


Its corners are properly curved and nicely rounded and have a faux-metal texture that leaves fingerprints all over. Despite its compact stature, it feels solid in hand, having a reassuring heft and good grip, its perfect for people with small hands or those who dislike large screens. 


The spine has a shiny metal-looking plastic that improves its appearance and is followed medially by a thick black bezel. There’s a home button surrounded by a silver-colored bezel, a capacitive back key, and a menu key that disappears when not in use. Typical of Samsung, the volume and power button are on the left and right sides, respectively. On top, there’s the headphone jack, while the back cover hides the card slots.


You won’t have any trouble whatsoever with call quality in terms of sound on the Light. The speakers are fairly loud and produce average sound quality. 


Capacity info: The internal storage of the Light is 8GB expandable up to 64GB.


Size & Weight info: Its weight is 121.9g with dimensions of 121.4 x 63.5 x 10.2mm.


Display info: The Galaxy Light screen is a bit bigger than the Galaxy Exhibit we’ve been comparing it with, but they have the same resolution of 480 x 800. It is a decent LCD screen, but anyone who has been spoiled by better resolution displays will find faults with it. At 223 pixels per inch, this display is rather sharp but nothing like Samsung’s flagship at that time.


You can hold the Light easily in one hand because of its compact nature. Its display is 4 inches, and the only disadvantage of a small screen is things could get cramped, especially while using the Keyboard. However, the small size allows the resolution to appear better than it is.


Camera and video recording info: The Galaxy Light never promised super cameras, but it’ll give you a decent snapper. You’ll need to pay much more if you want Samsung’s ISOCELL technology for a camera, and if you want a selfie taker, you should probably skip this one. 

The front-facing camera is 0.3 MP and records videos in VGA. The 5MP rear camera may capture good pictures in good lighting conditions. In low light, there’s a lot of picture noise, lack of color and detail. The camera’s autofocus is fairly fast and very useful outdoors. This camera records videos in 720p.


Water-resistance info: The Light is not resistant to water.


Performance info: The CPU of the Light is a quad-core 1.4GHz processor with 1GB RAM. This performed better than the 1GHz of the Galaxy Exhibit.


The Galaxy Light uses the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS with the TouchWiz UI from Samsung. 


Connectivity info: The Light supports T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network and HSPA+ and is NFC compatible. It had the traditional WI-Fi, hotspot, DLNA, Bluetooth, and GPS.


Battery info: With moderate use, the 1800mAh battery will last a whole day from morning until night. Battery life is generally great and could stretch almost 3 weeks on standby. 


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