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Bamboo Create CTH670 Features

The Wacom Bamboo Create CTH670 stands out in the digital artist community for its precise control, versatility, and ease of use. It's a drawing tablet that allows users to digitally sketch, doodle, paint, and edit photos with the natural comfort and intuition of pen and paper.

  • Active Area: Approximately 8.5 x 5.4 inches, providing ample space for sketching, drawing, and editing in detail.
  • Pressure Sensitivity: 1024 levels, enabling variations in line thickness and opacity with ease.
  • Input Device: Battery-free, ergonomic pen with two programmable switches.
  • Multi-Touch: Yes, allowing users to zoom, scroll, and navigate their creations intuitively.
  • Connectivity: USB, ensuring compatibility with most computers and laptops.
  • Compatibility: Works with both Windows and MacOS, seamlessly integrating with your existing setup.

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