Unleashing Creativity and Power: ASUS Unveils New AI-Enhanced Laptops for Every User

The world is changing rapidly, with technologies empowering us for the better. It is rapidly changing, but ASUS is always on the edge of the knife ready to unveil groundbreaking laptops with new features and specs. Inspired by AI and the never-ending possibilities, ASUS unveiled at Computex 2024 its latest lineup powered by AMD’s next-gen ‘Zen 5’ Ryzen AI 300 processors across its legendary Zenbook, Vivobook, ROG Zephyrus, and TUF Gaming series. The combination of innovative output and advanced technology of ASUS has always reshaped industries, making it a leading pioneer in PCs and innovations. Prepared with cutting-edge processors and coprocessors, they accompany Copilot+ AI in Windows 11, redefining the very meaning of innovation in the industry.

Zenbook S 16: A Blend of Art and Technology

A Machine Crafted for Creators

Innovation has a look and the ASUS Zenbook S 16 is where form and function not only meet, but also come together. Its unique OLED display, the remarkable ‘Ceraluminum’ lid, and a host of innovative technologies like the latest 16:10 ratio, 3K OLED touch display, make this laptop stand out for its seamless design as well as performance prowess. From artists to designers, the Zenbook S 16 is the perfect companion as it is equipped with AMD Ryzen AI 9 processors and comes fully loaded with up to 32GB LPDDR5x RAM and a whopping 2TB of storage. Whether you are exploring your inner creative side or even out in the field, the Zenbook S 16’s long-lasting battery will see you through.

Specifications That Matter

As exquisite to look at as it is to use, the Zenbook S 16 offers plenty to make your computing life easier, starting with a FHD webcam with IR support, and every conceivable interface, including USB4 and HDMI ports.

The Vivobook S Series Gets an AI Upgrade

The refreshed Vivobook S 14, S 15 and S 16 are all powered by the same AMD Ryzen AI 300 chips as the Zenbook. The chipset also ensures smoother and more intuitive user experience. A laptop has to be equally powerful, portable and light for the hybrid lifestyle, something that these Asus models aim to provide.

ASUS TUF Gaming A14 and A16: Power Meets Durability

Gaming With an AI Edge

If you’re a gamer, ASUS’s TUF Gaming A14 and A16 laptops might give you a boner: both are powered by AMD Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 CPUs and NVIDIA RTX GPUs, and feature a crazy-fast QHD+ high-refresh-rate display that’s smoother than a baby’s butt. The vast selection of ports makes sure you can connect any peripheral without setting limits.

Built to Last

You choose TUF Gaming laptops for their resilience, and for the 2024 models you’ll find that same blend of compact ruggedness; these are laptops that can keep pace with your missions, powered by performance that’s as dependable as it is mighty.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G16: Gaming in Style

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G16: another example of ASUS’s ability to blend style with substance. The AMD Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 CPUs and the NVIDIA RTX GPUs add that extra boost of power that gamers and creators need to bring their creations to life.

ASUS ProArt Series: Unleashing Creativity

And ASUS itself revealed its ProArt series: the ProArt PZ13 is undoubtedly the Surface Pro’s most serious competitor with Snapdragon X chips; for creators who need every ounce of performance, the laptops ProArt P16 and ProArt PX13 (powered by AMD Ryzen AI 9 chips) are simply the best around.

About ASUS

From the world’s best motherboards, PCs, monitors, graphics cards, routers, and much more, ASUS is a global company driving the world’s technology. We at ASUS are dedicated to the empowerment of people everywhere through innovation and excellence. It’s our vision to bring the beauty of technology to life through our endless pursuit of innovation and progress, as we provide the world with ingenious, intuitive, and eco-friendly solutions in IT. In line with this vision, we have won more than 10,000 awards to date, setting ourselves apart through our commitment to innovative design and quality. We employ more than 5,000 R & D professionals who together drive the world’s tech with their expertise and passion for innovation.

Jun 06, 2024
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