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Galaxy S10 5G

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G




Samsung's Galaxy S10 5G launched with much fanfare. The South Korean manufacturers gave consumers much to talk about. For starters, the Galaxy S10 was the first Samsung Flagship device that came in four variants. There was the bigger Galaxy S10+, the smallest Galaxy S10e and somewhere in-between, the Galaxy S10. The fourth and special of the S10 series was the bigger model, with even more features – the Galaxy S10 5G.


The S10 was big on camera, succeeding the S9 and doing a much better job, so much that the S9 was termed 'regular.' It complemented the previous generation camera setup with a triple-camera configuration, particularly the newly introduced ultra-wide-angle camera. As if that wasn't enough, there was a fourth on the Galaxy S10 5G, a ToF depth camera fitted into its rear and also front cameras, turning this smartphone into a piece of powerful photographic equipment.


The Galaxy S10 5G was the ultimate device of the S10 series, the largest of the set, a curved screen like the others but unlike the S10e, which was flat, less expensive and a little conservative. The S10 5G was launched later than the rest and wasn't even available everywhere.


We wouldn't be done talking about the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G if we didn't mention the fact that it supported the 5G network, a feature that made it stand out among the best smartphones. This was perhaps why Samsung limited its availability, and the launch was delayed because only a few parts of the world had access to the 5G network at that time.


Even in 2021, the Galaxy S10 is a gem of a phone; however, it has given way to more recent flagships like the S20 and incoming releases. The S20 is an even better beast. If you want to experience the Galaxy S20 or another device in this category, Gizmogo can make that happen. You can sell your Galaxy S10 or swap for the S20 or any other device on Gizmogo. 


Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Specifications

Design info: When we say the Galaxy S10 5G is future-proof, we aren't even referring to its 5G feature. This device is so tech-intensive that it'll still hold its ground some ten years later. We can say Samsung was somewhat excessive on this one, but we love it – the gorgeous display, the sleek solid metal that makes up its body, the mature colors it comes in, every curve and every detail. 


It has a power button on the right side; on the left are the volume rockers and the Bixby button. There's a type C USB port underneath, a speaker grille alongside a headphone jack. The SIM card slot is on the top of the phone, and it lacks an SD card storage option, but given that it starts with a 256GB inbuilt memory, this isn't anything to worry about. 


It comes in Royal Gold, Crown Silver and Majestic Black colors. The sound quality from the stereo speakers is very good and loud too. At maximum volume, sound may get thin, but 70% produces all the fullness you'll be looking for.



Capacity info: The S10 5G doesn't have expandable storage, but it has a massive internal storage of 256 GB.


Size and Weight info: This device measures 162.6 x 77.1 x 94 mm and weighs 196 grams.


Display info: The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G has a screen that curves into its sides, giving it a screen-to-body ratio of 90%. It's almost entirely a screen and a back. This entire screen is 6.7 inches of Dynamic AMOLED display with a 19:9 aspect ratio. It is remarkably clear, like crystals, perhaps due to its 1440 x 3040 screen resolution and pixel density of 502. The screen and entire device are IP68 protected, and it is also fortified Gorilla Glass 6. 


The brightness is very strong, and its viewing angles are exceptional. Colour accuracy is top-notch and also customizable; the display is almost perfect.


Camera and video recording info: Four cameras are combined at the rear, a 12 MP with f/1.5 aperture camera, another 12MP with f/2.4 aperture camera, a third 16 MP with f/2.2 camera and finally a ToF 0.0038 MP camera coupled with a phase detection autofocus. In front is a powerful 10MP camera with a ToF 0.0038 MP camera with autofocus and LED. These cameras are simply amazing.


Water-resistance info: It is both water and dust-resistant. Using the device under the rain or in the desert of Dubai shouldn't scare you. It was made for such environments. However, you shouldn't use it underwater for more than 30 minutes. 


Performance info:  All of the phones in the S10 series are powered by the same set of processors – Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9820 from Samsung. The processor you get depends on the part of the world you're living. Comparing processors, both are as powerful as they should be, but they also have their strong points. You'll need special devices to tell the difference in performance, but the Snapdragon appears to take the lead even though we can say the Exynos runs on par with it. They were the best processors available. The 8GB RAM of the S10 5G allows these processors to reach their maximum potential.


The S10 used the latest Android version 9.0 operating system and Samsung's One UI.


Connectivity info: You'll get Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, 3G, 4G and 5G with support for LTE also. Apart from the usual sensors, it carries a barometer, a magnetometer, a gyroscope and an accelerometer.


Battery info: The battery is a huge 4500mAh capacity that can last up to 24 hours on a single charge. Its USB charges quickly at 25W, and it can also be charged wirelessly at 15W.



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Samsung Galaxy S10 will continue to be a premium device for a long time. If you wish to own one, you can do so on Gizmogo. If you own one and wish to sell or trade for an upgrade, we have that covered too.


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