Ara: History Untold – the first grand strategy of the 21st century – is out now, available on PC with Xbox Horizons Expanded

Unveiling a New Strategy: The Journey of "Ara: History Untold"

In a video-games market where every new title makes the same promise – that it will set a new bar for the experience of gamers everywhere – of all the impending strategy releases coming for PC and console, there’s something special about Ara: History Untold, arriving in September 2024 and promising to ‘conquer like never before’. Developed by the Seattle studio Oxide Games and published by Xbox Game Studios, Ara: History Untold is shaping up to be one of the most exciting announcements in grand strategy gaming this year. Scheduled to launch on 24 September 2024 for Windows PC via Steam and PC Game Pass, Ara: History Untold will redefine the strategy genre.

Exclusivity and Expansion: "Ara: History Untold" and Its CONSOLE Journey

First, the game will release on Windows PCs, and this allows the developers at Oxide Games to focus a little more on making a game that is perfectly polished for strategy aficionados. Even so, hints that this game might someday arrive for Xbox CONSOLES after release has created a bit of a stir. This is part of the plan, though – to focus on building a quality game, and making sure that when it makes its way to CONSOLES, it will be just as good as the PC version.

When Will CONSOLES Join the Fray?

While the details are being kept under wraps, these discussions indicate a possibility for Xbox Series X|S integration sometime after the launch. Like past launches for Gears Tactics and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, the future looks bright for ‘Ara: History Untold’ among the CONSOLE community.

The Core of Strategy: What "Ara: History Untold" Offers

Essentially, Ara allows a player to experience the history of humankind and shape the destiny of civilizations, to conduct trade and war, to make important decisions that will shape a game that morphs toward the path set by the player, while preserving the familiar Civ gameplay and adding quite a bit more, especially in multiplayer.

A Civilization Reimagined

The fantasy at the heart of many strategy games – to shepherd a civilization from its infancy to global domination – is an irresistible one, and what Dilek has obviously tried to do with Ara: History Untold is to breathe fresh life into it through some intriguing new wrinkles, no doubt with ‘just one more turn’ in mind.

Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Strategy Marvel

I was lucky enough to witness some of that tech and ambition on a recent call with the developers when Jez Corden of Windows Central spoke with Oxide Games. The company doesn’t just want to add to the grand strategy genre, it wants to change it. Grand strategy has come of age, evolving into something more beautiful and strange than before.

A Packed Xbox Lineup: Setting the Stage for "Ara: History Untold"

As Ara: History Untold prepares to launch, it’s one of a host of Xbox titles due out in 2024 that further showcases Xbox Game Studios’s desire to bring quality to a wide range of different gaming experiences, with Age of Mythology: Retold, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle and more.

Anticipation Builds: The Road to Release

By the time it launches, the strategy gaming community will doubtlessly be salivating at ‘Ara: History Untold’. With AAA game releases slim to none, fans of deep and engaging strategy will be closely following updates and ready to dive into something that both challenges, and could very well redefine, what a grand strategy game can be. With the potential of a CONSOLE release down the line, ‘Ara: History Untold’ could quickly find itself on every strategist’s must-have catalog.

Embracing the Future: CONSOLES and "Ara: History Untiled"

CONSOLES have a chapter to be written, and while PC players are ready to cheat, steal and conquer starting from 2024, CONSOLE players keep their fingers crossed hoping for the game to break out of its PC bubble and become bigger than expected. Thanks to its partnership with Oxide Games and Xbox Game Studios, the game has a real chance of growing beyond its own bounds and sticking a spaceship on the imagination of every gamer out there. We still have a long road ahead of us. But, if there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that the saga of Ara: History Untold has just begun. Long live strategy and long live humanity!

The story of ‘Ara: History Untold’ from concept to release and beyond as it makes its way into the videogame CONSOLE market, really symbolises more than just the creation of a great new videogame, it also allows the grand strategy genre to take a step forward, innovation to shining brightly on the path ahead. We, the gamers and game enthusiast young and old are about to discover an unparalleled immersive experience of historical simulation gaming, through the depths of history, ‘Ara: History Untold’ will be soon with us! Are you game?

Jun 13, 2024
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