Unleashing a New Era of AI-Powered PCs: The AMD and MICROSOFT Copilot+ Alliance

AMD and Microsoft are at the forefront of an avant-garde collaboration that will catapult Windows PCs running AI into an entirely new realm of performance and innovation. Copilot+ is about to open up a new world of possibilities for everyone who uses or develops AI models on the Microsoft Edge browser and Windows computers. What exactly is this collaboration and just how is it a game-changer for the future of AI in personal computing? Let’s explore.

The Core of Copilot+: Blazing the Trail with AMD's Cutting-Edge Technology

Shared details in AMD’s announcement with Microsoft about supporting Copilot+ on the next generation of Windows 11 AI PC further defined this historical point in computing future – at the core is the NPU AMD 3rd Generation RyzenAI Strix Point CPUs, with 50 TOPS INT8 performance. Even a number can make all the difference in unlocking the new AI frontier of PCs.

The Powerhouse Partnership: AMD and MICROSOFT's Vision for the Future

The AMD-Microsoft partnership isn’t just about technology, it’s about bringing artificial intelligence and personal computing together in ways that will enhance the way we use our PCs in the future. Whether it’s real-time translation with live captioning through AI-powered subtitles, or AI-powered upscaling to boost the visual quality of our games.

Windows 11 2024 Update: A Sneal Peek into the Future

All this is part of this evolution; it’s the new features of the Windows 11 2024 Update that will bring those ideas to fruition, especially for Arm devices, but also with features exclusive to AMD CPUs that support Copilot+ designed to take full advantage of AMD technologies. Some of the new features take machine learning and run it locally to your device. It’s the future where your PC learns with you, is helpful to you, and makes you faster. Not the way it is today, but the way it will be one day.

The Magic Behind Copilot+: AI at Your Fingertips

And it’s not just Copilot+. Once users become accustomed to using AI for queries, everything about their interactions with the digital world, and indeed the world overall, changes. One can perform a search and immediately recall any document, thanks to AI’s capability to understand and retain anything you’ve always seen. You can play your favourite games with AI-enriched graphics that are processed locally on your PC for maximum performance. This is what AMD and Microsoft are building with Copilot+.

The Exclusive Edge: AMD's Unique Contributions to Copilot+

We can’t stress this enough: AMD’s CPUs are smack in the middle of the innovation curve that will power Copilot+ features that redefine what PCs can do, in partnership with exclusive cocreator tools such as Paint, studio effects and live translations.

More Than Just Qualcomm: AMD's Role in Expanding Windows AI Features

Although Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X SoCs, featuring various AI-centric features, have helped to bring AI to laptops, AMD’s increasing alignment with Microsoft’s new AI features further expands those capabilities to even more devices with greater reach than ever before. AMD has now joined the race, making AI features more attainable and available than ever before.

Looking Ahead: The Uncharted Territories of AI and Personal Computing

The AMD-Microsoft partnership is putting down some railroad tracks for the future, as well as for today. And at the dawn of this new era, it’s become crystal-clear what kind of future we will be building: the only one we can, the one that our imaginations allow us to create. Copilot+ is not only the future of technology. It is the future of our computers, of our ability to learn and create and connect. It is yours to build.


They lead the world in software, services, devices and solutions. In partnership with technology giants AMD, Microsoft pushes the boundaries of what technology can achieve, continually inspiring new innovation and new experiences of human-centric technology. Microsoft’s vision of the future of AI and computing pushes what’s possible, with a future that combines cutting-edge performance and user-centric design to power life, play and work for everyone.

Jun 03, 2024
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