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Fire HD 10 Inch Tablet (2015)

Amazon Fire HD 10



If you know anything about the Amazon Fire series, then you will affirm that each model in the series has its own specifications that makes stand out from the rest. This 10.1 inches model for example, gives you a better view of everything on the device. Its UI is an improved Amazon Fire OS that gives you a clear screen display. Its camera, memory space and a host of other improvements will make you desire this gem of a tablet. That being said, all of these improvement came into the market in 2015, and since then, there has been releases of better models in the Amazon Fire series line-up. If you are part of those adoring Amazon Fire HD lovers, and you feel it’s time to sell your Amazon Fire HD 10, here is a rare chance to learn how to. This guide will show you how to sell your Amazon Fire HD 10 in basic steps that can be understood by anyone. If you can spare at most 3 more minutes to read through this, you will understand how people all over the world are bagging fast cash by selling their old gadgets. You will officially be a part of these people after you sell your Amazon Fire HD 10 for cash. Let’s start out with this overview.



A 10.1inches display of fun on an IPS-LCD technology is what you get with the Amazon Fire HD 10. Released in 2015 but discontinued, however, it’s a great device that can help you store files, documents, read materials from Amazon store, entertain yourself with movies, music that are downloadable directly into your tablet. It has a resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels, although not the best of resolutions, but it suitable for most of your activities on the tablet. It’s a 16M colour depth tablet with 149 ppi density. This tablet runs on customized Android/Fire 5 OS and a Quad-core 1.5 GHz. It comes with a storage space of at most 32GB with a 1GB RAM. You can choose to increase this space with a microSD or microSDXC card up to 64GB. This device has a 5MP camera which is good enough to take pictures of yourself and preserve memories with your loved ones. Its body dimensions are fairly big so it’s quite big on the hand. It has a height of 262mm, and width of 159mm with a thickness of 7.7mm. It weighs a whopping 432grams. This tablet is available in colour white and black, and it comes with loads of extra fun features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Document editor, Push email, Album art cover, Background playback and Text-to-speech English language content reader


Sell Amazon Fire HD 10

Now let’s burrow into details on how you can sell  Amazon Fire HD 10 for cash. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, it’s basically information. However, before we go into it, you need to make a decision of how you want to sell Amazon Fire HD 10. By this, we are asking you to decide if you want to:

Sell Amazon Fire HD 10 for cash or


Swap in Amazon Fire HD 10

People make decisions after considering a bunch of data. In this case, you will be the judge of that, our responsibility is help you make your decision work out. Now to sell Amazon Fire HD 10, there are so many options out there. You can sell at a local phone store or sell online. If you want to sell Amazon Fire HD 10 online, Gizmogo is the internet’s most reliable and efficient brand where you can sell Amazon Fire HD 10 within 48 hours. Sounds good right? We thought so too. People from different countries can now sell their old and used gadgets seamlessly, thanks to Gizmogo. To get started, open your internet browser and search for Gizmogo. Create an account on the site and continue this article.


Sell Amazon Fire HD 10 for cash

When it comes to selling your stuffs for cash, it’s important that you trade with people who understand the value of what you are selling. To sell Amazon Fire HD 10 for cash, here is what to do after your account is created. Log into your account and search for this device on the Gizmogo website. Once the result pops up, click on the name of this device. Now you will be directed to a page that shows the cash offer attached when you sell Amazon Fire HD 10 for cash. This value gets reduced if your gadget doesn’t meet up to the set requirements for the initial cash offer. However, if you agree to the final offer after necessary selections, then proceed to getting a quote for this transaction. By doing this, you are few steps closer to sell Amazon Fire HD 10 for cash. On the page where your quote details will be completed, select your preferred payment option. The next step after that is to ship your device to us. Shipping will costs you nothing. Once your gadget is received, examined and approved by our team, your money will be sent to you. This is the easiest way to sell Amazon Fire HD 10 for cash right now over the internet.


