Unleashing Next-Gen Smartphone Performance: Arm's Game-Changing CPUs and GPUs

This most recent announcement from Arm is the latest step in the constant evolution of the silicon found inside every smartphone. These new CPUs and GPUs will help define the Android flagship experience in 2025. But what does it all mean for the devices we’ll be holding in our hands five years from now? Here’s what you need to know.

The Leap Ahead: Cortex-X925's Performance BOOST

Arm’s Cortex-X core has always been synonymous with speed, and Cortex-X22 looks set to further cement that association. So, instead of the Cortex-X5 promised by the current naming scheme, we now have the Cortex-X925, the iterator skipping once again, promising the largest performance boost in the series’ history. With a peak speed of 3.6GHz, this core not only promises to hit higher notes than its predecessor, but it also introduces architectural advancements to streamline instruction processing more efficiently.

A 36% BOOST in Single-Core Performance

A key feature is the Cortex-X925 boosting single-core performance by 36 per cent compared with the previous Cortex-X3 (tested using the Geekbench 6 benchmark). Hold on to that thought, because it means that the next generation of flagship smartphones will have to deal with a new bar that’s being set by Arm on mobile computing performance.

Efficiency and Power: The Cortex-A725 and Cortex-A520 Cores

That’s not all, either: Arm has no intention of stopping with just the big cores. The medium core has, in the Cortex-A725, also had its first generational update, with performance and efficiency improved by 25 per cent. This is great news for anybody trying to optimise the ‘goldilocks’ balance between power and performance.

Meanwhile, the smaller middle giant, the Cortex-A520, keeps mostly the same, and gains 15 per cent efficiency thanks to the new, smaller (and more efficient), 3nm manufacturing process.

The GPU Evolution: IMMORTALIS-G925 Unveiled

Portrait graphics performance is another way in which Arm is innovating. The Immortalis-G925 GPU boosts game and app graphics with options up to 24 shader cores, a substantial leap ahead of the 20G720. Along with the brute-force approach, the new chip combines new features that enable better in-game performance and efficiency.

Real-World Gaming Benefits

While the new GPU architecture and graphics processor deliver up to 72 per cent better graphics performance in popular game titles such as Call of Duty Mobile and Genshin Impact, by offloading workload and making the system more efficient with various technical enhancements, performance gains aren’t the only reason why gamers should consider the latest laptop.

Pioneering Users of Arm's Latest Tech

While Qualcomm chose its custom CPUs and GPUs for its next-generation Snapdragon SoCs, trailing lagards like MediaTek, Samsung and possibly Google will integrate Arm’s new CPUs and GPUs into the SoCs of their next-generation smartphones. In short, Arm’s newfound experience and its deep collaboration with first-class chipmakers will position the Masaru Ibuka Medal award winners to play an even more pivotal role in the design and engineering of future mobile phones.

Transforming Windows Laptops

Arm isn’t stopping with the smartphone either. It also intends to push the envelope on Windows laptops, routing the top-end PC chip would be a critical component in Arm’s bid for prominence in the premium laptop CPU space.

No Stopping AI: CPU and GPU Enhancements for AI Performance

Even in the absence of new NPU acceleration, Arm points to CPUs and GPUs as key to AI processing. Keeping in mind the future needs of AI app development, Arm has introduced fundamental upgrades to accelerate AI inference, natural language processing and more, so that its CPUs and GPUs remain at the cutting edge of AI developments.

Understanding Arm's Performance BOOST

Overall, Arm’s latest CPUs and GPUs are a huge leap in the future of smartphones and computing. By providing substantial performance boosts, improved efficiency and key upgrades to enable the next generation of AI apps, Arm isn’t just designing the future of next-gen Android phones, it’s actually setting up a future for every aspect of tech.

With the promise of these new technologies, showcased in devices as early as 2025, excitement about where smartphone and computing performance will go next has never been higher. And for every advancement, for every new core, Arm continues to deepen its role as a key innovator for the future of exponential growth. That future is bright. It is fast. And it is simply never-ending.

May 30, 2024
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