Revamp Your Nest: Elevate Your HOME with This Year's Trendsetting Colors on a Budget

The Magic of Color in Your HOME

Hue has the power to change not just walls, but our homes’ entire mood; it can express who we are, and how we want to feel in our homes, day after day. And, with the insider information we’re about to share, it won’t cost you a fortune in the savings department, either! For 2024, the colour trends point us once again to nature, with blues from the sky, greens from the forest, earthy tones from the ground, and floral yellows and peaches that welcome you like a warm hug. Ready to have your home transformed to reflect the latest trends without having to renovate your house? You’re in the right place!

A Pop of Color on the Trim

Think of a blast of colour – a door or window frame, perhaps – that a quart of paint can bring into a room. From Sherwin-Williams ‘Renew Blue’ to Behr’s ‘Cracked Pepper’, try several and be bold in your trim choice. Use semi-gloss or gloss finishes to be durable and shiny and easy to clean.

Doors Dressed in New Hues

They don’t have to merely open and close; they can become provocative backdrops for a riot of colour. If you have a door that is old and weary and could use a lift, or if you’re just itching for something different, painting a door can dramatically alter your home’s curb appeal. Consider ‘Blue Nova’ by Benjamin Moore or ‘Dark Auburn’ by Sherwin-Williams. To make things easier, remove that door, and you’ll be able to apply it more evenly and wipe off any drips.

Revitalizing Hardware with Color

Such seemingly modest details can make a world of difference. Metal furniture hardware, the modest crowns of beds, tables, cabinets, shelves, chairs and chests of drawers, is a perfect candidate for unsung spray paint heroism. Painting drawer pulls, knobs and handles with a single spray of a bold hue such as ‘Krylon Bluebird’ requires minimal effort or expense with maximum impact. Wooden hardware can be even more unassuming, but a dab of Pantone’s ‘Peach Fuzz’ offers up an equally attractive and easy way to give any object an ‘aw, look at me’ warm-weather russet glow.

Furniture: A Canvas for Creativity

The things you love so much they are tattering at the seams would make a great palette for a new life in colour. The spray paints Satin French Blue from the hardware store Rust-Oleum are a safe way to give your old favorites new life and an added bonus is their durability. Sanding the piece lightly before painting ensures that the paint will stick well, and you’ll end up with a long-lasting work of art. If you’re not satisfied with one colour, give colours like Upward’s blue from Sherwin-Williams a try by highlighting the edges, or applying stripes.

Stenciling: Patterns of Personality

Stencils provide the perfect opportunity to bring colours currently popular on the runways into your home, but without the permanent commitment. A little paint can go a long way: floors, walls, ceilings and furniture can all use a minty lift. Glidden’s ‘Limitless’ will let you stamp your personality upon any surface, employing a floral yellow motif and adding a pop of cheap and reversible colour whereas before you had to wait for summer to make your home fit for the season.

Exploring the Essence of HOME

At its essence, a home is a place that is meant to uplift the souls that inhabit it and provide a space that reflects them and embraces them. Colour plays a pivotal role in this equation and dictates the moods, thoughts and even the impact that a space has on our health. In 2024, nature-inspired colours trend towards a desire for calm, grounding and an immersion in the natural world to bring respite from the chaos of everyday life. When we emulate nature in the home, we are bringing the outside, in, with tranquil choices and colours that clarify the mind and calm the soul.

By embracing these inexpensive, straightforward methods of colour inclusion, we reject the idea that we have to make expensive investments in keeping our homes fresh, and instead we embrace the fun of the process of change – as each brushstroke brings us ever closer to the home we crave: a place of comfort, of creativity and of endless possibility.

May 30, 2024
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