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If you have ever thought of a lucrative way to dispose of your phone or device? Then, here’s the perfect one for you. This also includes getting rid of a device you are no longer interested in?

For this, we present to you a means through which you can get that device off your hands and gain some cool cash from it. On Gizmogo, you can trade in HP Slate 500 for another device or sell your HP Slate 500 for cash. With this, you can sell HP Slate 500 without too much stress. Let’s have a look at how an individual can sell HP Slate 500 for cash or even trade in HP Slate 500 for another device.



The HP Slate 500 is designed to give its users a rich experience whenever it comes to enjoying media, watching videos, listening to music, or just browsing the net. It comes equipped with a VGA resolution webcam on its front panel and a 3 MP camera at its rear panel.

The HP Slate 500 combines its 8.9 inches capacitive multi-touch screen that supports 1024 by 600 pixel resolution with a pen support and a digitizer, while being powered by a 1.86 GHz Intel Atom Z540 processor.

It possesses 2 GB DDR2 of RAM and 64 GB of a solid state flash storage onboard. Due to its Intel GMA 500 integrated  graphics chipset, there is a supported video playback at 1080p. combine that with the Broadcom Crystal HD media accelerator card and you can support hardware assisted video playback.

You can draw and write freehand on-screen due to the support for a digitizer and a stylus pen. Don’t worry about power as you have an average runtime of 5 hours with its 2-cell 30WHr lithium-polymer battery.

HP Slate 500 runs on Windows 7 and combines this with its native touch technology. With the collaboration with Adobe Systems, you can enjoy the full web experience that will b available, as well as the Adobe AIR applications and the full hardware accelerated Adobe Flash contents.


Sell HP Slate 500

On Gizmogo, you can sell HP Slate 500 with ease. Now, we pride ourselves at having your best interest at heart and this means that with us, you cannot be exploited.However, before we can guarantee that you will be getting great value for your gadgets, there are some things that have to be concluded or, at least, considered. This means that before you try to sell HP Slate 500 on the platform, you have to take note of some things.

One thing to ensure is the exact thing you want in exchange when you sell your HP Slate 500. This helps us and helps you not to get confused with the various types available and end up settling with something much lesser than what you want or the amount you desire.

Also, it is important to know that you cannot possibly sell HP Slate 500 for the same price at which you bought it because the value has depreciated. So, when you want sell your HP Slate 500 note these facts and it will make it easier for you to sell HP Slate 500.


Sell HP Slate 500 for cash

You have the choice to trade in HP Slate 500 for another cool device or sell HP Slate 500 for cash. Once you’ve verified the kind of exchange you want, there will be a seamless process when you sell your HP Slate 500.


Trade in HP Slate 500

Before you trade in HP Slate 500 or sell HP Slate 500 for cash, you have to ensure that some things are in place. This is because by ensuring that things are in place when you sell HP Slate 500, you have more percentage of getting the best deal out of the sale.

Besides ensuring you have a great deal, it also keeps you from being exploited. For example, it is extremely important to erase all of your records from your device before you go ahead and sell HP Slate 500. Not doing so, may lead to your personal information being in the wrong hands or being leaked to the public. In order to avoid that, here are things to do before you go ahead to sell your HP Slate 500.

Wipe off all your record and unlock the device before you sell HP Slate 500.

Sell your HP Slate 500 only if it is original.

Sell your HP Slate 500 only if the OS is working perfectly.

Make sure it is neat before going ahead to trade in HP Slate 500.

Ensure that all the features are working efficiently before you sell your HP Slate 500.


Features and capabilities

Here, we will talk about the features and capabilities, to help you know your phone better and also help you sell HP Slate 500 quickly. Once you are aware of this, you will be able to sell HP Slate 500 and also give another person the chance to make use of it.

Storage info

64 GB


Weight and size info

Height – 150 mm (5.91inches)

Width – 234 mm (9.21 inches)

Depth – 14.7 mm (0.58 inch)

Weight – 700 mg (1.5 pounds)

Water resistance info


Memory card




Display info 

8.9 inches

1024 by 600 pixel display resolution

Multi-touch touchscreen display

N-Trig DuoSense active digitizer with pen support

IPS technology

Chip info

CPU – Intel Atom Z540 processor / 1.86 GHz

CPU bit – 64 bit

Operating System – Microsoft Windows 7

Camera info

3.0MP outward facing autofocus camera (rear camera)

VGA webcam inward facing camera (front camera)




Ambient light




As long as you sell HP Slate 500 for the right reasons on Gizmogo, you will have no problem, even when you decide to sell your HP Slate 500. The few features and capabilities highlighted above shows the uniqueness of this device which will also help you sell your HP Slate 500