### Navigating the Future of COMPUTING: AMD's AI Revolution in LAPTOPS

From a champion of computing to a bold new AI-centred universe, the world of computing is poised to embark upon its most interesting chapter in decades, and AMD is playing a key role. Today’s announcement has everyone talking about a new world of laptop computing, and with AMD’s strategic partnerships and development, what can we expect from a new generation of laptops? Let’s explore what’s in the middle of this solution and what we can expect from it.

#### AMD's Bold Leap with AI Processors: A New Dawn for LAPTOPS

The opening keynote at this year’s Computex show saw AMD announce a major leap towards bringing AI closer to the end-user with its AMD Ryzen-based Strix Point CPUs. Powered by an exclusive collaboration with Microsoft, several vendors, such as Lenovo, HP and Asus, are rolling out products that incorporate state-of-the-art AI directly onto laptops to bring AI near the point of consumption for the first time. They’re using what they describe as dedicated AI features and enhancements to improve the laptop experience.

#### Lenovo and Asus: Pioneers of the AI-Enhanced Laptop Experience

And Lenovo will soon release a new Yoga laptop with the next-generation Ryzen chips from AMD, a key milestone in the future of laptops. Lenovo and Asus also plan to debut AI features exclusive to their laptops. Asus’s StoryCube is a neat preview of what’s to come. It’s an AI-powered tool that can automatically organise photos and videos according to, say, your friend’s face. It can do this because the Asus laptop’s AI understands your photos, and even can process these matching accelerations locally on the laptop itself – for improved speed and privacy.

### AMD Throws Down the Gauntlet: The World's Best Processor for AI PCs

AMD is not shy about the fact that it is going after Qualcomm’s smartphone crown. ‘World’s best processor for AI PCs’ is a line from AMD itself. It’s a slap in the face to Qualcomm, a signal that AMD is serious about the AI space, and one that has seen it receive the endorsement of the likes of Lenovo, HP, Asus, MSI, Acer and others. AMD’s Strix Point AI APUs are going to change the way that we view laptops.

#### The Dawn of Copilot+ and AI-Powered Capabilities in LAPTOPS

Furthermore, thanks to the Copilot+ features, which can run on-device, it promises several AI-enhanced experiences, including Recall, which will allow for more natural interactions with your laptop, and AI-upscaling, which could have game-changing benefits for gaming experiences (though this feature is limited to flagship Ryzen 7000 processors.) Some of the features, like Recall, can run on-device with any Ryzen 7000-series mobile processor. At launch, some laptops will ship without these features, and if you’re curious about Copilot+ coming to your gaming laptop, you’ll have to wait, as some of the Copilot+ features for gaming laptops will come later via a BIOS update. What’s clear, though, is that AMD’s Ryzen 7000-series desktop APUs (and future specifications like RDNA3) are flooded with flagship features.

#### The Anticipation Builds: The Upcoming Launch of AI-Enhanced LAPTOPS

With the release of the first laptops equipped with these new AI processors fast approaching, all eyes are on the tech industry, as the AI PC race is heating up, and AMD’s attempts at AI-driven computing could set the bar for what computer users expect from their machines.

#### Reflecting on the AI PC Future with Industry Leaders

When I speak to Robert Hallock, Senior Director of Technical Marketing at Intel, this future in AI computing becomes even more evident. Intel is involved too, also on the path to evolving AI capabilities within laptops. This shift to intelligent, very personalised computing is not something contained within one or a couple of companies.

### Laptops Evolved: The Future Is Intelligent

Laptops are changing in unprecedented ways and AMD’s latest AI processors are taking them into a world where laptops are tools with minds of their own. As the first user, I can tell you that this leap didn’t just take me to the cutting edge of AI technology in laptops – it took me to a vision of the future of personal computing where the limits are defined by what we can do, not what can be done.

In conclusion, AMD and its partners are not just modifying laptops, they are re-imagining the laptop as something: smarter, more responsive and more capable than ever before. And the future for laptops is bright; in fact, the future for laptops is intelligent.

Jun 03, 2024
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