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Samsung Solstice

Do you want to sell or trade your Samsung Solstice?


Yes? Good, you’re at the right place.


But first, I need you to determine if you want to trade your phone for a better version, or if you want to sell it for cash?  


After you decide, we’ll walk you through the steps to cash in or trade up.


In the meantime, let’s review your phone.

Design & Build 

The Samsung Solstice is not knocking the light out of anything as its name suggests. But for a phone that cost $99, it’s a pretty good darn phone. The Solstice has a trim design that sits somewhere between basic and stylish. The front and back of the phone are plastic. While the back cover is plastic, it’s a soft leathery plastic. It provides a decent grip and is comfortable in the hand.  


For a budget smartphone(ish) released in 2009, the display and the TouchWiz interface are shockingly good. Not great, but good. The Solstice has a 3-inch display with 262K colors and a resolution of 400 x 240 pixels. The screen displays the color and graphics well. It’s very luminous indoors. However, the brightest fades dramatically when direct sunlight hits the screen. You can hardly see the screen. And you’ll find yourself using your other hand to shade the display from the sun.


Although TouchWiz has gotten a bad rep, it was quite an impressive interface for its time. It offered quick speeds and displayed an icon-based menu with a variety of features. You could customize wallpaper, brightness, backlight time, font type, and greeting message.


The accelerometer rotates the phone to switch between keypad and keyboard when turning 90 degrees. The keypad and keyboard are both virtual. With some practice, the virtual QWERTY


Below the display, houses three physical buttons: talk, back control, and End/power keys. The call control keys are rather flush. And the back button key slightly protrudes. All keys are tactile and have a good button feel.


The Samsung Solstice phonebook is very extensive. It holds up to 2,000 contacts. Each contact can store up to four phone numbers and email addresses along with three instant messaging handles. It can also store a URL, birthday, company name and job title, nickname, and two street addresses. If 2,000 contacts aren’t enough, the SIM card holds an extra 250 names. You can also assign contacts to a group and with a photo and ringtone.


Superb camera capabilities don't come to mind when you think of a one-hundred dollar phone in 2009. Heck, I dunno if any phone camera was superb back in those days. So what you get is a 2 MP camera that is absolutely horrible in low light. Shooting photos without ample light leaves the captured image grainy. Although it does have night mode—in addition to three other modes: continuous, panorama, and mosaic—it barely amounted to anything.


On the other hand, shooting photos outside is decent. And when I say “decent,” I really mean it’s mediocre at best. Up close captured photos look more like a painting than a picture. Needless to say, the colors are exaggerated and the photos lack fine details.  


The camcorder is just as bad. You get two resolutions: 320 x 2440 and 176 x 144 pixels. Multimedia messages are capped at 1 minute. But you can shoot for a much longer time in standard mode.


Listening to music on the Solstice isn’t the best without a good pair of headphones. The sound is stretchy, especially on full blast. However, the music player does support album art, playlist, and shuffle and repeat modes. And more importantly, it plays music in the background. So you can browse while listening to music. You can also download music apps to listen to more songs.


The call quality isn’t the best. On both ends, the call was patchy and static. Audio tended to fade out. And don’t let me get started with the background noise. Just let me say this: If you’re in a loud area, forget about having a phone conversation. However, the speakerphone is loud, but the quality is just as bad. The same goes for Bluetooth calls.


Sell Samsung Solstice 

Now that we got the review out of the way, let’s discuss your selling options.


There’s two available deals for your Samsung Solstice. You can choose to:

Sell Samsung Solstice for cash or

Trade in Samsung Solstice

Sell Samsung Solstice for cash 

If you want cash return, this option is for you.


Preparing to sell your Samsung Solstice is pretty easy. Just follow these steps:

● Transfer all your files to another device or an external storage device

● Make sure you remove all passwords and give access

● Restore your phone to factory settings


Done! That’s it.


Now you can sell your phone.

Trade in Samsung Solstice 

If you don’t want cash, you can trade in Samsung Solstice instead.


Just follow the same steps listed above.


When you finish completing the steps, trading your phone will be a cinch.


That pretty much wraps everything up.


Now it’s all up to you.


Will you sell your Samsung Solstice for cash, or maybe you’ll like to trade it in for something else of your choosing?


Either way, make sure you get the best deals and services by using sites like Gimogo as a medium for trade.



OS: (proprietary)

Processor: ?


Internal storage: 189MB

Expandable storage: microSDHC


Type: TFT resistive touchscreen

Resolution: 240 x 400 pixels

Color Depth: 256K

Pixel Density: 155 PPI

Size and Weight

Dimensions: 109 x 53 x 12.7 mm

Weight: 94 g (3.32 oz)


Main camera: 2MP

Selfie camera: None



Type: Li-ion 1000 mAh, removable

Talk time: Up to 5 hours

Stand-by: Up to 250 hours