Unveiling AMD's Innovative Bug Bounty Program: A Golden Opportunity for Tech Savants

As technology continues to offer a wide open front-end for attack, AMD’s newly refreshed Bug Bounty Program represents an opportunity for everyone – from individuals to public researchers – to actively participate in the fight with a new partnership with the cloud security start-up Intigriti. With up to $30,000 in rewards available to the top finding, it’s as much of a competition as it is a collaborative endeavour to combat vulnerabilities and put defences up around some of the most popular personal computing of our time.

AMD's Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity

Enhancing Protection through Collaborative Effort

With the appealing prizes that AMD offers to participants in its Bug Bounty Program, AMD is telling us that it is keen, and ready, to actively participate in the cybersecurity efforts aimed at detecting, and working around, potential and new bugs and vulnerabilities that will emerge in the years to come. Intigriti, AMD’s partner in the enterprise, is a tech company that helps industry leaders to up the ante by broadening the scope of people investigating their systems, and is very much embedded in a new way of thinking about the threats companies face in a world where bugs abound.

A Call to Arms: Engaging the Community of PROs

Ultimately, AMD’s bug bounty is less a challenge and more of an invitation: to PROs of all stripes – seasoned researchers or hacker hobbyists alike. This is a stage to play on, and a game in which you can improve the broader cybersecurity landscape.

The Hunt for Bugs: Who Can Join?

Technology is broadly bolstered, and nearly everything could be eligible to the AMD Bug Bounty Program – from the AMD EPYC 7003 Processor and the 3rd and 4th Gen AMD EPYC Processors to discrete GPUs like AMD Radeon RX and Radeon PRO W7000 Series, even runtime and policy and security manager for cloud services. This makes tools such as Xilinx Runtime and Pensando Policy & Security Manager, not individual bugs, eligible to the programme.

Rewards that Matter: Recognizing Pro Talent

Since every detected bug is not equal – some impact only low-volume products, and some vulnerabilities are more severe than others – AMD designed its reward system with these factors in mind, assigning them financial values. This encourages bug hunters to bring their best work, while also making sure that critical vulnerabilities are found and fixed as soon as possible, to protect AMD’s portfolio of technology.

A New Frontier for Cybersecurity Enthusiasts and PROs

The Bug Bounty Program epitomises the sort of commitment AMD made to enable safe computing, and the call it places to the cybersecurity community: to both those who are just getting started in the field and those who already have a track record as a professional – to join forces to serve an urgent cause, to become part of an effort that benefits all in our digital society, and to work together on the development that defines the infrastructure upon which we all rely.

Empowering the Future: PROs Taking the Lead

AMD’s decision to refresh its Bug Bounty Program and to make such generously large payouts sends a strong signal about the importance the company places on exploiting human ingenuity to solve thorny cyber issues; this represents an opportunity for pros to demonstrate their skills while at the same time learning more about the practicalities of cybersecurity.

The Essence of Being a PRO in AMD's Eyes

Cultivating a Culture of Security Through Participation

And the fact that AMD is embracing the Bug Bounty Program is an implicit recognition of the importance of the professional role in ensuring the integrity of infrastructures and critical systems. The Bug Bounty Program is the act of a community that believes in the power of collective wisdom in cybersecurity, encouraging green-hats and grey-hats to assume a white-hat identity and protect the integrity of digital assets.


The expanded Bug Bounty Program with enhancements from HackerOne represents the quintessential definition of innovation, cooperation and challenge. For AMD to invite the wide cybersecurity community of bug hunters, including novices and experts, to participate and test its products, goes beyond the basic purpose of discovering bugs. It enhances and enriches the cybersecurity community itself by bringing more competitions and rewards to cybersecurity professionals, crowdsourcing not only products but also new talent, speeding up vulnerability discovery and providing better protection to the masses. Don’t be a bystander in the fight against cyber threats. Every PRO needs to play. Every discovery matters. And together, we make a secure world for everyone.

Jun 02, 2024
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