Unlocking Innovation: APPLE's "Let Loose" Event Unveiled

There’s a new kid on the technology block, and it’s APPLE. Wherever there’s technological innovation, APPLE leads the way. And as April ends, there’s something to spark the imagination. It’ll be the first-ever APPLE ‘Let Loose’ event this May 7 — and the world can’t wait to see what APPLE is going to unveil. APPLE’s latest technological ventures will soon be known. If you’re a tech geek or simply want to know where APPLE is breaking ground in technology, keep reading. Here’s a sneak peek into the mystery behind APPLE’s unique and powerful innovation.

A Different Shade of APPLE

Although APPLE’s events are usually timed to the day – with the WWDC in June and the iPhone introduction in early September each year – the fact that this is a ‘Let Loose’ event has resulted in some speculation over what it will reveal. APPLE last moved its schedule for its conference with an ‘Scary Fast’ event that showed off the new M3 MacBooks. That deviation is usually for something special.

The Stars of the Show: New iPad Models

The iPad Pro Evolution

The star of the show will apparently be the iPad Pro 2022, which APPLE is billing as the leader of the device line, and which is rumoured to feature an OLED display – a first for the iPad. This could give it visual detail and clarity unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and make it slimmer than ever. There are two versions expected, an 11-inch and a 12.9-inch, and this iPad Pro may also feature the ‘M4’ chipset which apparently ‘represents APPLE’s approach to integrating AI into its machines’.

Refreshing the iPad Air

Not to be left behind, the polished iPad Air is due for an update of its own soon that will include a new 12.9-inch edition equipped with the new M2 chip. While not quite the game-changer that the upgrade to the iPad Pro was, the commitment to advancing the mid-tier iPad Air is an indication that APPLE remains committed to improving devices at every tier along the demand curve.

The Magic of Accessories: APPLE Pencil and Keyboard

Photo by APPLEAPPLE’s billboard teaser for the event had a pencil on it, so a redesigned APPLE Pencil is rumoured and apparently with haptic feedback, improving the experience of using it on the iPad making it more responsive and closer to a real-world touch sensation. There’s also rumours of a revamped Magic Keyboard for the iPad with a new and more durable design and offering a better experience, closer to using a real laptop.

A Glimpse into the Future

For all its splashy signalling, the ‘Let Loose’ event is a small slice of a much larger strategy: APPLE is trying to shed the concept of ‘cool’ innovation and replace it with that of being an innovation engine. It wants to move attention from one individual APPLE product to an entire ecosystem of iPads, Macs and services. For instance, rumours suggest APPLE may be prepared to reveal some new AI features that could spotlight its future direction – particularly now that its M4 chip will be installed in the upcoming iPad Pro. But even a splash for something modest like a new iPad hints at announcements that will likely come later in the year at WWDC, when APPLE will unveil its major AI announcements. With that in mind, the ‘Let Loose’ event is APPLE’s first taste of what’s to come.


Apple Inc., maker of some of the world’s most recognisable personal technology products including the iPhone, the iPad and MacBook, not to mention the iTunes and App store digital service suites, remains devoted to pushing the boundaries of innovation, of improving and of enriching our user experience. Rather than being just a technology company, APPLE is a culture and lifestyle that prides itself on being a leader in technology in product innovation, engineering and design.

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May 04, 2024
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