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Lovers of the more portable tablets would have appreciated this 7-inch tablet back then in 2011. Most people will agree that HTC develops astounding products, even when they choose to deviate from the norm like they did in 2011 with the HTC flyer. 


The HTC flyer was a unique device; it didn’t go along with the trends of its time, so much that it could have been called an anomaly. 


Instead of a dual-core Tegra 2 processor, or Google’s tablet Operating system, HTC audaciously opted for a 1.5Hz single-core Snapdragon processor and rolled out a custom Sense-infused Gingerbread Operating System, and a tough aluminum case design that didn’t try to compromise for extra thinness.


Despite being retro, the HTC flyer remains an amazingly durable and useful device. Today, acquiring an older device like this one would be a matter of personal preference. Still, if you own a Flyer and you’re considering a good upgrade, then you should consider doing that on Gizmogo. We make selling or trading in of new devices easy for you. We will gladly accept your old HTC Flyer if you desire a more recent device.


Meanwhile, not everyone jumps on the next newly upgraded device when the current one serves all their needs. And many will still find this device appealing for some reason. Perhaps for the reason that it sits comfortably on one hand or the undeniable usefulness of its Scribe Pen, or maybe even the fact that the manufacturers provide a polished leather case and headphones for the device. As a plus, the device proudly allows you access to HTC’s movie download service and HTC watch, which is something Android devices cannot boast of.


HTC Flyer specifications

Design info: The HTC Flyer is compact enough to be held in one hand from one vertical end to the other stretching only 7-inches. The curved edges are easily noticeable. Most of the back cover is made of aluminum, but a tough white plastic material on the top and bottom gives it the refined classic HTC look and doubles as a user-friendly grip. The metal contributes heavily to its weightiness, but it also accounts for its sturdiness. The top plastic is removable and hides the micro SDcard slot. 


The sides of the device were kept clean. If you position the Flyer to lie straight, you’ll find two onboard microphones and the volume rocker on the long right side with nothing on the left. 


The power button will be seen on the top end while the USB port down beneath. The Flyer is pretty thick, mostly because of the rear bumper, but this feature gives it enormous stability when hand-held.


If you buy the optional Stylus pen, you’re advised to use the white leathery case HTC included in the retail package because it provides a holder for your pen. Typing with your thumb in portrait mode is super easy to do when compared to tablets with wider screens, but the Stylus is as handy as a pen on paper can be. 



The device has a 3.5mm Audio headphone jack visible on its top-right end. The double speaker outlets on the sides are SRS enhanced, but the sound, which may be louder than most tablets, still lacks quality as the bass is hardly heard. Thankfully, you can still enjoy the sound of good music on your Flyer when you use headphones.


Capacity info: Two models of the Flyer are available – the 16 GB 1GB RAM and the 32 GB 1GB RAM, but there’s also a microSDHC that allows you to expand your storage.


Size and Weight info: The Flyer isn’t big, but it weighs 420.8g which adds to its stability when held. It isn’t long either, being 45mm shorter than the iPad 2. In use, it may not feel as thick as it is. 195.4 x 122 x 13.2 mm are the exact dimensions. 


Display info: Similar to other powerful 7-inch tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab display specs, the Flyer has a diagonal capacitive TFT touchscreen with a 1024 x 600 resolution. The colors are too good to be true, and there’s plenty of brightness to overcome outdoor light at all viewing angles. The touchscreen supports both finger and pen input, and there’s more to the pen functionality than meets the eye. 


Camera info: The removable cover bump at the back exposes a 5MP camera that can capture fairly good images but don’t expect much from it. 


Videography: The 1.2MP camera in front and the rear camera can record video footage of 720p HD.  


Water-resistance info: The HTC Flyer shouldn’t be found anywhere near fluid or water as it has no water resistance capacity.


Chip info: HTC used the Sense custom UI Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS instead of the expected Android 3.0 Honeycomb and explained that they used an older version because the 3.0 Honeycomb was not optimized for screen sizes smaller than 10 inches.


The HTC flyer takes about 30 seconds to power on, which is the average time for tablets in its category. The 1.5Hz Qualcomm processor it sports ensures smooth out-of-the-box performance. 


Connection info:  The initially released Flyer was a Wi-Fi-only version with 16 GB storage. A Wi-Fi + 3G model that had more internal storage was released afterward. 


Battery info: The battery life is undoubtedly impressive. A video rundown test put its life span at 7 and a half hours with Wi-Fi turned on and at 65 percent brightness. Not many tablets can boast of such battery life for a 4000mAh battery.



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