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Galaxy Tab 7.0

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0


All Samsung enthusiasts have come to identify the brand as a pacesetter in cooking up unique, user-friendly devices that feature the latest technological innovations. 


Samsung phones do not just offer users the regular phone feel; instead, they take the user a step forward by introducing them to features that can only be found in their products.


From battery life to camera quality, display, appeal, and phone processor, the reviews from long-time users of the Samsung brand point to the fact that their devices are well crafted to give their users the best experiences.


In this article, we will review the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0, giving users a glimpse of the tablet's features and how to go about selling your Samsung Galaxy Tab if you ever think of doing so.


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Back to the news: After months of teasing their customers with their 7-inch Android tablet, Samsung finally released their maiden tablet at IFA. 


Soon after it was presented to the world, the Galaxy Tab 7.0 became a hit among Android users. Its specs include a 1GHz processor, full Flash support thanks to Android 2.2, dual cameras, support for up to 32GB of storage, and Wi-Fi/3G connectivity.


Specification of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 

Design info: The tablet is encased in a plastic frame, making it lighter than other metal-bodied tablets at 380 g. (0.84 lb). On the front, there are four touch buttons, a headphone jack on the top edge, and on the right, a volume rocker, microSD card slot, and power button.


The lack of a micro-USB port seems to be a slight deficiency. Users would have to use Samsung's proprietary charging cable to charge it and sideload content.


Display info: With a 1024 x 600-resolution LCD, the screen gives a much better experience than most tabs around. It thrills the user with its stellar viewing angles.


The display is sweetly bright, and you can also adjust the color saturation to your preference in the display settings. One of the standout features of the Galaxy Tab 7.0 is the sensitivity of the screen. Just like iPads, the screen is extremely sensitive and responsive.


Although there isn't a physical button to control the screen sensitivity, you can adjust from the screen settings menu.



Camera info: This tablet has two cameras: a 3.2 rear MP camera with a LED flash and a 1.3 MP front camera for video calling 

The front camera has auto-focus abilities. Modes include single shot, continuous, panorama, and self-shot. There is nothing spectacular about the quality of the images you can take with this camera. It struggles in low-light but produces a decent shot with good light exposure.


Videography: The video output of the Galaxy Tab 7.0 isn't any better than its images. It can shoot 480p at 30fps. Considering that this Galaxy Tab was released over a decade ago, the specs are forgivable. However, if you still own a 2010 Samsung Galaxy tab, consider upgrading to the next-gen version. You can sell your Galaxy Tab 7.0 on Gizmogo or swap for a new device.


Chip info: For its era, the Galaxy Tab is pretty quick. With a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor and 512MB of RAM, the Galaxy Tab can run several apps without lagging. 


Battery info: This device comes fully equipped with a 4000mAh battery which is fairly okay for a tab of its spec. Different reviews from customers note that even after surfing the net, watching videos, and playing games, the battery can still serve you some hours without charging.


It's also important to note that you cannot charge the battery via a laptop or desktop. When plugged into a USB socket, the Tab will maintain its charge but won't be recharged.


Capacity info: In terms of its space, the Samsung galaxy tab 7.0 ticks all the boxes. Its 16 GB ROM can be supplemented with a microSD flash card with up to 32 GB. This storage capacity is paired with a decent 512 ROM.


Water-resistance info: The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 is not built for water or any liquid, so it is best to keep it off that zone.


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