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In 2019, the trend was set. T-Mobile released its 3rd generation of entry-level smartphones, and this time, like every other year since 2017, a pair of budget smartphones with upgraded features from its predecessors. As always, the aim of the


Revvlry and the accompanying Revvlry+ is to offer decent specs at a budget price. 

As a sales line, T-Mobile exaggerated that the Revvlry is a smartphone with flagship features but without the flagship price. Well, they're free to market their product as they see fit, but as always, the company offered the standard 24-month contract that can accommodate even the slimmest budget. Without any down payment and at $8.34 per month, the Revvlry can be yours in 24 months if you wish to keep it. 


If you haven't been following up on happenings in the smartphone market, you may not know that the Revvlry is almost as good as a rebranded Motorola G7 Play. They share a lot of features but are made by different OEMs. 


Stories aside, the Revvlry has a modern look with its conventional wide notch and minimal bezel. It comes with 2D face unlock, a mid-range Qualcomm processor, a 3000mAh battery, and Android version 9.0. Its display is an HD+ Max vision, and it runs on 3GB RAM. It has no IP rating, unlike the Revvlry+ that has an IP54 rating. It comes with 32GB storage with expandable storage and a single 13MP main camera.


The Revvlry sold at $200 at its launch in July 2019, the same price as the Moto G7 Play from Motorola in the US. You can get the Revvlry for less today. If you'd like to own a Revvlry smartphone, you may swap your current device for it on Gizmogo. Otherwise, you can sell your Revvlry on Gizmogo.


T-Mobile REVVLRY Specifications

Design info: The Revvlry has the appearance of a mid-range smartphone rather than a simple entry-level device that doesn't cost much. Yes, it uses cheap materials, but it manages not to look cheap. It uses plastic for most of its build, limiting how premium it can look and feel.


The Revvlry is lightweight, thanks to its plastic build and its relatively slim 8.1mm body. The device looks a bit chunky when compared to the sleekness of today's modern smartphones. But 5.7 inches of the screen will rest comfortably in your hands without feeling too large. It is nicely curved at its edges and on its rear side.


There is a relatively big notch on the upper part of the screen. It is very conspicuous and may interfere with your display. While the bezels are minimal, the Revvlry still has a chunky chin. From the onset, T-Mobile doesn't include a physical home button in its Revvl smartphones, and its capacitive keys are on the screen and not in the bezel below it. 

On top of the device is where the headphone jack rests. You'll access the USB-C charging port from the bottom area and the volume keys/power button from the right side. The back panel is plastic, plain and non-removable. There's the camera, LED flash encased in an oval frame, then the circular fingerprint scanner and T-Mobile's logo from top to bottom. Down below is the Revvl signature, all arranged in series.


Audio info: The sound output is fairly loud, and quality dwindles as volume goes up. What the Revvlry lacks is bass.


Capacity info: The Revvlry has an inbuilt storage capacity of 32GB with only 26GB available for use. It comes with 3GB RAM and has expandable storage via micro SD card up to 512GB. 


Size and weight info: The size of the Revvlry in 3D is 148.6 x 71.4 x 8.1mm, and it weighs 168g.


Display info: The display is bright and crisp. It spans 5.7 inches and has 1520 x 720 pixels in resolution. It uses IPS LCD technology and has a pixel density of 295. The screen-to-body ratio is a decent 76.46%, and its HD+ panel has an aspect ratio of 19:5.


There's a notch on the screen that takes more space than a notch should. The phone is legible enough outdoors, but direct sunlight makes it hard to use.

The color representation is a bit flawed, and its viewing angles leave room for improvement. However, the screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. 


Camera and video recording info: The rear camera is a single 13MP camera that records videos in 4K UHD at 30fps, Full HD at 30fps, and HD at 30fps. The selfie camera is 8MP, and it records videos in Full HD. The camera's autofocus isn't the best, and you don't want to take pictures in low light.


Water-resistance info: The Revvlry is splash-proof, but that's where its resistance ends. It is not waterproof.


Performance info: The Revvlry uses Qualcomm's Snapdragon 632, an octa-core, 1.8Ghz Kyro 250, 64-bit processor coupled with 3GB RAM and an embedded Adreno 506 GPU. This may not be the fastest processor that a smartphone can have today, but it generates enough processing power for this device and is good for its price. Its pre-installed OS is Android 9 Pie.


Connectivity info: It has Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi, dual-band, hotspot, USB Type-C, A-GPS, GLONASS, Tethering, OTA, Computer sync, and M4/T3 hearing aid.


Battery info: The battery is a 3000mAH capacity cell. It is fairly large and will typically provide a full day's power. It has TurboPower for fast charge, and its battery life is pretty good.


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