The Next Leap in Mobile Performance: Unveiling Arm's Cortex-X925 and Immortalis-G925

In the era of a world that wants mobile technology to be faster, more efficient and managed by an artificial intelligence, Arm announces the latest next-generation technologies to power the future of mobile computing created to enhance and deliver superior user experiences for smartphones and PCs with the Cortex-X925 and the Immortalis-G925. As the digital age continues to evolve, these key technologies will determine the direction and experiences of next-gen mobile devices, from gaming, to artificial intelligence, immersive entertainment and smart connectivity. Let’s explore what makes next-gen technology favoured by companies around the world so unique, and how it will shape our digital lives.

A Performance BOOST Like Never Before: The Arm Cortex-X925

The Cortex-X925 is Arm’s high-performance crown jewel for the 2024 lineup – a quantum leap in the perception of what is possible by improving performance over its predecessors. The Cortex-X925 traces its lineage to Armv9.2 Cortex cores and is directly related to the previous Cortex-X4, albeit now rebranded to match the suite of products released this year.

The Magic Behind the Cortex-X925's BOOST in Performance

Arm’s ability to push the boundaries of what was possible led to a 15 per cent increase in IPC over the Cortex-X4, with this figure climbing to 36 per cent when combined with the benefits of the 3nm manufacturing process, higher clockspeeds and larger caches. This isn’t just an increase in numbers; it reflects higher single-core capabilities that bring mobile computing closer to modern desktop performance.

AI Performance on the Rise

The Cortex-X925 then hits another frontier: AI. Expected to run select AI models 46 per cent faster than the previous-gen core, the new powerhouse represents an important milestone in a trend of making AI-driven tasks more efficient and responsive.

The Efficiency Catalysts: Cortex-A725 and A520

Although the performance-critical Cortex-X925 grabs the headlines in the new generation, the Cortex-A725 and A520 cores make the real difference for efficiency and power management in upcoming mobile SoCs. The A725 in particular can boost energy efficiency by 25 per cent compared with the existing A720, allowing for an option with higher peak performance when needed.

The Subtle yet Significant Improvements

As Arm explains it, the Cortex-A725 and A520 treats efficiency not as a big swing for the fences but rather as a collection of smaller refinements that add up to meaningful energy efficiency gains, especially when moving to the new 3nm process. In other words, the cores are fine-tuned to increase performance while improving power efficiency, so that the devices of tomorrow can work harder using less energy.

IMMORTALIS-G925: Ushering in a New Era of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is about to take a quality leap and it will be thanks to the Immortalis-G925. Arm’s new generation of GPUs (including G925) provide a 30 per cent reduction in power consumption on 3nm processes while up to 37 per cent better performance and up to 52 per cent improvement in ray tracing capability have been observed. This is not an evolution, but a revolution. Developer Arm unveiled this new GPU at CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

Real-World Gaming Enhancements

And it’s not just on paper: in some real-world gaming benchmarks, tested on phones playing ‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ and Genshin Impact, an immersive adventure game, the Immortalis-G925 delivers frame rates improvements of 72 per cent over previous generations of Arm IP, thanks in part to its Fragment Prepass technique. No longer do gamers have to live with anything less than silky-smooth graphics in mobile gaming experiences that are every bit as immersive and cinematic as we’ve come to expect from consoles and PCs. Mitigating power consumption is just one part of Arm’s work on AI energy efficiency.

The Role of AI in Arm's 2024 Announcements

And it is now all-but-unthinkable that an announcement of a new tech from any major brand does not mention AI. Arm’s revelation in 2024 is no different. So, we have not just the Cortex-X925 performance tweaks, but also Arm’s enhancements to the AI capabilities of the Cortex-X235. Then there’s the GPU enhancements for AI, which further enables Arm’s future mobile devices to get faster and smarter. The focus on enhancements from the CPU to the GPU clearly demonstrates that Arm’s focus is not just on making mobile devices faster, but more intelligent.

What to Expect from Next-Gen Mobile Products

Courtesy AppleWhile we await the Cortex-X925 and Immortalis-G925 devices, shipping in 2025, with Samsung and MediaTek leading the charge, we also anticipate seeing flagship smartphones and PCs powered by the best computing technology Arm has ever developed. The biggest hardware innovation to Braille touchscreens, styluses, keyboards, speech synthesis or any other accessibility technology We’ll get to those next-generation flagship devices soon, before summarising the entirety of Arm’s latest big idea for mobile computing.

Understanding the Power of BOOST

This performance and efficiency boost is at the core of the architectural advances that Arm’s latest technologies provide. It is a multifaceted advance in processing power, artificial intelligence, and power efficiency, and paves the way for the next generation of mobile, connected devices. This was made possible by enhancing the architectural design of its CPU and GPU cores, as well as by leveraging the shrinking lithography nodes that translate into further gains in performance and efficiency when scaled down manufacturing processes are used. The boost in performance and efficiency allows present and future mobile devices to maximise their computing potential and deliver richer, faster and more immersive experiences without draining battery life. This is not just about brute force, but about building a new generation of intelligent, power-efficient devices that will shape our 2020s digital lives.

May 30, 2024
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