Cooling the Future: Asetek's Revolutionary AI-Optimized Cold Plate Shaping High-Performance Computing

Against the backdrop of advancements in high-performance computing, Asetek, together with Fabric8Labs, and with support from the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), is developing the next generation of cooling technology, an AI-Optimised ECAM (Electronics Cooling and Management) cold plate fabricated using summation-based high-resolution 3D metal printing. How did we get here? What is it about a cold plate that allows us to go beyond keeping things cool and into the realm of edge computing? Performance-hungry technologies make heat while processing algorithms. An ever-growing number of earthbound applications and the advent of space-based computing solutions have led to expanding needs for ‘edge’ cooling.

The Craft Behind the Cooling: AI and 3D Metal Printing at the EDGE

AI-Optimized for Peak Performance

The key features of its high efficiency as a cooling device is Asetek’s AI-optimised design, in which algorithms are run to determine the ideal balance between heat transfer and pressure drop, reducing power consumption while simultaneously maximising thermal performance. This approach provides systems with the edge necessary to operate better; the performance potential of a wider selection of hardware unlocks new realms of achievement.

Pushing Boundaries with 3D Metal Printing

Fabric8Labs offers 3D metal printing at high resolution, which enables the production of previously unthinkable complex structure elements for high-efficiency heat transfer and reduced material use. This illustrates another strength of the partnership – the combination of top-of-the-line technologies to provide an unparalleled edge in thermal management.

A Symbiosis of Innovation: Asethej Alliaince with Fabric8Labs

The world’s first cold plate designed with 3D metal printing technology, this creation demonstrates how Asetek’s vision for new approaches to cooling, and Fabric8Labs’ mastery of 3D metal printing, have combined to advance the design beyond current historic boundaries. As a result, it creates a new paradigm that is reaching new standards in performance, and sustainability.

A Cool Future Ahead: The Impact on High-Performance Computing

Its ripples are reaching far beyond just a better product offering. This milestone innovation signals the start of a major change in high-performance computing, especially in data centres, artificial intelligence workstations and gaming systems. The advancement of thermal management capability translates into more power, less energy consumed and a much smaller carbon footprint, which could potentially change the concept of high-performance computing.

Elevating Systems to New Heights

For a system to succeed in these high-performance scenarios, thermal performance and efficiency are paramount. The AI-optimised ECAM cold plate has unmatched thermal performance and efficiency, and this type of cooling will put the extra juice that high-performance systems need over the goal line. It’s not just about cooling, it’s about empowering systems to do more than they already do or have ever done, accelerating the emergence of sustainable, more robust, higher-performance computing.

Harnessing the EDGE: A Leap Forward in Cooling Technology

While Asetek’s latest technology heralds a new level of design maturity for liquid cooling, it also speaks of how the edge is forged by design and technology expertise that makes computing more energy-efficient, faster and greener. Expertly optimising every aspect of the cold plate’s design and manufacturing, Asetek and Fabric8Labs have emerged together at the sharp tip of the technological spear – perfectly poised to meet every challenge thrown down by next-generation, high-performance computing.

Understanding the EDGE in Cooling Technology

Within this, the original breakthrough, ‘the edge’ refers to the competitive advantage of Asetek’s AI-based ECAM cold plate, through enhanced thermal performance, reduced power consumption, and performance leap enabled by AI and high-resolution 3D metal printing. It feels futuristic – like it’s reaching the bleeding edge of cooling technology and setting the stage for the next evolution of high-performance computing.

Overall, Asetek’s partnership with Fabric8Labs highlights the power of combining AI optimisation with advanced additive manufacturing, as well as the importance of strategic partnerships between innovators for creating the future. By giving edge to the systems that drive the world, Asetek is cooling the world of tomorrow.

Jun 06, 2024
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