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Trade in GH-T319 Instructions

1.Only original phone will be recycled. IMEI number verification can show whether your phone is original.
2.Please unlock your phone and sign out from your account before shipping.
Sell Your Samsung GH-T319 for Cash Online


Samsung GH T319




Every now and then, there's a buzz about the release of a new phone on the market. With new devices popping up almost every other few weeks, keeping up with them is practically impossible. If you are a fan of Samsung devices, you'd have probably heard rumors and leaks, about the next flagship series- Samsung S22 and you thinking already, how possible it is to experience the awesomeness of its feel is.

Not to worry, we have just the perfect solution for you to help you get just the perfect phone for you. You can sell your old phone to get the device of your dream phone. You don't have to feel stuck, with your device, when it can fetch you something quite amazing and great.

Gizmogo is a one-stop online store that helps you sell your GH T319 and all your gadgets.

But then, because of how risky and fragile it is to do business on the net these days, you are probably second-guessing. How trust-worthy are they? How soon do I get paid? Is this going to be worth it all?

We understand your fears and we have helped you answered all your questions and provided tips that can help you sell your GH T319, not only seamlessly, but at a reasonable price.



The Samsung GH T319, the successor of Samsung T309 is one of the early Samsung products you have out there. It was one of the highlight devices of its days, during the time when phones had alphanumeric keys and majorly serve the duties of phoning and messaging. And there wasn't really anything sophisticated or spectacular like the wide array of devices we have today.

The phone design is quite simple and plain, but there's a little tweak in the outer design. Compared to T309, the housing color is dark-blue, with the Speakerphone on the outer side so it can work with closed shell. T319 features internet browser and games. You can access the internet from your phone, even though it is unimaginably close to navigate. I mean, we have experienced the 5G speed. The difference is nowhere close.

The phone is basic, but does just about everything you need. It's light, simple and you can easily slip it in. If it drops, there's almost no consequences. Just pick it back up and continue what you were doing.

Judging by the other low-range phones in the same category, sound quality seems pretty decent and loud. However, when you are making calls, it is quite easy for a third party to hear what the person on the other end is saying without necessarily eavesdropping. But there's an adjust volume button that helps keep it low.

Because it's quite ridiculous to expect a rear camera from a phone this small, you only get a less than 1MP camera (0.3) that takes selfies that match the quality of the camera. Nothing much to expect.

The 1000mAh Li-Ion battery helps keep it powered, enjoy screen time and receive incoming calls. It is quite durable and can last for long hours during the day.

The SGH-T319 is definitely a great device. However, almost after a decade and a half later, no way does it match the demands of today's devices. If you use a T319, you should probably change it. But you don't have to abandon it. You can get you cool cash when you sell SGH-T319 at Gizmogo. As long as it's original and not damaged, you can get a deal, if you decide to sell SGH-T319


Sell SGH-T319

There are two deals available for sell your SGH-T319. You can either:

Sell SGH-T319 for cash or

Trade in SGH-T319

To avoid sob stories or the feeling of being cheated when you sell your GH-T319, you need to first know that gadgets depreciate-phones inclusive. But for all it’s worth, you should definitely get your phone's worth, when you sell SGH-T319 for cash or trade it in. And that’s all we give at Gizmogo.


Sell SGH-T319 for cash

To sell SGH-T319 for cash is quite simple. Just ensure you save all your personal data and important files on a safe storage device first. After that, format your phone and wipe it clean. Of course, make sure you aren’t selling an utterly damaged phone. You get little or no value when you sell that.

Once you have ticked all the right boxes, you are game! You are ready to sell your SGH-T319


Trade in SGH-T319

The second option for getting a great deal for your SGH-T319 is to swap or trade it in. But before you trade in Galaxy S8+ for cash, these are also tips that will help you get a good deal.

· Make sure you have an original phone

· Ensure it still ticks

· Delete all pictures and files

These important tips will not only help you get a good deal when you sell SGH-T319 or trade in SGH-T319, they will also help you sell as quickly as possible.


Features and Capabilities

Yes, there are tons of places where you can sell GHT319, both online and offline, but not all of them always offer great value and after-sale excitement. But if you sell your GH T319 at Gizmogo, you will get great value combined with speed.

Release date

· 2006


· Cellular phone

· Storage info

· 60 MB

Body and weight info

· Dimensions: 3.70 x 1.90 x 1.00" (94 x 48 x 25.5 mm)

· Mass

· 3.30 oz. (94 g)

· Display info

· Display Illumination Color

· white

Display resolution

· 128 x 160 pixels

· Color Depth

· 16-bit (65000 colors)

· Features

· Screensaver, wallpaper

Battery info

· Capacity: 1000 mAh

· Type: Li-Ion, user replaceable

Camera info

· 0.3MP VGA

· Phone functions

· Speakerphone, call timer, conference call, vibrating alert

You can sell GH T319 or any phone you would like to. Once there is a need and a reason to sell your GH T319, then you shouldn’t delay or slouch.

For a device with amazing specifications like a Google Pixel Slate, you should get the best value when you sell GH T319.

Gizmogo is your trusted store to sell GH T319 and offer you unmatched value. Don’t just sell your GH T319 to any random buyer, let’s give you the very best you should get from your phone.