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Sell iPad Mini 2nd Gen (2013)
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iPad Mini 2nd Gen (2013)

Sell iPad Mini 2nd Gen (2013)

The new iPad mini 2 (or iPad mini with Retina display, to give it Apple's elongated title) is Apple's latest silver bullet in the smaller tablet wars. And with Google and Amazon turning up their respective games, the Cupertino-based company wanted something to reply spectacularly.


Even though Apple's intentions were obvious, it was still a pleasant surprise when the company unveiled the iPad mini 2 on stage, sporting the A7 chip under the hood and a 128GB variant to please those who crave a lot of HD action.


On top of that, there's the much-needed Retina display (as the official name suggests) and enhanced battery size to support those pixels more efficiently.


Well, it's been 7 years since the iPad Mini 2 debuted and created a buzz in the mini-tablet market. Since the Mini 2's launch, we've seen three other iterations of the iPad mini. 


If you live in the US, you can easily upgrade your iPad Mini 2 to the latest gen with Gizmogo’s swap deal. Even better, you can sell your iPad mini 2 for cash and prevent e-waste. 


iPad Mini 2 Specifications

Design info: The iPad mini 2 has the same packaging as its predecessor (iPad Mini). For those unfamiliar with the iPad mini, it has a slim aluminum unibody build, with the exception of the 4G models, which have a single piece of plastic on the back to house the antenna. 


The texture on the back is designed to improve grip, and the rounded corners make it easy to carry with one hand. The corners are diamond-shaped, revealing the gleaming metal underneath.

All of the buttons and switches are made of brass, and there are only two inputs: a 3.5mm headphone jack at the top and a Lightning port at the bottom, sandwiched between two tastefully designed speaker grilles.


Capacity info: Apple's iPad mini 2 is available in four capacities: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. A 16GB storage is a little restricting these days. It would be best if you chose the slightly more expensive 32GB model. In reality, the 32GB variant offers a better price/storage capacity balance.


Size and weight info: The iPad mini 2 measures 200 x 134.7 x 7.5 mm (7.87 x 5.30 x 0.30 in), and weighs 331 g (Wi-Fi) / 341 g (3G/LTE) (11.68 oz).


Display info: In the same way the original iPad mini was fashioned as a 'mini-version of the iPad 2, the iPad mini 2 is a smaller clone of the brilliant iPad Air.


The original mini's 7.9-inch IPS monitor is vibrant and color accurate, but the 1024 x 768-pixel panel with 162ppi isn't as sharp as it should be. The text isn't sharp enough, and the pixels are noticeable. 

On the other hand, the iPad mini 2 quadruples the pixel count to 2,048 x 1,536 pixels and has a stunning 324 pixels per inch (PPI). The vastly better screen pays off handsomely.


The retina display on the iPad mini 2, like all previous iPads, has a 4:3 aspect ratio. It seems that the 4:3 ratio is the perfect aspect ratio for a tablet, but it comes at a cost. When you're watching TV or a movie, you'll see big black bars at the top and bottom of the screen, making the viewing window feel a little crowded.


Water-resistance info: The iPad Mini 2 is not water-resistant. In fact, none of the iPad mini's are water-resistant. 


Chip information: The iPad mini 2 uses the same 64-bit A7 system-on-chip processor and 1GB RAM as the iPhone 5S, rather than the marginally turbocharged A7 used in the iPad Air. It has a dual-core processor that clocks up to 1.3GHz and a quad-core GPU with graphical and computational power.


This chip configuration gives the iPad mini 2 wings. Apps open instantly, and games — especially those optimized for the 64-bit architecture, such as Anomaly and Infinity Blade 3 — look and run seamlessly. 


The Apple M7 motion coprocessor, launched with the iPhone 5s, sits alongside the A7 chip. This low-power component controls the iPad's sensors, allowing it to do some pretty cool stuff without lagging. For example, when you place the iPad flat on a desk, it will recognize that it is no longer moving. 


The device also has effective motion sensors that can detect when you move from driving to walking.


Camera info: Apple did not update the camera in the iPad mini 2. The device still retains the same 5-megapixel setup used in the iPad Air and the previous iPad mini. The camera isn't bad, but it's beginning to show aging signs. The image outputs are low-res.


Videography: The iPad mini 2's camera records 1080p video at 30 frames per second, which is the most common alternative right now in 2013. It's worth noting that the front-facing camera lacks the resolution for 1080p, so you'll have to settle for 720p for video selfies.


Battery info: The iPad mini 2 has a 6,471mAh battery, the same as the iPad mini 3. Independent video playback tests state that the tablet can last 11 hours and 4 minutes. That's very cool because it means you'll get an average of days' worth of use during heavy usage. If you're a moderate or light user, the device can serve you for 5 - 7 days on a single charge. 


Despite the heroics in its time, the iPad Mini 2 is becoming a keepsake in this decade, especially in the US, where next-gen gadgets arrive quickly. If you still own an iPad Mini 2 and would love to upgrade, check out Gizmodo's "sell your iPad Mini options" below.



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