The Future is Here: How APPLE's AI Revolution Requires the Latest Tech

Discovering the AI Frontier with APPLE

Apple is set to make a big splash in the tech world with its upcoming AI upgrades, that are set to arrive later this month at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC. The release is sure to pack a punch, with the company promising a range of innovative AI-powered features that will transform user experience across the board. From improved Siri, to AI-powered photo editing, Apple is set to take its own product capabilities to new heights. But, as with many innovative advances, if you want to keep up, you’ll need to be in possession of the very latest iPhones.

The APPLE Exclusive: AI for the Elite

Recent reports from loyalist publications such as Bloomberg suggest that this suite of exciting new AI features will be available only on the iPhone 15 Pro, and for the handset due out later this year. This suggests a drive from Apple to improve hardware sales is clearly one reason for introducing these features now. But there is also a technical logic to this decision. Much of the AI features – particularly those that are offline, on-device (eg, Face ID) – are compute-hungry, and the computational power sits in Apple’s latest silicon chipsets.

Why APPLE's Cutting-Edge Tech Matters

At its core is the A17 Pro chipset, which runs the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. This is a chipset designed for the future. It’s the type of tech that will allow Apple to run the new AI tasks it will introduce to achieve an even more premium user experience while staying secure and minimising latency by shortening the distance that data must travel to the cloud.

Balancing On-Device and Cloud Processing

To anticipate limits to on-device processing power, Apple has developed its latest AI services to leverage a hybrid architecture. For example, while simple commands can be computed locally on device, larger or more difficult AI tasks would be switched to the cloud. This move secures the best of both worlds: fast, private computing for simple tasks, and unmatched computing power of the cloud for larger calculations.

APPLE's Broader Ecosystem: Not Left Behind

Apple’s AI strategy is more than about the iPhone. The Bloomberg report spells out required resources for putting Apple’s AI brains at work on a Mac or an iPad. After all, you need an M1 or better Mac or iPad for it to work, which means anyone with the latest mobile Apple device can be part of the AI revolution.

The Verdict for APPLE Enthusiasts

For those on the outside of the coveted new iPhone releases, it is not all lost. A significant piece of the AI pie, like many features that are cloud-dependent, will be available. That piece will let you hold on to a previous generation iPhone, but still have access to the future of the iOS evolution. Upgrading to a new iPhone 15 Pro, with the full panorama of AI features of iOS 18, might be worth the investment.

Looking Forward: The Dawn of a New Era with APPLE

That is why we’re looking forward to WWDC – perhaps more so than usual this year – to see what new AI capabilities that company is ready to let loose on the world. It will allow us to gauge just how far along Apple has come, as well as give us a prime hint of what the iPhone ecosystem will soon look like. But more than that, in the months leading up to the formal presentations, I am increasingly convinced that Apple isn’t designing features for this year. It is designing the experience of next year.

APPLE's World of Wonder

Apple’s ascent from a Californian garage to a world-leading tech company is a story of invention, quality and the desire to improve the human experience through technology. At its heart, the Apple mission is designing technological tools to fit into life while at the same time shaping the technological horizon. From the first Macintosh to an iPhone 15 Pro, Apple has led by example, defying established tech industries with a focus on creating meaningful experiences, not just for users but for billions across the globe.

Wherever you fall across the spectrum – whether you’re a gadget head, waiting to see what comes next from Apple; a worker who relies on powerful computers to do their job; or just someone who happens to value a sleek and easy-to-use approach to technology – Apple still presents a near-unrivalled vision of what a smart combination of hardware and software can achieve. Whatever your feelings for the iPhone, the latest AI enhancements are but the latest step in Apple’s determined project to empower humans through technology, and one that promises the future will bring our digital and personal worlds closer together than ever before.

Jun 09, 2024
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