Swap in Amazon Fire HD 10

 If the idea of selling your device doesn’t sit well with you, then perhaps you should think about swapping. To swap in Amazon Fire HD 10 is not anything difficult, it only requires that you find a platform or someone that will show you where to swap in Amazon Fire HD 10. Before that happens, here are few things you need to have settled before you swap in Amazon Fire HD 10. These guides will also prove very useful to you if you decide to sell your Amazon Fire HD 10 for cash.

Before any other thing, unlock your device and disable the auto lock settings

Move all your documents, music, videos and other files into a different device

Clear all the passwords saved on your device

Do a check on the tablet’s features. Identify the bad ones and note them.

Go to your browser and clear the browsing history. Do well to also sign out from all accounts opened on your device.


Theses checks are what guarantee that your data is secured after you sell your Amazon Fire HD10 or swap in Amazon Fire HD10. You need to also understand that once you sell your Amazon Fire HD 10 for cash or Swap in Amazon Fire HD 10, you can’t recover anything you fail to extract from it. So, it’s important you take these preparatory tips seriously as your safety measure against any loss that may occur after you swap in Amazon Fire HD 10 or sell your Amazon Fire HD 10 for cash. Note that Gizmogo doesn’t offer any swapping services, so be careful who you trade with in your bid to swap in Amazon Fire HD 10.


Features and capabilities

For a more concise look into what makes the Amazon Fire HD 10 stand out, check out its features and capacities below. Do well to compare the information presented here with the features on your device. It’s important that you confirm the originality of your product before you proceed to sell Amazon Fire HD 10 or swap in Amazon Fire HD 10. If your device doesn’t have most of the features below, then your device may likely not be the original Amazon Fire HD 10.

Capacity info

16GB ROM 1GB RAM, 32GB 1GBRAM - expandable to 128GB

Size and weight info

Weight: 432 grams (15.24 ounces)

Height: 262 mm (10.31 inches)

Width: 159 mm (6.26 inches)

Thickness: 7.7 mm (0.30 inches)

Display info


16M colours

10.1 inches

295.8 cm2

71.0% screen to body ratio

Capacitive touchscreen, Multi-touch

800 x 1280 pixels

16:10 ratio

Approximately 149 ppi density

Water resistant info


Memory Cards



Chip info

Android 5.0 Lollipop (customized), Amazon Fire OS 5(Bellini) operating system

Octa-core 1.5 Ghz, Cortex-A53

MediaTek MT8135

Camera info

5MP rear camera

0.9MP front camera


Face detection

Video info  

Video geotagging and face detection

Recording 1080p at 30 frames per second

Video formats supported: H.263, H.264, MP4, MPEG4, WAV, WMA

Audio formats supported: AAC,  eAAC+, MP3, WAV, WMA




Extra Features

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac, Dual-band

Document editor

Document viewer

Push email

Album art cover

Background playback

Dolby Atmos

Hands-free calling

Micro USB 2.0

Blue tooth 4.0, A2DP,LE

Voice memo

Voice dialing

Text-to-speech English language content reader





Here is the last lap of the article. You have learnt how to sell Amazon Fire HD 10 for cash without looking for any local store or seeking any agency.

Remember the steps you need to make to sell your amazon Fire HD 10 for cash. By way of recapping, the first thing to do to sell your Amazon Fire HD 10 for cash is to visit the Gizmogo site. Create an account. Sign into your account. Search for your device on our platform. Select the appropriate options that show the state of your device. Get a quote. Ship and get your money. It’s that simple!

 Thanks to Gizmogo, there has never been an easy way to sell used gadgets online and make money from it.

The value we offer is second to none in the market. Our customer service is always available to attend to you if you have further questions on how to sell Amazon Fire HD 10. Note that there are few clauses that will prevent from being able to sell Amazon Fire HD 10. The first is that the device must be your own. We don’t buy stolen devices. If your device has been reported stolen, it may be difficult to sell Amazon Fire HD 10. Secondly, the device must be an original product. If none of these raise any concern, then you can successfully sell Amazon Fire HD 10.