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Sell Galaxy Spica
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Sell Samsung Galaxy Spica



In some areas, the Spica is also known as Samsung GT-I5700, Samsung Galaxy Portal, or Galaxy Lite. It was the iconic Smartphone that succeeded the Original Samsung Galaxy Smartphone back then in 2009. 


You can bet that it was a big part of the competition back then as Samsung had only just taken its first steps into the Android Market. 


Android 1.5 may sound like an Android version from the Ice Age, but it was a luxury in its time, and the Galaxy Spica could be upgraded to the newer Android 2.1. It also had a more powerful processor than the original Galaxy, an 800MHz CPU, which was better than most smartphones of that time.


As a pioneering Android device, the Galaxy Spice offered quad-band GSM and had a 3.2-inch LCD capacitive display. Consumers also got all of Google’s Mobile services, including Google search, Google Mail, YouTube, Google Talk, Google Map, and Google Calendar.


The Key Features of the Galaxy Spica are its GSM/GPRS/EDGE quad-band support, its 3G HSDP support, its upgraded Android OS, Stereo Bluetooth, an autofocus camera, a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, expandable storage, an accelerometer, a capacitive touchscreen, a great video player, voice dialing feature and Wi-Fi. Some of the qualities that the Spica didn’t have; adequate brightness, proximity sensors, live wallpapers, 3d gallery view.


But let’s not forget that the Samsung Spica was a first-generation Android phone, and it looked like one with its many physical buttons and touchscreen without a multi-touch feature, but it was an upgrade from the original Galaxy. 


If you still have a Galaxy Spice, it is likely in a locker collecting dust or a rest pad for other gadgets. Well, if that’s remotely true, you should consider putting your Galaxy Spice to better use and save the planet from e-waste. You can sell your Galaxy Spica for cash or trade it in for another device on Gizmogo.


Samsung Galaxy Spica Specifications

Design info: The Spica is thicker than its predecessor; it is also heavier and had Samsung’s signature appearance. The device is made of both plastic and rubber and was available in two colors – black-red and white-green. The plastic is of high quality and is very glossy in front. It is also thick and curves slightly at its corners, especially at the bottom, where the curve joins the back.


The front of the phone is mostly covered by the 3.2-inch screen, but there’s space below it for a directional pad with a couple of buttons. 


The D-pad, as it was popularly called, was common among Android smartphones back then, and on the Spica, it was surrounded by six physical buttons: a call button, an end button, a menu button, a back and search buttons. These buttons are very useful and do not damage the phone’s appearance in any way. They also act as shortcuts to designated functions when held down, which made certain functions easily assessable. 


The Spica comes with a new key on the left that wasn’t on its predecessor. This was a semis-transparent button that brought up a search pane in several apps on the device like the messaging or calendar, or contact app. The buttons are generously sized and easy to press, but they lacked backlighting which means using them in the dark can be a bit of trouble if one isn’t used to their functions.


The volume is controlled by buttons on the left side, while the right side has a power button and a camera shutter button. The micro-USB port is on the top, just beside the centralized headphone jack. It is covered by a rubberized flap. The plastic back is finished with rubber and houses the 3MP camera, which doesn’t come with a LED flashlight. The SIM compartment and memory card slot is found under the removable battery.


Capacity info: The internal storage capacity of the Spica was 180MB. Storage technology was still very primitive, and this was all that it could offer. There’s room for more space with an external SD card up to 32GB. 


Size & Weight info: The Galaxy Spica weighs 124 g and measures 115 x 57 x 13.2mm. 


Display info: The screen is approximately 46.5% of the whole device and is just 3.2 inches. It is a TFT capacitive touchscreen of 320 x 480 HVGA resolution. Although the predecessor of the Spica had an AMOLED display, the Spica’s screen wasn’t all that bad at 180ppi. The newer Spica model had the same specs but improved it with an AMOLED panel. It didn’t support multi-touch which would be considered a major drawback today. It doesn’t have a proximity or ambient light sensor. 


Camera and video recording info: The Spica has a single 3.2 MP camera and a basic interface without LED flash or a selfie camera. Video recording is in 352 x 288 pixels at 15 fps. 


Water-resistance info: The Spica has no water resistance capability.


Performance info: The CPU is an 800MHz processor which performs very well for its class and time.


Connectivity info: Connectivity was divers for a primitive droid. There was Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth 2.1, GPS, and Micro USB. 


Battery info: The battery of the Spica was large for its time; a 1500mAh capacity cell that can keep the device running for up to 4 weeks on standby. When in use, though, you’ll need to charge it more often as talk time is only about 11 and a half hours, and the cellular network drains it faster.


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