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1.Only original phone will be recycled. IMEI number verification can show whether your phone is original.
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Xperia 10 Plus

Sell Xperia 10 Plus and Get the Best Value for Your Device

Are you looking to upgrade your smartphone and wondering what to do with your old Xperia 10 Plus? Look no further! At Gizmogo, we provide you with a hassle-free platform to sell your Xperia 10 Plus and get the best value for your device. Whether you want to sell your old phone to make some extra cash or simply recycle it responsibly, Gizmogo is here to help.

Why Sell Xperia 10 Plus with Gizmogo?

Gizmogo is a trusted online marketplace that offers a quick and convenient way to sell your Xperia 10 Plus. Here are some reasons why you should choose us:

1. Easy and Simple Process

Selling your Xperia 10 Plus with Gizmogo is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply visit our website, select your device model, answer a few questions about its condition, and get an instant quote. Once you accept the offer, ship your device to us using our prepaid shipping label, and receive your payment within a few business days.

2. Competitive Prices

At Gizmogo, we strive to offer the best prices for your Xperia 10 Plus. Our team of experts evaluates the condition of your device to provide you with a fair and accurate quote. We understand that every device is unique, and we take into consideration factors such as its age, condition, and market demand.

If you're thinking, "Where can I sell my Xperia 10 Plus for a good price?" - look no further. Gizmogo ensures that you receive the best value for your device.

3. Fast and Secure Payments

Once you ship your Xperia 10 Plus to us, we inspect it to ensure that it matches the condition you stated during the initial quote. As soon as everything checks out, we process your payment promptly. You can choose to receive your payment via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or a physical check - whichever option suits you best.

4. Environmental Responsibility

At Gizmogo, we are committed to promoting environmental sustainability. When you sell your Xperia 10 Plus to us, you contribute to the responsible recycling and reuse of electronic devices. We ensure that all devices that cannot be refurbished are recycled in an eco-friendly manner.

Xperia 10 Plus Features

The Xperia 10 Plus is a powerful device packed with impressive features. Let's take a closer look at its specifications:

  • Display: The Xperia 10 Plus boasts a 6.5-inch Full HD+ display, offering vibrant colors and sharp visuals. Whether you're streaming videos or playing games, the large display provides an immersive experience.
  • Camera: Capture stunning photos and videos with the Xperia 10 Plus's dual 12-megapixel and 8-megapixel camera setup. The camera features advanced technologies such as 2x optical zoom and intelligent autofocus for professional-quality results.
  • Performance: Powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor and 4GB of RAM, the Xperia 10 Plus delivers smooth multitasking and lag-free performance. Whether you're browsing the web or running demanding apps, this device can handle it all.
  • Battery: With a 3,000mAh battery, the Xperia 10 Plus offers all-day usage. You can enjoy your favorite content without worrying about running out of power.
  • Storage: The Xperia 10 Plus comes with 64GB of internal storage, which can be expanded up to 512GB via a microSD card. You'll have plenty of space to store your photos, videos, and apps.

These are just a few of the remarkable features that make the Xperia 10 Plus a popular choice among smartphone users.

FAQ about selling Xperia 10 Plus

1. Can I sell my Xperia 10 Plus if it's damaged?

Yes, Gizmogo accepts devices in various conditions, including those with physical damage. However, the condition of your device will affect its resale value. We recommend being honest about the condition of your Xperia 10 Plus during the quote process to receive an accurate offer.

2. How do I erase my personal data before selling my Xperia 10 Plus?

Prior to selling your Xperia 10 Plus, it is crucial to wipe all personal data. You can do this by going to the Settings menu, selecting System, and then tapping on Reset options. Choose the option to Erase all data (factory reset) to ensure that your information is securely removed from the device.

3. What accessories should I include when selling my Xperia 10 Plus?

When selling your Xperia 10 Plus to Gizmogo, we only require the device itself. You do not need to include any accessories such as chargers or cables. However, if you have any additional accessories that you no longer need, you may consider selling them separately for extra cash.

4. How long does it take to receive payment for my Xperia 10 Plus?

After your Xperia 10 Plus arrives at our facility and passes the inspection process, we process payments within two business days. The time it takes for you to receive the payment depends on the chosen payment method. If you opt for PayPal or Venmo, you usually receive the payment instantly.

5. What happens if my Xperia 10 Plus doesn't match the condition I stated?

If your Xperia 10 Plus doesn't match the condition you stated during the quote process, we will send you a revised offer. You can choose to accept the new offer or have your device returned to you free of charge.

Ready to sell your Xperia 10 Plus? Visit Gizmogo today and get the best value for your device! If you're interested in selling other electronic devices such as tablets or Sony phones, check out our sell tablets and sell Sony phones for Same-Day Cash Payment pages. For more information about Sony's latest products, you can visit Sony Mobile's official website.