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VivoTab Smart

VivoTab Smart



Time and performance are the two reasons that will cause you to change your phone. Time, because technology continues to help phone manufacturers build new and better phones. It is not always long before a phone is out of trend. Also, your phone performance will reduce as you continue to use the phone. Besides, new phones will have capacities to outperform the old phone you are using. Asus VivoTab Smart is one of those phones that have enjoyed their own time. But perhaps it is time to upgrade. If you are thinking about that, you have come to the right post. Here, we will discuss if you can sell your VivoTab Smart and recommend the best ways to dispose of your VivoTab Smart.


VivoTab Smart Phone Overview

Asus is known for building affordable phones and laptops. VivoTab Smart is another of their price-friendly tablets in the phone market. However, its pocket-friendly feature should not be a measure for performance as this tablet works more than its money. VivoTab Smart is durable and comes with a sleeve that can attach to the tablet by magnets. VivoTab Smart is about the same size and weight as VivoTab RT. The sleeve can work as a kickstand. There is also a Bluetooth keyboard. VivoTab Smart is affordable, durable, and a great tablet in general.


VivoTab Smart Device Features and Specifications

We said phones have varying capacities and specifications which make them outperform one another. It is the same between VivoTab Smart and other tablets in the market. We decided to share the capacities and specifications of VivoTab Smart to know more about the tablet.

Brand: Asus

Model: VivoTab Smart

Type: Tablet

Released Date:

Available Color: Black, Red, White



Size: 10.1 inches (62.08% screen-to-body ratio)

Display Resolution: 768 x 1366 pixels

Density: 155 PPI

Protection: Scratch-resistant Glass

Body Info

Weight: 500 g (20.46 oz)

Dimensions: 265 x 171 x 9.7 mm (10.43 x 6.73 x 0.38 in)

Full keyboard, Stylus

System Details

OS Version: Windows 8

Chipset: Intel Atom z2760 (32 mm)

CPU: Dual-core, 1800 MHz, 32-bit

GPU: PowerVR SGX545


Type: Li-Polymer (not user-replaceable)

 Memory Details

Card slot: microSDHC


Internal: 64 GB


Main camera: 8 MP, autofocus, F2.2, and 1080p@30fps (video resolution)

Selfie camera: 2 MP


WLAN: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n




Micro HDMI (type D)

Bluetooth: 4.0

OTA Sync


Accelerometer, gyro, compass, and proximity


Can You Sell VivoTab Smart?

VivoTab Smart works fine as long as you are comfortable with the experience that it brings. However, you may want to dispose of your used VivoTab Smart if you desire an improved phone experience. So how do you do this? Can you sell your VivoTab Smart? Of course, you can sell VivoTab Smart. Phone is one product that can never be useless no matter how old it is. There will always be a use for it. We also discovered that it benefits you more if you sell VivoTab Smart. So we are definitely recommending that you sell your VivoTab Smart whenever you feel like upgrading to a better phone.

How to Sell Your VivoTab Smart in Two Ways?

To cap it all, you can sell your VivoTab Smart in two ways. These ways have proven to be profitable to phone users. The benefits you can enjoy from these selling methods differ depending on your target.

If you only want to sell your VivoTab Smart without attaching the budget of a new phone, you can easily sell VivoTab Smart for cash. This is one way to sell your VivoTab Smart and it works great for so many phone users. It is very common and has become a business itself for phone dealers and gadget stores. They buy used gadgets, refurbish them, and resell them. It is a big deal if you think about it. So you can sell VivoTab Smart for cash if you want. To make it easier for you, visit Gizmogo, an online gadgets store to sell VivoTab Smart for cash.

Another way you can sell VivoTab Smart is to swap VivoTab Smart. This method is fast-growing and may soon be the most common method. There is an extra benefit attached when you swap VivoTab Smart instead. You can swap VivoTab Smart for a new phone. Stores and phone dealers understand that the reason for disposing of your VivoTab Smart is only to get a new device. So they make that option available by allowing you to swap VivoTab Smart for a better phone.

At this point, it should be noted that there are some things you must do before you sell VivoTab Smart for cash or swap VivoTab Smart. We advise that you wipe all data from the VivoTab Smart for security reasons. Phone stores may wipe it for you before they sell it but ensure you do not ignore this task if you are selling or swapping with a person directly.

Whether you sell VivoTab Smart for cash or swap VivoTab Smart, you will profit from disposing of your used VivoTab Smart. You can go for the money or use your VivoTab Smart to bargain a better phone. Any way works.


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