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When it comes to Microsoft tablets, the bigger the screen, the less of a tablet it feels like. Because it offers more flexibility than a laptop, you almost forget about your laptop altogether. 


Having a big 12-inch screen, the Surface Pro 3, which is Microsoft's third device since they ventured into Windows tablet, is bigger than most. For this reason, the Surface Pro 3 can be described as a tablet that can be converted to a laptop when you attach the Cover keyboard, but the downside of this is that, in a bid to serve as both a laptop and a tab, the devices loses its uniqueness and ends up being a little less remarkable in both categories. 


A tablet should be portable, shouldn't it? Is 12 inches portable enough? Well, the Surface Pro 3 may have a large surface area, but it is very thin, maybe even thin enough to ignore every other thing that may be wrong with the size and weight. 


Either way, the Surface Pro has a beautiful design and can get you more attention than you're seeking if you use it outdoors, say in a coffee shop. The included Stylus Pen makes it extraordinarily useful as a notepad, and the fact that you can simply detach the keyboard and use it as a full tablet is nice. 


What makes the Surface Pro 3 a great tablet is the fact that it packs all the power and performance you'll require from a premium laptop into a relatively lightweight and thin slab. We're talking about Intel's Core i3 processor with 4GB of RAM or the 256 GB built-in storage, which is also expandable, and a Windows 10 OS to wrap it up. What more can a premium laptop offer that it hasn't already? 


This device is a great choice even today, even though it was first available mid-year in 2015. If you're thinking of harnessing the Surface Pro's power, you should do that on Gizmogo. You can swap your old device for a Surface Pro exchange or sell your devices; we can accommodate all your needs.


Microsoft Surface Pro 3 specifications

Design info: The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 was designed for high processing speed and power, and professional use. From the magnesium casing, we can see Microsoft's improvement over previous models. First, the kickstand is the best so far; it is more versatile than previous versions supporting any position and angle from almost upright 35 degrees to almost horizontal 145 degrees allowing you maximum flexibility with the view. This new kickstand design is achieved through a set of durable and rigid hinges, a strip of toughened running through the stand at its base, and the magnets that hold it in place when not in use. It doesn't get better than that.



The silver-grey color brings it closer to the iPad than the black used in the Pro 2. The keyboard is attached to the docking station that almost completely transverses the bottom of the tablet. The top only houses the power button, while the left side has the typical 3.5mm jack and the volume rocker. On the right side, there's the charging port, the mini-Display Port, the USB 3.0 port, while the kickstand hides the SDXC mini SD card reader.


Capacity info: Microsoft's SP3 comes with a 256GB and also a 512 GB SSD. 


Weight info: The Surface Pro 3 is apparently more portable than the Surface Pro 2, not in terms of surface area but weight and size. 


Microsoft fitted a 12-inch screen and a 3:2 display into dimensions of 292.1 x 201.5 x 9.1 mm; the Surface Pro 3 saw an almost 35% reduction in thickness from the Pro 2.


Display info: The large screen surface area is hard to ignore, 12-inch glossy display with a 2160 x 1440 IPS resolution and a ppi of 216.33, which is a significant upgrade from the previous model. This increase in pixel density provides you with more vibrancy and sharpness and better graphics generally. Instead of a wide and short 16:9 aspect ratio, we have a more balanced and pleasing 3:2 aspect ratio that makes rotation much less weird than previous models. The Pro 3 has a strong brightness that manages to be visible under sunlight even though the glossy panel may be quite reflective.


Camera info: Two cameras are present on the tab, each with a 5 MP resolution, one in front and one behind. These cameras are superior to the previously 720p resolution of previous models but still far from what we can call standard as the pictures seem washed out in terms of color quality. 


Water-resistance info: Surface Pro 3 isn't resistant to water.


Chip info: At the heart of the Surface Pro 3 are Intel's Core i3, Core i5, or Core i7, depending on the model you're buying. The i3 configuration comes with 4GB RAM, while the i7 is offered with 4GB or 8GB. Even the low-end 1.5 GHz core i3 is far more competent as a processor than Apple's A7 or any Qualcomm Snapdragon present in 2015. The core i7 is just magnificent, supporting up to 3.3GHz and a much higher TDP.


Connection info: The USB port is the 3.0 version. This port apparently has enough power or an external USB storage device and can operate portable drives with maximum speed. It features a Marvell AVASTAR Wireless 2x2 network controller that integrates Bluetooth 4.0 and HS.


Battery info: Microsoft promised better battery life in the SP 3, and they delivered. The battery runtime on Wi-Fi is 504 minutes compared to 387 minutes of the Pro 2.


Audio info: The stereo speakers are loud and clear enough for their size.


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