Unleashing Creativity with APPLE's Latest Innovation: The 2024 Magic Keyboard

Apple has stepped into the future yet again, announcing their 2024 Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro. Instead of merely creating a cool new tablet accessory, Apple has created a new class of laptops for the iPad Pro, while at the same time sending Apple’s MacBook running for cover. Let’s take a close look at this Apple innovation and consider how it could be the next tool in your creative toolchelf.

The Dawn of a New Era for iPad Pro

When Apple made its announcement at the product launch that was almost an event-within-an-event at its iPad-heavy event on 7 May, it was more than simply rolling out another handful of 2024 products. Somewhere amid the eye-catching imagery and shouty on-stage keynotes, Apple made an intentional statement about the potential of its computing technologies, its commitment to pushing the boundaries of software and hardware ingenuity, and its vision for the future of personal computing. A new Magic Keyboard accessory that turns the iPad Pro into a laptop has brought that circle closer.

Crafting the Ultimate Experience: Features That Stand Out

  • A Full-Size Function Row: The Magic Keyboard for the first time has a function row with 14 keys. Suddenly, the iPad becomes a true laptop, giving users access to the most commonly used functions and controls.
  • Bigger Trackpad: Apple also expanded the Magic Trackpad in the Magic Keyboard. The trackpad is now made of glass, and offers haptic feedback and multi-touch gestures, making the iPad Pro much more enjoyable to interact with.
  • Backlit Keys, Aluminium Palm Rest, and Scissor Mechanism: This keyboard beautifully combines style with function. The backlit keys allow you to work in any lighting condition; the aluminium palm rest adds a touch of class without making your wrists feel cold; and the scissor mechanism with 1mm travel lets you feel good, not just look good.

The Heart of Innovation: The M4 Chip

Apple devices are known for their sheer power, and the new iPad Pros are part of that age-old tale. They work off the first iPad hardware to include the M4 chip, which Apple describes as the most effective NPU to date in any personal computer. This sets a new standard for what can be done by any piece of hardware in its class.

Where to Pre-order Your Magic Keyboard

Pre-orders for the 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro Magic Keyboard are now available for $299 and $349, respectively, from the Apple Store and are available from B&H Photo as well. It’s supposed to ship on May 15. Want to level up your iPad Pro? Head to the Apple Store and hit instant ‘order now’.

Comparison to MacBook Pro

I think it is time to say that, while you can use the 2024 iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil Pro, and it’s a computing experience that completely competes with, if not surpasses, the MacBook Pro released just a couple of months ago, it is also something completely new, something that encourages content-making, for both professionals and generalists alike, ultimately bringing the best of the tablet and the laptop closer together.

Understanding the Magic Behind Apple's Success

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In Conclusion

While the 2024 Apple Magic Keyboard does nothing to enhance the iPad Pro, it also doesn’t hold it back from competing directly with the laptop market, where Apple has such a stronghold. With the realization that the iPad, in the form of the iPad Pro, provides a versatile computing solution that might be more suitable for many than a traditional laptop, Apple’s gamble has paid off and the iPad Pro is, without doubt, more powerful and versatile than any previous iPad, potentially attracting more than just professionals and students. And with its traditional keyboard and touchpad, it’s now a physically different device that might attract a whole host of new users who just want something better than a laptop. It almost seems that, instead of trying to shoehorn everyone into their Apple ecosystem, by providing other solutions, Apple has finally realised that people just have different needs, so if you’re an existing Apple user wanting to upgrade – either to the new M4-chip iPad Pro, the iPad Air with M2 chip, or even the M2 MacBook Air, considering your options has become even more important. And if, like many of us, you need to make a little money by selling your previous version, it might help a great deal to see how you’ll fare by getting quotes from a company like Gizmogo.

May 07, 2024
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