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Trade in Venue 11 Pro Instructions

1.Only original tablet will be recycled.
2.Please unlock your tablet and sign out from your account before shipping.
Sell Your Dell Venue for Cash Online

Venue 11 Pro

Dell Venue 11 Pro



With the abundance of various devices and gadgets in the technological market from all over the world, it comes quite alarming that there are so many choices to choose from but little cash flow to ensure that that happens. Also, it has become quite glaring that it is hard to stick to just one device for a lengthy period of time.  

The process of getting a new device should be an easy one and we are here to help you achieve that. You can now sell Dell Venue 11 Pro for cash or even swap it for another device. There is absolutely no limit to what device one can purchase and with our simple process, you can change whatever gadget you desire be it tablets, laptops, smartphones, just mention.

At Gizmogo, the process is so simple that you do not have to worry too much about how it’s going to go. As they say, “trust in the process”. This is because you can sell Dell Venue 11 Pro for cash as quickly and as easily as you want it. Now note, as long as the device you want to turn in is still functioning in good condition, we are ready to get it off your hands and give you cash for it. Just get ready to sell your Dell Venue 11 Pro and other devices here at any time.

Are you skeptical about the whole process and how you can go on to achieve this? Do you want to learn how to successfully achieve this process? Then, you’re at the right place.



Released in January 2014 and launched, the Dell Venue 11 Pro mobile comes with a huge 10.80 inches display of touchscreen and a pixel resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. The Dell Venue 11 Pro is powered by a 2.4 GHz quad-core Intel Atom processor and runs on a Windows 8.1 operating system version. It also comes with 2 GB of RAM and runs on a 5130 mAh of non-removable battery.

When it comes to the camera aspect, the Dell Venue 11 Pro packs an 8 MP camera on the rear and a 2 MP camera at its front for taking selfies. However, the rear camera doesn’t come with a rear flash. The Dell Venue 11 Pro is based on the Windows 8.1 operating system version and has an internal storage of 32 GB. Maximum memory card size of 64 GB via microSD card. It comes with a single GSM SIM slot that accepts Mini-SIM cards and was launched in the Black color.

The Dell Venue 11 Pro measures 176 grams by 297.70 grams by 11.20 grams in height, width and thickness, respectively and weighs at 771.50 grams. Its connectivity options include the following; Bluetooth v4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, GPS, and NFC, while its sensory options include the accelerometer alone.


Sell Dell Venue 11 Pro

You can only successfully sell your Dell Venue 11 Pro after you have given a proper thought about everything that entails in the process. This means that you have to settle down and think carefully about why you want to sell Dell Venue 11 Pro for cash. This is an important aspect and should be considered critically, so that you can have an idea of what to use the cash gotten for and not lose out in the end.   

Another important aspect is the depreciation factor and this should be taken into account. This depreciation factor imposes the pricing of things and the value it’s worth. It also gives you the knowledge that you can’t sell your Dell Venue 11 Pro at the same price you bought it. Therefore, you need to be aware that because of the depreciation factor there will be a slight reduction in price when you sell Dell Venue 11 Pro.

This, however, doesn’t change the fact that you still stand the chance of getting a good deal when you sell your Dell Venue 11 Pro and other devices. At Gizmogo, we ensure that you only get the best deals out of every transaction that you make with us.


Sell Dell Venue 11 Pro for Cash

If you are in need of the extra cash to get for yourself a new device, you can sell Dell Venue 11 Pro for cash. Even with the depreciation factor setting in, you are assured of always getting the best of deals. So, you don’t have to start worrying over the matter or getting worked up when you decide to sell Dell Venue 11 Pro and other devices.

To ensure that you successfully sell your Dell Venue 11 Pro, there are some necessary steps that have to be taken by you. These steps will not only ensure that you get good deals when you sell Dell Venue 11 Pro but that you also enjoy other benefits. Also, you will also be able protect yourself from being exploited or scammed after you sell your Dell Venue 11 Pro. There are several steps which you will have to take to ensure that you can sell your Dell Venue 11 Pro with no problems. Here are some;

It must be original.

Sell Dell Venue 11 Pro that is neat.

The OS must be functioning properly.

Unlock and disable all passwords.

Wipe all records of use before going ahead to sell your Dell Venue 11 Pro.

All features and keys should be working accordingly.


Features and Capabilities

Below are some features and capabilities that will ensure you achieve a profitable deal when you sell Dell Venue 11 Pro. We will also highlight the various specifications of this device and help you quickly sell Dell Venue 11 Pro.

Storage info

32 GB

Weight and size info

Height – 176.00 mm

Width – 297.70 mm

Depth – 11.20 mm

Weight – 771.50 grams

Water resistance info


Memory card





Display info

10.80 inches

16:9 aspect ratio

1920 x 1080 pixel display resolution


IPS technology

Capacitive touchscreen

Chip info

CPU – Intel Atom 2.4 GHz

CPU bit – 64 bit

Operating System – Microsoft Windows 8.1

RAM - 2 GB

Camera info

8.0MP rear-facing autofocus camera

2.0MP front-facing camera





On Gizmogo, you can sell your Dell Venue 11 Pro and other devices you own whenever you want to sell them. Also, if you are legitimate in your dealing, you are a strong candidate to sell Dell Venue 11 Pro as well as other devices here. With us, you do not need to worry at all as all of these will done with extra speed and ease. This is a perfect opportunity to get that new device whenever you feel like getting one