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Surface Pro (2017) m3



Ever since it was released in 2012, the Microsoft Surface Pro has undeniably carved out a niche for itself in the world of hybrid tablets.


In terms of build and design, the Microsoft Surface Pro series has essentially stayed the same. From the Surface Pro 3 to Pro 4 to now the Surface Pro (2017), what you have seen is what you will get, but this time with few differences.


The Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) M3 still retains almost the same features as the Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) i5 and i7. In addition, it sports an incredible display offering up to 267 pixels per inch, an outstanding color production, the stylus pen, a detachable keyboard, and its Dolby audio-certified speakers.


Although the specifications of the Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) m3 are not as enticing as the Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) core i5 and core i7 version, it is still good enough for its own unique reasons; one of which is its retail price. Assuming you don’t have a whopping $1500-$1800 to spend on the Surface Pro (2017) i5 or i7 models, you can begin with the M3 version of the Surface Pro (2017), which starts at $949 (keyboard cover included).


Depending on what you need from a tablet, the Surface Pro (2017) M3 version can still meet your needs quite well. You’d be able to perform all your light computing and run your window store applications on appreciable battery life!


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Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) M3 Specifications

Design Info: At a glance, you can tell that the Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) M3 is solid as a rock and easily exudes a sense of futuristic quality. Not much has been changed since its debut; only some features have been minimally altered from the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.


The Surface Pro (2017) M3 body is now less angular with rounded corners and softer lines. However, the chassis is still made of magnesium with no creeks.


The power button and volume rocker are found on the upper left of the tablet-this time.


On the tablet’s right edge, you will find all the USB Type-A ports, the mini-DisplayPort, the one Surface Connect port for plugging into power, and the optional Surface Dock.


The device comes with a kickstand that has now been engineered to tilt back up to a full 165 degrees, making it seem completely flat when laid down. Also, the blacked-out Windows Hello IR lenses blend better into the bezel and the more sensitive stylus pen.


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Display Info: Although the Surface Pro (2017) M3 retains the same display panel as the Surface Pro 4, not everything is the same. It still comes with a 12.3-inch display with a 2736 x 1824 traditional resolution, a 267 pixel-per-inch density, and a 3:2 aspect ratio.


These numbers are still what makes all the difference. The colors displayed are calibrated beautifully; colors are popping with a unique brightness (451 nits); you can look at the Surface Pro’s screen for hours without hurting your eyes.


Capacity Info: In terms of capacity, the Surface Pro (2017) m3 comes with 4GB RAM with a non-replaceable 128 GB of SSD storage which is, unfortunately, user un-friendly.


Camera Info: The Surface Pro (2017) M3 still comes with a rear autofocus 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD videos and a front-facing camera with 5-megapixel and 1080p resolution. It doesn’t sound like much in terms of quality, but at least it allows you to snap your photos in a pinch without cringing at the quality.


Audio Info: The Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) M3 features two front-firing speakers on each side of the display. This time, there are more improvements with the Dolby Audio Premium support making it perfect for outdoor events that you won’t even miss your Bluetooth speakers a bit.


Weight Info: It weighs approximately 768 grams, typical for big tablets in its category, and measures 292mm x 201mm x 8.5mm. It is still considered a light tablet, so you shouldn’t be burdened with holding it in one hand for a long time.


Battery Info: The Surface Pro (2017) M3 supports a non-removable Lithium-Ion Polymer battery of about 45,000 mAh. Microsoft quotes that the battery life can last up to 13.6 hours following a full charge, but in playing back a movie, the battery was said to have lasted 11 hours during testing, which is still commendable.


Chip Info: This model comes with the Intel Core m3 7Y30- a member of the Kaby Lake family and an extremely efficient dual-core SoC. Its 1GHz and 4GB RAM make the device slightly faster and zippier in switching applications at the speed of thought.


The performance entry-level for the Surface Pro (2017) m3 is great for its price, but it is not entirely the best option if that’s the only PC you have. However, you should be fine with checking your emails, running the Edge browser with extensions, browsing Pinterest, and watching Youtube videos with no noticeable lags.


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