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Galaxy Tab S7

Sell Samsung Galaxy Tab S7


Let's face it, when it comes to tablets, Apple has been on top of the food chain and refused to budge. Suppose you or anyone wants to replace a laptop with the best possible device in the market to handle all your laptop's functionalities while still being as flexible as possible, you'd probably think iPad Pro.


Granted, Samsung tabs have been high up there in terms of functionality and popularity but pretty much struggle to rival Apple and Microsoft tablets. That was until August 2020, when Samsung released the Galaxy S7 tablet.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 tab is that tablet that makes you say, "Finally! Something that unapologetically rivals the iPad Pro"… and it is an Android device from Samsung. 


Samsung definitely aimed very high and hit the bull's eye this time around. Picking up the

Samsung S7 Tab, you'll probably recognize its hardware similarities to the iPad Pro – the square edges, the size, the lovely screen aluminum back and chassis, etc. But this device isn't struggling to meet up with the quality and functionality of the best tablets in the market; it comfortably competes with the best iPads and is currently among the best Android tablets ever produced. 


"Excellent" is the word that describes the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 performance. It has a stunning screen and is perfect for those who are more comfortable with the Android operating system. It is literally Samsungs flagship-level alternative to a laptop, unlike any we've seen in the past. 


The Samsung Galaxy S7 tablet can be summarized as a determined effort from Samsung and an ambitious attempt to conquer and dominate the tablet market. However, you might want to hold on tight for the Galaxy S7's predecessor. It wouldn't be anything short of amazing. We expect it to be chock full of features that will make you want to sell your Galaxy Tab S7 to fund the purchase of the latest gen.


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Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Design info: This beautiful device is a solid thin piece of glass and metal. Sporting square metal edges, smooth metal back with a matte texture, have a more modern look than all Samsung tablets before it. 


Samsung put a lot of stuff into the sides and edges while still maintaining a smooth, modern look. The right edge has the power and volume buttons, microphone, and SIM card tray when held vertically. 


The power button doubles in function as the fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor responds very quickly and accurately to touch, but it can be hard to find because it sits almost level with the side body - you'll get used to it quickly, though.


The USB-C port is below, while the pogo pin connector for the keyboard accessory is on the left side.


There is a 5G model of the Tab S7 available in black alone, while the LTE and Wi-Fi models come in bronze, silver, and black. On the back is a glossy and magnetic designated area for the attachment of the S Pen. The S Pen attaches quite firmly and charges by induction.


Display info: It features an 11-inch capacitive LTPS touch screen with a display resolution of 2560x1600 pixels. Pixel density is 274 PPI which is decent for a tab. Unlike the S7 plus, which is gifted with an AMOLED screen, the S7 uses a sharp LCD panel that produces very high-quality images and videos. The LCD, when compared to the 12.4-inch AMOLED of the Galaxy S7 plus, is bright and sharp and has super solid contrast. Its viewing angles are superb, with an acceptable 16:10 aspect ratio that doesn't make you miss your laptop much.


The S7 features HDR10+ and a 120Hz refresh rate which offers just as much smoothness as the best Apple devices. The content displayed on the screen appears exceptionally smooth and exhibits a liquid sort-of flow that gives it a powerful and fast feel. 


Size and weight info: At dimensions of 10 by 6.5 inches and just a little of a pound, this tablet is comfortable to hold for hours. The weight is exactly 498g for the Wi-Fi device, 500g for the LTE, and 502g for the 5G compatible device. 


Water-resistant info: If at all, there aren't many tabs with water-resistance certification. The Galaxy S7 belongs to the pool of tablets without water-resistance certification. 


Chip info: Using Qualcomm's most advanced 865 Snapdragon Plus, the Samsung S7 tablet takes a top spot in GPU performance. 


The loading speed is quite impressive, and animations are smooth thanks to the 120Hz display. You'll enjoy every minute you spend with the Galaxy Tab S7. The device can run graphic-intensive games smoothly and multitask without lagging.


Camera info: Even though tablets are not primarily used for taking photographs, the S7 slate comes with an excellent dual-camera configuration, featuring a 13-MP primary shooter and an ultra-wide-angle lens of 8-MP that produces well-detailed pictures. In front, you'll find an 8-megapixel camera. The front-facing camera is just average, like the S6, but it allows for good quality video calls. 


Videography: The quality of the S7's rear camera implies that the video output would be impressive, and it is. Samsung equipped the camera with features that support 


Capacity info: The memory and storage for the S7 tablet come in 3 different configurations. There's the 6GB RAM/128 GB storage, the 8GB RAM/256GB storage, and the 8GB RAM/512 GB storage. Storage capacity can be expanded by users up to 1TB for all three with an external microSD card.


Battery info: The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is powered by a non-removable Li-Po 8000mAh battery with fast charging at 45W. You can expect a full day's worth of use on a single charge. However, the run time depends on the intensity of use. Heavy gamers or users can expect a lower uptime, significantly lesser than the 13 hours benchmark the Tab S7 holds on the WI-FI surfing battery test.


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Trade-in Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

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