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Fire HDX 8.9 Inch Tablet

Amazon Fire HDX 8.9



One thing that distinguishes the Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 is its amazing screen resolution which makes the experience of watching videos or reading an absolute delight. This device displays a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels on an 8.9 inches long screen. It’s also excellent for reading as you can easily download books straight from the Amazon’s Kindle right into your device. This device has been adjudged by many to be a good buy owing to its array of features and functionalities. It also has a parental control feature which allows you as a parent to monitor or determine what your kids can do on the device. As good as all of these peculiarities may sound, if you need to sell your Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 for reasons like damages or the need for upgrade, then you need to finish up this article. You will find out the most effective strategy to sell your Amazon Fire HDX 8.9. Let’s begin on this note – an overview of the Amazon Fire HDX 8.9



Enjoy unbeatable fun with this 8.9 inches tablet with an 8MP front camera, a 2GB RAM and a maximum internal storage space of 64GB. This IPS LCD display tablet gives crispy looking content delivered in a 2560 x 1600 pixels resolution, a 16M colour depth, capacitive/multi-touch UI, a 339 ppi density, and a 62.9% screen to body ratio.

This device is built on the Android OS Jellybean, and Fire 3 OS. It also has in its built a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800(28nm), Quad-core 2.2 Ghz Krait 400, and Adreno 330. These last set of features makes this tablet an exceptional choice for your mobile gaming indulgence. It weigh 373grams, has a body dimension of 231mm x 158mm (Height x width), and a thickness of 7.8mm. The Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 has an 8MP rear camera, a 1.2MP selfie camera, both capable of functions like auto-focus, geotagging, and face detection and also an LED flash. This tablet also comes with the accelerometer and gyroscope sensors. It has extra features like Wi-FI, Bluetooth, GPS, microUSB2.0, loudpseakers, Amazon silk browser, Amazon AppStore, Whispersync (For movies, games, book and voice), X-Ray (For movies and books), Stereo speakers, Read-to-me (Text-to-speech), Album art cover, Background playback etc.


Sell Amazon Fire HDX 8.9

Whatever may be the reason why you think it’s time to sell Amazon Fire HDX 8.9, it’s only fair you do it well. Now, there are a couple of ways to sell Amazon Fire HDX 8.9. Together we will look into two common ones. These options affords you the choice to:


sell Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 for cash

swap in Amazon Fire HDX 8.9

As it’s obvious above, one option will fetch you money while the other will help you upgrade to a better device. You have to decide what you want. That being said, to sell Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 for cash right from your bedroom, Gizmogo is the sure plug that can make that happen for you. We are an online brand that gives people the opportunity to get cash in exchange for their damaged, used and old gadgets or device. This transaction is pure selling, nothing more, and nothing less. For you to sell your Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 for cash on our platform, hurry up and type in on your computer. Sign up and continue this article.


Sell Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 for cash

Sell Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 for cash by following these simple and straightforward steps. This is what you will do. After your account has been created, sign into your account and find your device on our website. To find what you want to sell, type in Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 into the search bar on our website. If your search produces a result, then this means you can sell Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 for cash, and vice versa. When the device’s name appears, click on it. A page will open up that will require that you make selections based on the current state of your device. On the page as well, you will find the money offer that is claimable by anyone who wants to sell Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 for cash. If your device meets the standard for the initial offer, then you will paid that amount when you sell Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 for cash. If it doesn’t, you will notice that the offer reduces in proportion to the state of your device. Once you agree to accept the offer, request for a quote. Do well to also select your payment option while finalizing your quote. Once all of these are settled, ship your device and expect to be paid. This is the simplest way to sell Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 for cash, and you can do that easily on Gizmogo.


Swap in Amazon Fire HDX 8.9

If you aren’t satisfied with the final offer, then this is also an option you can explore. To swap in Amazon fire HDX 8.9, there are few things you ought to have settled. This list below will introduce you to these preparatory guides. You can also apply them if you change your mind to sell your Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 for cash.

Factory settings should be activated on the phone

Move your files from the device into another one or a storage space

Wipe your phone clean of any password, or log in details. Sign out from all accounts as well

Carry out an assessment of the tablet’s features. Take note of the good and non-functional ones


Check the state of the tablet’s operating system

Clear your browsing history and delete any personal information saved on your browser

These guides add up to ensure that you have an easy experience when you sell your Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 or swap in Amazon Fire HDX 8.9. It also helps you to gather information on the state of your device before you sell your Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 or swap in Amazon Fire HDX 8.9. Please note that Gizmogo doesn’t conduct swapping of devices on its platform, we can only help you sell your Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 and other device/gadgets.


Features and capabilities

Check out the features and capabilities that sets this device apart from the other Fire series tablets. By extension, use the information to confirm which features are still functional on your tablet and the ones which are not.

Capacity info

16GB/ 2GB RAM, 32GB 2GB RAM, 64GB 2 GBRAM/ eMMC4.5

Size and weight info

Weight: 374 grams (Wi-Fi) ( 13.19ounces) / 384grams (4G 13.55 ounces)

Height: 231mm (9.09 inches)

Width: 158 mm (6.22 inches)

Thickness: 7.8 mm (0.31 inches)

Display info



16M colour depth

8.9 inches

229.7 cm2

62.9% screen to body ratio

2560 x 1600 pixels

16:10 ratio

Approximately 339 ppi

Water resistant info


Memory Cards

No card slot

Chip info

Android 4.2.2 OS (Jelly bean- Optimized), Fire 3 operating system

Qualcomm Snapdragon 800(28nm)

Quad-core 2.2 Ghz Krait 400

Adreno 330

Camera info

8 MP rear camera

1.2MP selfie camera


LED flash

Face detection


Video info  

Video geotagging and face detection

Recording at 720p at 30 frames per second

Plays video formats like MP4/H.264/M4V 



Proximity sensor


Ambient light sensor

Extra Features



Amazon silk browser

Amazon AppStore

Whispersync (For movies, games, book and voice)

X-Ray (For movies and books)

Stereo speakers

Read-to-me (Text-to-speech)

Album art cover

Background playback

Image viewer

Video recording

Voice commands


Push Email

Dolby Atmos

Amazon Firefly function

Wi-fi 802.11a/b/g/n, dual-band, Multiple antennas, MIMO, Hotspot

Bluetooth 4.0

GPS with A-GPS (4G model), Wi-fi positioning

microUSB 2.0

Document editor


Document viewer




And that’s pretty much the working model you can adopt to sell Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 without doing so much. It’s as simple as you have read. You just follow the steps to the letters, and before you know it, you will sell your Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 for cash.

Our customer service is readily available to help you out of any challenges you may be facing on your path to sell Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 for cash. You can also share this information to as many of your colleagues or friends who may want to sell Amazon Fire HDX 8.9. Do not forget to also check out other gadgets that you can sell on Gizmogo. There is no limit to the things you can sell on Gizmogo.

Sell your Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 for cash today, there is no point in procrastinating.