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Xoom Family Edition

Motorola Xoom Family Edition


Tablets generally weren’t exactly a thing until around 2010, when Apple’s iPad attained widespread market popularity. This wasn’t the first time tablet devices hit the market. Tablets actually go as far back as 1989, but the ubiquitous use of tablet devices for work, personal, and educational use was achieved only a little more than a decade ago.


Motorola’s Xoom Family Edition was one of the pioneering devices in this era when tablets first began to go global, and for those who loved tech, it was a pleasant addition.


Motorola encouraged the widespread use of tablet devices with the Xoom Family Edition; it was the first to incorporate Google’s Android 3.0 version and a 4G Network into a device with great design.


These features meant that the Xoom was a new, fancy, and remodeled software masterpiece with access to a network of the future – 4G LTE, which got everyone excited. The result was a highly user-friendly and technically powerful device that was even more functionally capable and flexible than the iPad 2. It was a great companion for kids. In fact, Motorola put the whole family into consideration with this device and put something in there that everyone can enjoy, from parents to kids.


Motorola Xoom Family Edition was Apple’s most notorious competitor featuring flagship specs of dual-core processors, HDMI output, front and rear multi-megapixel cameras, room for storage expansion, and a long-awaited Android operating system. The Xoom Family tablet wasn’t just a big deal; it was the highlight of tablets of 2011. 


Motorola Xoom Family Edition Specifications

Design info: The first thing you will notice about this device is its sturdy, bulky build. Perhaps you’ll notice the generous amount of effort put into its appearance. It’s similar to the iPad 2, a bit longer but also somewhat thinner even though heavier. It’s fitted for landscape view, as we see from the positioning of the logos. The bezels were cut down a little, which may be good or bad, depending on your perspective. 


Based on the screen-to-body ratio, the design offers more screen viewing area but less for your thumb grip. In the portrait mode, this becomes an advantage. The back and sides are made with machined metal; some versions have it painted matte black while all its corners are curved in the same way. 


There’s an HDMI port on the bottom of the Xoom, which requires Motorola’s speaker dock before it can be connected to a TV. The Micro-USB is also on the same side. A slot for the SIM card can be seen on the opposite side along with a headphone jack and its removable SD-card slot.


The left side is where you control the volume with two small buttons. The front-facing camera is right there in the center, the power button and stereo speakers are weirdly placed at the back with the rear camera. 


Capacity info: The Xoom comes with an internal storage of 32GB, but this limited storage is expandable by a micro SD card up to another 32GB. 


Weight info: This Family Edition is a bit on the heavy side, weighing 730g owing to its husky internal components. It has wide dimensions of 249.1 x 167.8 x 12.9 mm, which makes holding it on one end not so comfortable.


Display info: At 10.1 inches, the display is as large as we want. The display has a respectable 1280 x 800 resolution, but its pixel density was a little low at 150. Still, the device had a good display, capable of producing clear and crisp images optimized for games and video content.


Camera info: The Xoom comes with a 2MP front camera that will allow you to enjoy your video calls. The camera at the back is a 5MP camera with a dual-LED flash. The camera quality at the rear is just as good as any high-end tablet would have been in 2011 but not as optimized as smartphone cameras. 


Video recording: The rear camera can shoot a 720p video. This is acceptable for a tablet but you can get better quality from a smartphone.  In 2011, tablets were not designed to capture crisp images or videos. But now, you can get tablet with spectacular cameras. If you’re interested in upgrading, consider selling your Motorola Xoom Family Edition to fund the purchase of a next-gen device or swapping for another device on Gizmogo. 


Water-resistance info: Motorola’s Xoom is not waterproof.


Performance info: The Xoom Family Edition will handle some of those tough computing chores with much more ease thanks to its dual-core 1 GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 processor. You’ll have a better browsing experience with this processor and its 1GB RAM. The device runs Google’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb and can be upgraded to the 4.0 version.


Connection info: The Wi-Fi bands up to 802.11n; there’s a Bluetooth 2.1 version + EDR. The original Xoom Family Edition that didn’t have Verizon’s LTE network had room for the upgrade through a simple hardware swap. The device also has a functional GPS.


Battery info: The Xoom can only be charged with its power adapter. According to the marketing material, the battery life has a standby time of up to 336 hours and a talk time of 10 hours. 



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